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Rolex 24 Daytona 2019 – Who won this year’s steel Rolex Daytona?

Rolex 24 Daytona 2019 – Who won this year’s steel Rolex Daytona?

rolex 24 winner daytona watch rose gold and stainless steel

The Rolex 24 Daytona automobile endurance race finished up this weekend. With 2019’s winner decided and records set for one of history’s fastest 24 hours there is a lot to cover. From the riveting performance of these elite athletes, and their powerful machines all the way to this year’s natural elements hurdles it was heart stopping on the speedway. The race of the season warmed up the International Speedway for Daytona’s most famous car race the Daytona 500. While we still have a few weeks to go before that incredible race we are all still zooming from this weekend’s Rolex 24. There was a V8 supercars ace, a former Formula 1 champion (you know who we are talking about), and plenty of throttle in all of the lanes. We watched captivated as 23 entries from 9 manufacturers sped down the lanes separated by less than seconds. It’s the Rolex 24.

We are not just talking about the race of course. We would be remiss not to remember the steel Rolex Daytona watch. Named after the South Florida city of racing this Rolex is one of the finest. While it does not run as fast, you would not want it to, the performance level is on par with the automobiles we saw on the race track this weekend for sure. It was impressive to see the Ford, Corvette, Porsche and Ferrari (through Risi Competizione) all together. However, all eyes were on the BMW featuring Chaz Mostert and actual superhero Alex Zanardi. The former Formula 1 champion, Fernando Alonso, took home the prize though. This year’s 2019 Rolex 24 Daytona endurance race was one for the history books. Filled with top talent, masterfully crafted cars and the history of a decades old race it was we at Diamonds by Raymond Lee love.

2019’s Rolex 24 Daytona Race and the grand prize winner

Despite heavy rains Daytona’s longest automobile race was a huge success once again. Elite performance cars race around the Daytona International Speedway competing for the record and of course the grand prize in rain that caused not one but two red flags at the Florida circuit. There were cars spinning off the tracks at every lap and we had a few caution periods this weekend. Safety was definitely a concern at this year’s race with not only one but two red flags for the very first time in history. Even so the drivers were at peak performance showing us that for an already intense endurance race they would not be sidelined not even in this weather. It definitely took endurance as we watched these drivers race in all kinds of competitive conditions. From wet to dry and day to night they sped on the tracks taking on all new challenges.

Fernando Alonso took the prize this year and the Rolex Daytona to go along with it. The 37 year old former Formula 1 champion scored a victory for his Wayne Taylor Racing Cadillac team. It was his second attempt at the American classic race and he took the gold this year. In a decisive moment of the race Fernando Alonso took the lead from Brazilian Action Express Racing Cadillac driver Felipe Nasr after he ran wide at Turn 1. After the second red flag interruption, due to the continued down pour, the Spaniard Fernando Alonso took the lead for DPi class. Overall it was a breathtaking, sopping wet, electrifying race. We saw the world’s best competing in possibly the world’s worst conditions ever at the renowned Daytona International Speedway. No one could have prepared these drivers and teams for what was to come. In the end they showed true endurance.

The Rolex 24 Daytona Automobile Endurance Race

At the Daytona International Speedway, home of the Daytona 500 and of course the Rolex 24 endurance race some of the world’s fastest and most powerful cars compete to win the titles. The city of Daytona has become forever intertwined with the world of automobile sport racing that is for sure. As millions of tourists each year come by to visit the speedway and catch some rays. This past weekend the speedway and the tracks were absolutely packed. Everyone was ready for an intense endurance automobile race featuring incredible brands. However no one could have guessed how intense the race would be. The Rolex 24 has been happening since 1963 but this year we broke history records. Between the pouring Florida rain, red flags and cautions everyone was on the edge of their seats. Now, it is without a doubt that fine watches and luxury automobiles go hand in hand.

Our clients and South Florida community know a thing or two about automobiles and luxury accessories. We get a little taste of the love for high performance cars and powerful time pieces every month at our Diamonds and Donuts event. We gather together to see the latest rides, bespoke modifications and to enjoy our SoFlo family in the fresh air. While we do not race during our self run auto show we get to see some super racing exotic cars. Further our clients have refined tastes and know about luxury watches as well. And Rolexes are a classic icon we always see again and again. Now the Rolex 24 race is extra special as it has its own Rolex watch, the Rolex Daytona watch. Crafted specifically for a race as hard core as the Rolex 24 the Rolex Daytona uses a Calibre 4130 for ultimate performance and powerful time keeping.

The Rolex Daytona fine time piece

Introduced in 1963, and designed to meet the tough requirements of professional race car drivers the Rolex Daytona is more than a fine time piece. An icon that is forever joined to the legendary racing city of Daytona this Rolex remains in a class of its very own when it comes to sports chronograph watches. For the high performance world of sport racing tools of time need to be unparalleled. Particularly when it comes to elite racing vehicles. To match and catch the speed of these super powerful rides you need a powerful and precise watch. The kind of watch that is crowned the king of time pieces, a Rolex. Further the power here comes particularly from the use of a vertical, rather than a lateral, clutch used to activate the chronograph. This functions using two separate discs, one above the other, and they work together using direct friction contact.

Now the Rolex Daytona watch is really considered a drivers watch. The Cosmograph Daytona features three sub dial counters and pushers. It is the ideal instrument for measuring elapsed time and calculating average speeds. A perfectly legible time piece of unmatched elegance for a sports watch the Rolex Daytona is a classic. Much like the races in one of South Florida’s most well known cities and speedways the Cosmograph is all about high precision, good looks and sleek design. Specifically formulated for as a high performance self timing tool for endurance race drivers the central sweep seconds hand actually allows an accurate reading to ⅛ second. It is a powerful machine for the elite performance drivers. Much like the automobiles they are speeding around in. The Rolex Daytona watch permits drivers to accurately map out their strategies, their track times and tactics. Every single time, without fail, no matter what.

three rolex daytona watches stainless steel with black dial, rose gold with black dial and stainless steel with white dial


First, a clean clear classic with a black dial and striking stainless steel monochromatic look. The iconic automobile sport racing watch has the classic Rolex three link bracelet in a matching stainless steel. This particualr time piece is a 40 mm zenith movement piece that fits a 6.5 inch wrist. It is imbued with the Daytona speedway race track spirit and has the powerful movements to match. Whether you are an avid sports car race watcher, competitor or enthusiast a watch like this truly sets the scene no matter what type of collection you have.


Another gorgeous Rolex Daytona watch this is a 116520 stainless steel men’s watch. It has the classic three subdials and engraved tachymeter bezel. Further, the Oyster steel stainless steel bracelet is the traditional Rolex three link bracelet. A scratch resistant and highly durable watch bracelet, no matter what speeds you drive. The crystal is scratch resistant sapphire and this particular piece features automatic movements. The black chronograph dial gives it a sleek night time look with increased visibility due to the contrasting luminescent hour markers and silver sub dials. Overall this iteration of the watch has a unique design look and the same powerful performance you would expect from a Rolex Daytona watch.

stainless steel white dial Rolex Daytona


Finally another 116520 Cosmograph stainless steel Rolex Daytona watch this one has a white dial that pairs beautifully. A monochromatic aesthetic with the glinting stainless steel reminds us of the flashing lights of the race. Any race day at the Daytona International Speedway you see cars slick like this watch with bright glimmer and powerful performance. Overall this watch is quite similar to the Rolex Daytona above. However, the main difference is the top push button feature. This one protrudes a bit more as it is slightly larger and shaped differently. It still also has an Oyster lock clasp and matching bracelet.

Two Rolex Daytona men's watches, stainless steel and 18k rose gold


Another version of the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph is this black dial jubilee vintage watch. The vintage look features a black Cosmograph stainless steel bezel. Also, the black dial has silver dial markers, white sub dials and a red Daytona for strong contrast. All of these features increase visibility. The 36 mm watch has scratch resistant sapphire crystal and large protruding crown and push buttons. It is the iconic Daytona Rolex 24 race winner watch with the vintage look and feel you would expect from a watch with such a strong history and tradition.

rose gold black dial rolex daytona men's watch


On the other hand a Rolex exclusive unique rose gold Everose Tachymeter bezel Rolex Daytona with a black dial and contrasting rose gold sub dials sets a presence. It is the type of watch for the gentleman who looks not only for the very best. However, the most unique and very best in class. This is how you get such a gorgeous fashion forward watch like the Rolex 116505 Daytona in 18 carat rose gold.

rose rolex daytona private jet

Rolex Daytona maintenance, repair and adjustments in South Florida – Diamonds by Raymond Lee fine watch craftsmen

If your Rolex Daytona is in need of a pit stop you already know the best place to go. Whether you are in sunny South Florida or need a trusted and reliable team to ship your precision tool too we are here to help you get back on the road as fast as possible. We may not be as quick as the pit stop teams at the Daytona International Speedway. However, like them we do have the very best equipment in the industry, unparalleled expertise and ample experience. We assist our clients with regular maintenance, repairs, whether that is buffing out a scratch or resolving more complex issues with the movements, and best of all with bespoke additions and modifications. When it comes to repairs we use only Rolex pieces and have all of the necessary connections, training and care to have your time piece back in shape super fast.

You can get in touch with us through our website form, by phone, or just dop by at 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431. Our diamond expert, car enthusiasts, and fine luxury watch master craftsmen would love to have a chat and help make you feel welcome to our piece of the South Florida community. Also remember to check out our events page and social media pages to stay up to date on upcoming events like our monthly Diamonds and Donuts car show. We love getting together with our communities and doing good to help others. To read more about one of our beneficiary events we hosted check out our blog articles for the 2018 toy drive.

Finally don’t forget to let us know which style of the Rolex Daytona you prefer in the comments below.

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