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Miranda Lambert solitaire diamond engagement ring

Miranda Lambert solitaire diamond engagement ring

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Miranda Lambert the 35 year old country music star, recently shocked her fans by announcing her marriage to 27 year old Brendan McLoughlin. The two apparently got married during an intimate and secret ceremony after dating outside of the public eye. The two tied the knot in Davidson County, Tennessee. Miranda Lambert let all of her fans know through a Valentine’s Day instagram post. In it she is wearing her gorgeous long sleeved white lace wedding gown. Holding on tightly to Brendan McLoughlin who she has called #theone in the caption. The private romance and happily ever after are completely different from Lambert’s past engagements which on the contrary have been quite public. From her engagement and wedding to another country star, Blake Shelton, she has had a few different rings. Each one like her relationships unique in their own way as well. Without a doubt each one gorgeous too.

Her engagement ring and wedding band now are quite classical in style. They are delicate, romantic and refined. Her prior rings have been unique in their own right both in type and in style. We have a wide range of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands including some that look just like Miranda Lambert’s! We have got both the diamond style engagement ring and the wedding bands to match. Although her first engagement ring, from her relationship with Blake Shelton, was a three diamond ring her current one is much different. Her current engagement ring with a recessed halo has a solitaire style and a thinner form of band together with the wedding ring. Overall we love both these looks. And of course are so happy for the love of the just married couple! A picture really is worth a thousand words when you can see how happy they are.

cushion cut diamond engagement ring for white jumpsuit bridal

Miranda Lambert’s engagement ring

The amazing country singer’s brand new engagement ring is a cushion cut beauty. It is quite a large cushion cut diamond stone. The beauty of her solitaire ring is how it is crafted to truly draw attention to the single stone at the centre. With a halo of small accent diamonds surrounding the ring. As well as a recessed feature seemingly lifting the central diamond above the halo it is a stunning ring. Overall the combination of the modern feature gently blends in with the striking traditional solitaire ring. Although both her polished yellow gold wedding band and the cut of her engagement ring are traditional this is not your grandmother’s engagement ring. Just like the country star that brings her country roots but also spices up her music and performances with modern flair this ring has got the delight in the details. It is minimalistic and yet also intricate.

The wide diamond halo that surrounds the centre stone allows for some breathing space between the main event, diamond and the accent features. It also gives it a modern and appealing floating look. With a diamond halo you always get an added glitter and shine of course. As well as an delicate feature that reaffirms the center stone’s size, cut, design and style. All of these together make a stunning and classic modern engagement ring combination overall. When it comes to something as personal and emotional as engagement rings and wedding bands need to be created with a strong base. Miranda Lambert’s does not just carry the diamond but also bands perfectly stacked with her wedding band. In yellow gold the two rings sit together perfectly. Much like her and her new husband might we say. Further the recessed halo still offers space between her finger and the two bands.

Miranda Lambert cushion cut engagement ring

Cushion cut diamond engagement rings

There are a large number of different diamond cuts. Particularly for large stones they can be cut in a variety of different styles. Throughout the years these different styles and designs changed. Each era and fashion age has had their own unique one. Miranda Lambert’s new ring features a unique cushion cut diamond solitaire. The cushion cut shape is also known as an old mine cut. Overall, it is actually a whole combination of cuts. First, is a geometric and simple square cut. Then, this square cut is finished off with spectacular rounded corners. This gives the diamond a cushion shape. Thus, the name cushion cut diamonds. This style of diamond cut was the de facto and go to diamond style cut right up until the early 20th century. It is a classic and traditional style that reflects light in a broader pattern than some of the more modern cuts.

Further, it offers a central focal point. Having been around for almost over 200 years this style of cut is a vintage inspiration. While it is reminiscent of Royal jewels and traditional design it is also a modern look when paired with the halo feature like Miranda Lambert’s is. This is what gives this ring an additional touch of modern day. It is a perfect balance between the two. Also it goes really well with her more traditional and sleek yellow gold polished wedding band. Together the cushion cut diamond and wedding band are a true country girl roots style. Meanwhile the recessed diamond halo brings some of the modern spunk we all know the country singer to have. It is an excellent choice in rings that we believe suits her extremely well. In the past she had the three diamond ring style but now she’s got the solitaire stone.

Solitaire stone engagement rings

Miranda Lambert engagement ring solitaire

A true classic of the times a solitaire engagement ring is the most well known style of engagement ring. It features a single solitaire, hence the name of the style, diamond at the centre. It is the most quintessential engagement ring design style of course. From interesting band shapes and metals to the modern day solitaires have changed. Adapting to the more recent styles and more modern preferences many engagement rings including solitaire rings feature a diamond halo. Miranda Lambert’s as we have discussed is one of these. The expertly placed accent diamonds surround the central stone solitaire. On her particular ring, although the photos thus far are scant as the singer has asked for privacy after announcing her engagement and subsequent wedding, the halo is recessed. Now all this means is that the smaller accent diamonds that surround the central diamond are placed at a slightly lower height level.

This gives depth to the ring and ensures the halo does not crowd the stone. Particularly with a cushion cut diamond this is a nice touch as the top of the diamond is not cut flat but rather bulges slightly out similarly to well a cushion. The recessed halo adds even further emphasis on to the solitaire feature stone of this ring. Lambert’s engagement ring seems as if to hold a floating diamond above the halo. Just hovering above her ring finger where her yellow gold wedding band and the matching engagement ring band sit snugly together. The solitaire stone on her ring is also quite large from what can be seen in the photos taken of them while on a stroll in New York City. Also beyond getting a better look at her engagement ring and wedding band we also got to see Brendan’s wedding band! His is modern.

Miranda Lambert cushion cut engagement ring

Wedding bands for the happy new couple, Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert

Beyond the instagram post that fans got to see the newly weds were also spotted in New York City walking hand in hand. Their rings all a – showing. Now we have gone deeply into detail about Miranda Lambert’s rings. We do after all love a bride. It is part of why we love what we do. However we also love a groom! And in this case we have got both. So how can we not give this gentleman’s ring a once over too? Right in line with his work at the New York Police Department. He is a police officer and they do work a lot with their hands. That is why it is unsurprising and quite astute that Brendan McLoughlin’s wedding ring is a modern dark metal wedding band. The ring may be titanium which is an increasingly popular choice for men’s wedding bands. It is an incredible material.

Titanium is actually one of the world’s strongest metals. Titanium is stronger than platinum or gold. It is actually significantly stronger than steel even. So for a man who is going to perhaps bang that ring a bit more often than someone busy at a desk it is a great choice. The color of the metal is also significantly different from the white gold, steel or even platinum. It has a darker and more muted tone to it. Particularly when compared to platinum that is the strongest out of all of these metals. Although highly durable and resistant to scratching or banging about titanium is also hypoallergenic. This is the metal for any man with concerns regarding metal allergies. It is an important note to remember when choosing a ring. The body does not react at all to titanium though. Also it is so strong and resistant but still lightweight.

Miranda Lambert wedding Brandon

Men’s wedding bands from Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Now our shops are not only focused on brides. We also have men’s wedding bands and rings. From a wide selection you can find the ring that suits you the very best. From the traditional polished gold rings in yellow or white gold. As well as platinum or even steel. We have got more modern touches too. Some like the rose gold rings or even more modern features. These have got truly unique details. Lashbrook is a brand we trust with these designs. For example nice woods inlaid into the rings all the way to meteorite inlays! For the unique gentleman a little something from out of this world may be the best to display your everlasting love.

Take a look at our collection online here. Or feel free to visit us in person. We love to help gentlemen and ladies find rings that truly embody their personalities. We have diamond experts here ready to assist you.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee your destination for gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands

In South Florida it is easy to find the engagement ring of your dreams. Particularly when it comes to unique rings. We have got delicate, romantic, modern, vintage inspired and every kind of ring in between that you can think of. Our curated collection features some of the industry’s best brands like Henri Daussi, Tacori, Gabriel & Co. and many others. As well as private label rings and bands and real vintage gems. If none of those will match your taste and singular personal style not to worry. We also have master jewellery craftsmen as part of our Diamonds by Raymond Lee family. They can take your dream idea for a ring and make it a reality with our bespoke custom designed ring options. From your imagination to your ring finger these diamond experts can walk you through each and every part of the step. Including finding the perfect stones too.

Our focus is always to provide superior service and thus we offer a full range of jewelry as well as bespoke services. For example our diamond search function helps you get the ideal stone. We source only the very best of the best from all over the world. Always of course adhering to best practices and making sure that you can have peace of mind when embarking on this journey. It is after all a milestone of a life time and we love to accompany our clients through this crucial moment in their lives. From that very first moment when you pop the question to the years to come. We are here with maintenance and adjustment services as well as repairs in the eventuality that you may need one. Our family has been serving the South Florida community for the past three decades and it is our mission to continue.

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