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Verragio Tradition collection engagement and wedding ring sets

The latest Verragio Collection is in Boca Raton, South Florida. See the newest Verragio Tradition collection engagement rings and wedding bands at our store this coming month. The iconic bridal jeweler has just released their most poignant and romantic selection of modern engagement rings. They are each crafted using Verragio’s latest high tech design and…
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Heart Shaped Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

There are a few items that in the rush and splendor of your wedding day still manage to remain as the most prized possessions. These are the ones that exclusive of your wedding bands and perhaps if you wrote down your vows are special to you. Perhaps they are gifts exchanged between the bride and…
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10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band

10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band

Platinum 18k Gold 10.70ctw Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut And 1.68ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Eternity Band This spectacular 10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band is in our Boca Raton store. For this week’s Wedding Wednesday we are reviewing this stunning wedding band right here in South Florida. We will show you everything from…
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39 carat Star Sapphire platinum diamond ring

Diamond and Sapphire Ring in Platinum

A vintage diamond and sapphire ring in platinum like Kate Middleton’s is here in Boca Raton. The 39 carat Cabochon Star Sapphire ring has a uniquely vintage design. It features approximately 26 baguette cut diamonds in the halo. Also, it has two trillion white diamonds flanking the massive 39 carat star sapphire center stone. This…
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Verragio Tradition Collection Review: The Latest Engagement & Wedding Rings

The Tradition Collection is the latest series of engagement rings and wedding bands from master jeweler Verragio. Verragio is one of the most exquisite bridal jewelers in the world. Now, with this latest collection, there are incredible feats of design and craftsmanship brought to life using the latest and finest techniques in jewelry making. This…
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Gabriel and Co boca raton necklace

Bridal Jewelry: Pendants

Why a Pendant for Your Wedding? When it comes to selecting pieces of bridal jewelry for your wedding day a big focus is on how the jewelry can accentuate your dress. While rings are not common and bracelets may interfere depending on if your dress has sleeves nothing is more ideal than a pendant. A…
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Designer Wedding Jeweller: Verragio

History and Tradition Verragio is a luxury designer wedding jeweler. Barry Verragio established his bridal jewelry design brand with a deep set commitment to craftsmanship and inspired design. A modern and innovative company he has led the industry with incredible innovations such as the fit-right solution. This solution is a patent pending revolutionary way to…
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unwanted jewelery

The Diamond 4 C’s: Choose Your Perfect Stone

Diamonds are forever, is how the saying goes. We all know these are valued precious stones and have at least a good idea of all the reasons why that might be so. However, not all of us can identify the four main characteristics of diamonds and why they are important in the process of selecting…
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engagement rings

Designer Wedding Jewelers: Tacori

Each jeweler takes pride in their creations. Every piece they craft is a reflection of their state of mind and emotional connection to that specific jewelry piece’s intention. After the laborious effort of taking inspiration and designing it into a wearable jewel, the designers transform into artisans. They then take the time to hand pick…
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Shimmery Grey Bridesmaids Dresses

Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids & Bridal Party

All of the choices for your wedding are important and some are arguably very, very difficult. Making choices on everything from the venue to the food to the color schemes takes extensive time and conisderation. The most important of all of these is ofcourse the guest list. These are the people who you will call…
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Designer Wedding Jewelers: Gabriel & Co.

Designer Wedding Jewelers: Gabriel & Co. Exquisite traditional design alongside cutting edge modern jewelry pieces all made using the latest technology and finest materials available. That is the Gabriel & Co. guarantee. This is a company that produces designer jewelry particularly for engagements and weddings. Further, their reputation is of excellence and emotional renderings. Also…
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Henri Daussi Engagement Rings

Designer Wedding Jeweler: Henri Daussi

The jewelry pieces you wear on your wedding day are arguably the most important pieces anyone will own over their lifetime. They are the unique items that mark the occasion. Celebrating your love and commitment with precious, masterfully crafted jewelry pieces starts with an engagement ring but goes much further. There are certain iconic brands…
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Rose All Day Boca Raton

5 South Florida Summer Wedding Trends

Another summer swinging by. This season was hot and full of gorgeous wedding trends! From bright floral arrangements to tropical themes the wedding world went over the top this summer. If you are planning your wedding for next summer, this winter or just starting to get ideas we have got the five major trends that…
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How To Choose a Wedding Band

First thing on a bride’s mind when preparing for the big day may be the gown, the venue or any number of things. However, what can be more important than the symbol of your eternal love, the wedding band? It is the one piece of jewelry to be worn for the rest of your life…
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boca burger battle

Planning A South Florida Wedding

There are just about a million decisions and plans to be made for a wedding – regardless of where the event of a lifetime will take place. However, if you are planning to have your wedding in South Florida that initial decision may be even more difficult! There is an infinite number of fairytale white…
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