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Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings for the Unique Bride

Every bride is unique in their own way and bring their own personal style to each part of their wedding. However one aspect that is not always easy to pin down is the engagement ring. After all when proposing to your partner. A singular unique personality in the entire world how can you find the ideal engagement ring? The first step is of course to know what is out there.

There are plenty of different types of diamond cuts. As well as an assortment of different setting styles, fine materials and fashions. From the vintage inspired to the modern we have rings for every style. One unique diamond cut is the Marquise diamond. A unique and not so regularly seen engagement ring style it is a vintage style. With a rich history the classic engagement ring maximizes carat weight. In an absolutely stunning shape that is making a comeback.

Vintage style engagement rings

A very vintage diamond cut design it is unique and elongated. From there each jewelry and engagement ring designer has added their own touch. Whether by taking inspiration from fashion and design movements. Such as the Art Deco movement. All the way to modern days. Marquise diamond cuts are versatile. The unique diamond cut can be made even more special with the use of fine metals such as platinum.

As well as through the addition of more diamonds in different cuts such as baguette or trillion cuts. The mixture of cuts and metals as well as design styles that take advantage of space and fine metal shapes mean that a marquise diamond cut engagement ring can be any look. Whether you prefer a more vintage style or a modern take this diamond cut is appropriate for either. Easy to change up and make your own let’s take a look at Marquise diamonds.

The Marquise diamond cut

Similar in shape to a boat the marquise cut diamond has an elongated silhouette and graceful curves. It is a diamond with a large surface area. Featuring up to 58 facets in its elliptical shape with pointed ends the Marquise diamond has been around for centuries. While it is one of the more unique and lesser known diamond cuts for engagement rings it has an excellent elongated look. Following the length of your finger it has a navette shape. As we said above this is the look similar to a boat. Which in French is navette.

The Marquise diamond got its name from the Royal hereditary appointment that was given to those between a count and a duke. These courtiers used to wear marquise cut diamonds to show off their rank. Dating back all the way to the 18th century this diamond cut is one of the most vintage styles.

An important aspect to take into account when looking at Marquise cut diamonds is symmetry. More than with round or cushion cut diamonds symmetry is crucial to a quality Marquise cut diamond. The two different points of the Marquise cut diamond must perfectly align with one another.

Further the smallest imperfection of the symmetry in a Marquise cut diamond will significantly affect the ring’s balance. Once it is finally set the diamond’s symmetry will dictate how the ring sits on your finger. Therefore always look at the V ends or tips. These sharp corner ends should also be protected properly by the setting with prongs. This will prevents chips to your diamond. Finally the unique Marquise diamond cut is also one that appeals to celebrity brides. Seen in a few celebrity engagements from Victoria Beckham to Catherine Zeta Jones this diamond cut is a beautiful style from Edwardian to modern.

Art deco marquise diamond engagement ring platinum 2 carat

First is a lovely art deco Marquise cut diamond engagement ring. This platinum ring has a two carat stone at the center. Flanking either the center stone at the center there are two trillion cut diamonds on either side. Each one of the diamonds have platinum tip prongs protecting the edges of the diamonds and holding it in place. These precious stones add shine and glimmer to the center stone. It has a uniquely art deco style design with sharp edges and brightly polished geometric shapes. Taking from the art deco era style this ring is not your classic round brilliant cut solitaire. It is a stylized and cool blued stone.

Smaller in size than the other diamonds that we are featuring below these add to the movement and symmetric balance of this ring. A vintage yet modern design look due to the art deco style it is a timeless yet brightly forward shape. A ring that can be passed down from one generation to the next it is a ring that is timeless. For the unique and powerfully different bride this engagement ring can speak to her singular style. While still evoking the traditional roots of an Edwardian era Marquise diamond cut. It is a stunning ring that is sure to get you from popping the question to getting a yes. Further when it comes to a wedding band you can have one adjusted to fit this ring too. Otherwise there are also diamond wedding bands that are made to fit Marquise diamond rings in a lovely style and bright complement. 

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring With Baguette Diamonds in 18 carat yellow gold

Another truly unique engagement ring this one features baguette cut diamonds all along the band of the Marquise cut central diamond stone. This one features a large central stone at the middle as well as several smaller baguette cut diamonds at either flank of the Marquise diamond. There are six prongs holding the center stone in place. At either end of the diamond’s edge at the top and the bottom as well as the two edges on either end. Since the Marquise diamond is raised up from the band it gives an interesting aesthetic raised above. An added shine and sparkle radiates from the center stone to the added baguette diamonds. 

This ring can be paired lovely with stackable rings. Particularly yellow gold ones that add texture and color to the engagement ring. As you can see above where it is paired with two stackable yellow gold circular bead rings. It has a unique patterned texture with the medium sized baguette diamonds. Further the central Marquise diamond stone is sizeable and bright. Approximately 3.39 carats it is a statement engagement ring. The central diamond is H in color and SI2 in clarity. There are approximately 1.50 carats of baguette cut diamonds. These diamonds are G/H in color and SI in clarity. Due to the sizeable stone this ring weighs in at about 9.7 grams. However with a thicker sturdy band it is does offer a comfortable fit regardless of the weight.

Gabriel & Co. ER11757M6W44JJ 14k White Gold 0.72ctw Diamond Ring

Finally a designer engagement ring, a Gabriel & Co. This is one of the most renowned engagement and wedding ring jewelry designers in the world. They have a deep understanding of the emotional connection to these moments. And every single one of their rings are imbued with this emotion. More than a fine piece of jewelry these rings are thought through and fully filled with emotion. It is a family company that was established in 1989 by the Gabriel brothers. Jack and Dominick dove into the world of engagement and bridal jewelry after their father Elias Gabriel, who was a master jeweler, taught them the art of the fine jewelry craft. Their ideology is imbued within each and every fine jewelry piece they design. Commitment to showcasing love and passion in every one of their pieces they design. You can see it everywhere from their campaigns down to their romantic flare.

This particular ring is a 14 carat white gold ring. There is a degree of personalization available with this designer ring. You can also have it in 14 carat yellow or rose gold if you prefer. It features approximately 0.72 carats of accent diamonds. The center stone is a marquise cut cubic zirconia. However the ring is adaptable and can accommodate a stone up to 1.50 carats. This particular ring has a strong V prong at the end of each one of the ends of the marquise diamond. Since this ring does not feature a diamond halo as the one below it is important to have these prongs in order to protect the edges of the diamond. 

5 Carat Marquise Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

Finally is an absolutely stunning large 5 carat platinum engagement ring. This Marquise cut diamond engagement ring features a series of diamonds surrounding the central Marquise cut diamond stone. Intricately designed with patterns and contrasting textures it is a spectacular ring. The platinum setting is a strong and resistant material. One of the world’s toughest and most resistant. It is also one of the world’s rarest and most precious metals as well.

Set into this platinum ring surrounding the central Marquise diamond are 44 brilliant round cut accent diamonds. These form a secondary halo around the ring. On the first halo there are 26 baguette cut accent diamonds. The round cut diamonds total 0.5 carats and the baguette cut ones sum up to 0.93 carats. The Baguette Cut Diamonds are G/H in Color and VS in Clarity and the Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are G/H in Color and VS in Clarity.

The double halo surrounding the Marquise cut diamond increases its size significantly. Furthermore the details flanking the ring where it connects to the band add an incredible visual detail. Radiating away from the central stone the accent diamonds add to its width and shine. Further they accentuate the Marquise cut rings fire. A deep diamond cut its brilliance and fire take center stage.

Overall this is quite a modern style ring with the double halo feature. It pairs a vintage central diamond cut with a modern double halo style. It is a very large engagement ring that is sure to catch the eye. A most certainly large feature ring for the fiance who does not mind being the center of attention. All eyes on them no matter where. It is after all a 5 carat diamond ring in platinum. It accentuates the unique Marquise cut.

Where to buy Marquise diamond cut and unique engagement rings? Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Our family has been providing couples with diamond expertise for the last three decades. Dedicated to serving our distinguished clientele with superior service and a strong commitment to excellence we pride ourselves in walking this journey with you. At this moment of celebration and love we are here to help. Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring to pop the question to your partner. Or if you are searching for someone to help you with your wedding rings and jewelry Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place.

Featuring unique engagement rings for singular brides. As well as diamond jewelry and wedding rings. For grooms we have unique wedding bands and fine jewelry. As well as luxury time pieces. Whether you are looking for one of a kind pieces for your engagement. Or searching for lovely presents to celebrate your anniversary. We have gifts for every single life milestone.

We look forward to continue serving our South Florida community for the next three decades to come as well. Ever present we support local initiatives throughout. From our monthly events to holiday commemorations we are here to support. So if you have any questions regarding diamonds, fine jewelry, time pieces or any gems feel free to reach out to us.

We would love to welcome you into one of our stores. To help you find, maintain or repair the perfect engagement ring for your partner. If you prefer we are also on social media. Where you can drop us a question any time. Finally let us know in the comments below if there are any particular diamond cuts that you are interested in seeing reviews for. Or if there are engagement ring and wedding band brands or styles that you want to know more about! We will show case them.

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