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Daytona Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph

Daytona Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph

rolex daytona cosmograph black dial angle view

Another iconic collection from the crowned king of fine time pieces. The Daytona Rolex series are the sport watch flagship from the brand that sets the standard and leads innovation in the entire industry. A true automotive racing sport watch the Daytona Rolex has incredible features made for speed and accuracy. Enhanced readability and increased visibility? Check. Clear readings and perpetual time keeping? Check. Aesthetics that could only be from the renowned company that crafts the world’s finest watches. Triple check. The Daytona Rolex Perpetual Oyster steel is a combination of Rolex patents. Bringing together the best of the best. As they do. This latest iteration of Daytona watches has a robust look. It takes a sleek and polished look up a notch. The classic black dial gets new life with ringed sub dials. Rather than the classic white it features steel ring sub dials.

As well as a black fixed dial with the tachymeter reading inscribed. This improves readability as well. From the steel bezel to the black this newest Daytona upgrades the vintage. A crown protector and beveled controls makes it even easier. Perfect grip and slight changes turned this watch into a turbo. It is the classic racing driver functions is a more polished look. Finally, we will get into each of the details that makes this latest Daytona Rolex iconic. 

daytona rolex cosmograph black dial

The Daytona Rolex Collection

Made to meet the toughest of requirements the Daytona Rolex watch is a race car drivers tool of choice. The leader in the market for so many incredible feats of engineering and haute horlogerie the Daytona collection is a leader in the sport watch series. A true stand out watch it features strong influences from automotive racing. Which makes a lot of sense considering it comes directly from or for depending on how you regard it the Rolex 24 Daytona race. A speed car track made to test speed and endurance the 24 hour race features some of the most incredible drivers and teams.

An incredibly powerful display of driver ability and resistance the Rolex 24 is the perfect place for the Daytona Rolex to come about. Crafted for the automotive drivers and still to this day reserved as a prize to be given to the winner at the completion of the extended day long race the Daytona Rolex is a precise, punchy watch. The watch itself has distinct features that make it ideal for racing. An enhanced visual display with three separate sub dials as well as the Rolex cosmograph tachymeter the Daytona says a lot in just one look.

The watch is crafted with a vertical rather than a lateral clutch making it easy to activate the chronograph with your hand still on the wheel. Inside there is a lot of power making the speed tester work. Using direct friction on a two disc contact this watch is made for professional drivers. An elite tool for those nail biting “beat you by half a second” races the Daytona Rolex is a sport’s man dream watch. Iconic to say the least it also features some of the most unique Rolex features like the Oyster steel alloy, perpetual and cosmograph.

Oyster steel

As we have talked about abundantly on our blog Rolex formulates their very own fine metal alloys. In order to guarantee the quality and exceptionality of each one of their time pieces Rolex has their own foundry. Now not only do they use this foundry to craft the cases and fine bracelets that make a Rolex luxury watch they also develop their own unique metal alloys that are patented. One example is the Everose rose gold blended alloy.

A relatively new metal this one is beginning to take more notice than the iconic Oyster steel. However, a classic signature of the Rolex brand the Oyster steel is still a metal unlike any other. A 940L steel family. Created for durability this is the finest steel class that exists. These types of steel are generally used in the chemical, aerospace and technology industries. Mainly because of this class of steel’s strong anti corrosion properties.

daytona rolex crown clasp

Oyster steel though has an exceptional shine. It is an exquisite material that lends iself to the fine Rolex processes crafting a unique glint for the fine watches. It is highly durable and resistant to even the most intense of environments. First released in 1926 the Oyster steel alloy is a feat of engineering. It is a distinct mixture of fine metals it is robust and resistant. With the invention of the Oyster steel alloy Rolex began producing watches that aer waterproof up to 100 meters or 300 feet. This is possible because of the unique Oyster steel material that can seal in the case unlike any other fine stainless steel.

The Perpetual Cosmograph

The quintessential Oyster Rolex has called this watch the purest expression of the Oyster concept. The perpetual feature was one more addition to the watch’s patented series. Now the cosmograph is what really set them apart. The ease with which one can read the cosmograph remains unparalleled in the luxury watch world today. Translated from the Greek cosmograph is the writing of time. Which is exactly what Rolex did with their tachymeter scale directly on the bezel. Permanently on the fixed bezel the cosmograph enhances readability on the watch.

Further if you look below at the Daytona Oyster perpetual versus the vintage Daytona you can see the contrast. The newer Daytona Oyster Perpetual features a white tachymeter cosmograph on the black bezel rather than on the steel. This makes it a lot easier to read in just a glance. Made in three distinct generations or series it is a classic.

daytona rolex cosmograph black dial angle view

Since 1963 when the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona brought the mechanical chronograph watch to the races it has been rethought out twice more. First in 1988 during the height of the automotive racing hype. Then once again in 2000 for the third time. Always celebrated with the Rolex Daytona 24 automotive race in Daytona, Florida the Rolex brand brings slight changes that redefine the luxury time piece industry.

The calire 4130 Cosmograph Daytona is the new generation self winding chronograph movement. Packed with the perpetual feature and forged in Oyster steel it is an evolution in the series of Daytona Rolex watches. Perfectly designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers the Daytona Rolex does not spare a single second. A flagship sport watch from Rolex it comes in an ever wider variety of color combinations and fine metals. Particularly when it comes to the dial, sub dials and case.

Vintage Daytona Cosmograph versus Daytona Oyster Perpetual

The addition of the perpetual calendar to the Oyster steel watch changed an already incredible watch to become truly one of a kind. Combining the power of the Rolex developed cosmograph with their patented Perpetual calendar. The Daytona watch went up a notch. Which only has to be regulated once a year. The racing inspired watch, still a prized winning as part of the Daytona Rolex 24 race, keeps perfect track of time on and off the track. Not only timing the loops but anywhere, always without missing a beat.

They have considered it to be a clear and accurate time display, the direct descendant of the original 1926 Oyster that first launched. This was the world’s first water proof wrist watch and is the foundation that has earned Rolex their prestigious reputation.

Daytona Rolex watches vintage and new held next to each other

A seemingly small change if you do not know what is happening inside the case this addition of the Perpetual feature to the Daytona Oyster enhanced the wrist watch. Along with it came some aesthetic plays that make a sleek watch shine. Rather than the full white subdials these were upgraded to subtle steel rings with black centers to match the dial. Further the addition of broad Chromalight markers distinguish the hour markers better. As well as the monochromatic black fixed bezel adding to the visual size of the watch.

Strongly masculine and gently larger with the crown bridge protector the newest iteration is a bulked up version of the original Daytona. You can see the bracelet as well has broader triple links and more defined polish patterns. Each of the links sit closer together for a tight flush fit that can be adjusted with the easy link extension feature. An evolution from the original Daytona, the Daytona Oyster Perpetual stays true to its roots.

The dial and bezel

Like all Rolexes the true and fine differences for a luxury time piece can be seen in the details of the watch. While the incredible functionality of this watch is neatly tucked away within its casing there are small accents easy to see that this is a true Rolex time piece. Take for example the inscribed Rolex brand logo on the inner edge of the rotating bezel. A small and simple etching that shows the craftsmanship and high attention to fine detail. All around the inner ring of the bezel the Rolex logo revolves surrounding the dial. The dial itself is a classic ode to automobile racing.

The Daytona Rolex watches feature a high amount of visibility right on the dial. Easy to see and ready to capture each second of the race the dial is made with the race car driver in mind. With a single glance the dial offers a range of information. All of it precise and prepared to estimate down to the last second. The three sub dials and chronograph are there for easy push button and bezel calculation.

Furthermore you have the silver rings of each sub dial that contrast starkly against the black dial. It helps with visiility as well as gives a sleek aesthetic accent. Then we have the Chromalight features on the hour and minute hands as well as the hour markers. These glow brightly against the dark monochromatic look of the watch for easy reading no matter what the conditions. It is a gorgeous Oyster steel watch. The high polish of the Oyster steel shines against the glossy black face of the watch. The light silver and white detailings on the sub dials, chronograph bezel and dial face are clear yet complementary to the watch’s look. Overall its a true Daytona.

daytona rolex cosmograph black dial side view crown

Where to buy Daytona Rolex men’s watches? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

If you are searching for the place to buy true Daytona Rolex watches from experts who carry limited editions and vintage collections Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place. We have been curating a timeless collection of fine timepieces from internationally renowned brands like Rolex for the last thirty years. Our clientele are refined watch connoisseurs and collectors who search for unique pieces.

That is why we specialise in finding limited edition and unique massively popular luxury watches for men. From the Daytona Rolex an iconic automobile racing watch to the timeless classics we have styles and bespoke editions for every gentleman’s preference. It all depends also of course on what your intended purpose for the watch is. Even if the ultimate goal is to add to your collection certain watches like the Daytona Rolex or Submariner for example have unique powerful features for sports.

If you are unsure of what watch is made ideal for your preferred sport chat with one of our experts! They can help you find the next perfect time piece for you. We have master craftsmen at our shops that work with luxury watches every day from doing routine maintenance to bespoke modifications and additions. They use the latest technology and techniques in the fine watch industry bringing artistry to what they do. You can chat to them about any questions or concerns at our shops. A passionate family company we look forward to continue serving you for the next thirty years to come. Always with superior service and the utmost quality products.

We are on social media where you can get your questions answered. Also let us know below in the comments if there are any watches or specific Daytona Rolexes that you want us to review. We would love to hear from you.

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