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Designer Wedding Jewelers: Tacori

Each jeweler takes pride in their creations. Every piece they craft is a reflection of their state of mind and emotional connection to that specific jewelry piece’s intention. After the laborious effort of taking inspiration and designing it into a wearable jewel, the designers transform into artisans. They then take the time to hand pick what materials they will use and painstakingly source each one. Then and only then does the process of physically bringing that creation to life begin. It is through meticulous work and a tradition handed down type of skill that each and every jewelry piece is crafted. Furthermore, the process is extensive to shape and mold jewelry before detailing, setting gems and precious jewels, polishing and finalizing the piece. It requires attention and care along with flare. The unique pieces that come to life from this process are worn for decades and passed on between generations. This is how Tacori jewelry is crafted. Tacori is a designer wedding jeweler known for their refined and intricate pieces. Their bridal focus and corresponding collections reflect their passion and commitment to these celebratory jewelry items. Elegant and glamorous each piece is designed with personality and individual style. Further, every piece is ensured care for years to come. A Tacori jewelry item can be resized, refurbished and touched up in any engravings. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers offers this service because a Tacori ring is like heirloom jewelry, meant to last more than your lifetime. This is also true of their timeless designs, sure to continue amazing couples for centuries. A California dream established in 1969 by Haig Tacorian Tacori is a symbol of commitment and fine detailing. The signature Tacori design found on their bridal jewelry is the crescent design. As you will see the majority of their collections are inspired in this crescent and have added handcrafted designs. The Tacori engagement rings and wedding bands are among some of the most intricate in the market. Uniquely fitted with the crescent Tacori Touch of interlocking half moons a true Tacori ring is instantly recognizable. Tacori rings are also fitted only with gems that adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. This is a United Nations resolution that prevents conflict or commonly referred to as blood diamonds from being used. Tacori’s commitment to this process reflects the company’s values and their concern not only for the jewelry’s wearer but everyone involved in the process of creating it.

Sculpted Crescent Collection

First is a reimagining of the traditional Tacori crescent, the Sculpted Crescent collection. These rings are slight modifications from the traditional cut. The modern twist on the classic is sculpted into the inner face of each ring for a tone-on-tone texture. A Sculpted Crescent engagement ring is stunning and modern with all of the tradition and excellence you would expect from a Tacori jewelry piece.

Tacori Sculpted Crescent 202-2RD Rose Gold Engagement Ring Setting

First, the gorgeously Sculpted Crescent engagement ring setting in a unique rose gold with accent diamonds along the band. Speaking of the band this ring has intricate detailing along the sides featuring a patterned design. This modern band does not distract from the central diamond as it is in a raised setting.

Tacori Scuplted Crescent 201-2PR Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

Next, is another modern take on the traditional engagement ring. This ring features a unique princess cut center stone and the band has accent diamonds in a singular pattern. Each one of the accent diamonds alternate between square and round designs.

Petite Crescent Collection

Another variation of the classic Tacori. This one is a slightly more delicate version. The engagement rings in this collection feature specifically French-cut settings with less metal. This emphasizes the gorgeous Kimberley Process certified diamond stones. It means more glimmer and shine with a sleek and modern edge.

Tacori Petite Crescent HT254725EC9X7 Emerald Bloom Diamond Engagement Ring

First is a whopper Emeral cut central stone, bloom diamond Petite Crescent engagement ring. The combination of the emerald cut center stone with the surrounding bloom halo and accent diamonds make this ring one of the ones in our collection with the most sparkle. Emerald cuts are more modern and reflect light within its unique geometric shape.

Tacori Petite Crescent HT2545OV8X6 Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Next is a more classic design featuring an oval diamond center stone. This engagement ring has a high center setting truly setting the main stone apart from the accent diamonds pave set along the band. It is a more traditional but as always timeless design.

Tacori Petite Crescent HT254715RD65 White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Finally, an impeccably delicate engagement ring featuring the traditional round center white diamond. This one has an arched setting and a highly minimal halo design. The accent diamonds are petite enough to feature the center stone without visually obstructing it.

Dantela Collection

Another incredible Tacori collection is the Dantela collection. Primarily inspired by the literal meaning of Dantela in Romanian, which is lace, each ring has all the detail and intricate care that lace itself has. These rings are highly feminine and adorned with lacelike diamond halos.

Tacori Dantela 2620ECSMPW Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Setting

First, is an emerald cut engagement ring with the same Dantela lace halo surrounding it and an intricate diamond studded band. This lovely ring is available in 18k white, yellow or rose gold as well as in platinum. It has approximately 0.25ct of round accent diamonds.

Tacori Dantela 2620 Pear Shape Engagement Ring Setting

Another gorgeous Dantela collection engagement ring is this pear shape one. Also adorned with lovely accent diamonds and the Dantela lace diamond halo this is one of the most intricate rings.

Ribbon Collection

Tacori Ribbon 2573SMRD65W Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

First in the ribbon collection is an open ribbon band studded with diamonds leading to the large center white round brilliant stone. This incredible engagement ring is emblematic of the two lives intertwining that it represents. A modern and unique design this ribbon solitaire is for a modern bride to be.

Tacori Ribbon HT2528RD75W Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

Another version of the ribbon diamond solitaire engagement ring setting, this one features a triple sided diamond studded band leading to the center stone. It has an added level of sparkle and detail truly setting this setting apart from the rest.

Pretty in Pink Collection

This rose gold collection is romantic and iconic. It uses the pink shades of the rose gold in each of the designs. It is an elegant twist on some popular designs. They are modern yet classic and as always the very best quality. These rings are unlike any other engagement ring designs.

Tacori Pretty In Pink 46-2 Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

First of the Pretty in Pink engagement rings is this beautiful diamond set band with a traditional round white brilliant diamond center stone. It is a ring that can be paired with stacking wedding and anniversary bands. This ring is a unique take on the traditional that is quite modern and sleek.

Tacori Pretty In Pink 55 2CU65PK Rose Gold Engagement Ring Setting

Finally a gorgeous mix of mediums and designs this rose gold Pretty in Pink Tacori engagement ring has the halo feature as well. It marries the two perfectly as the pink glints off the diamonds. The halo feature illuminates the center stone and expands its brightness.

Simply Tacori Collection

Tacori Simply Tacori 2518 Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Another unique Tacori creation this Simply Tacori design has sapphires and diamonds. The center stone is the traditional round white diamond while the halo is deep blue sapphires and diamonds. They are interspersed into a sun ray pattern around the center stone. The band also features sapphires and a few accent diamonds on each side.

Tacori Simply Tacori 2584 Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

Finally the traditional tried and true classic solitaire engagement ring setting. This one accomodates any cut of diamond for the center stone and carries the Tacori brand’s commitment to quality and durability. It is the ageless and timeless design for an engagement ring that is sure to have her saying “Yes!”.

RoyalT Collection

Another incredible collection from Tacori is the RoyalT engagement rings. These rings have an incredible amount of detail and are ideal for large center stone settings. The bands feature the Tacori crescent while also including millgrain handicraft and flowing designs. They are some of the most beautiful and artisan handled engagement rings.

Tacori RoyalT HT2627OV Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

First, this RoyalT engagement ring features an oval solitaire center stone. The setting is incredibly intricate and delicate. There are millgrain designs handcrafted into the band including the Tacori crescent pattern. Further the band has diamonds set along each side so there is always a glint and sparkle coming from this ring. The ring has a very royal feel and fits comfortably even though it is quite large.

Tacori RoyalT HT2613 Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Finally is the stunning diamond halo engagement Tacori RoyalT ring. This absolutely stunning ring has a strong presence and thick band. The band has four rows of accent diamonds in alternating sizes. Also, the ring has a halo design that surrounds the center stone. Further, the incredible engagement ring is very modern and truly unique. The rows of diamonds along the band make the halo and center stone stand out very well.

Blooming Center Diamonds

Next are Tacori crafted unique bloom rings. These are engagement rings exquisitely designed to ‘bloom the central diamond stone’. A ring of diamonds in a halo or set tightly against one another is used to surround the center diamond.


Here is an impeccable 18k white gold 0.5ct diamond art deco style ring. The geometric design in the center features an open circle with a single diamond. The band on this ring is an intricate design for a textured look and feel. This is a ring that is full of tradition and modern design. It is truly unique.

Full Bloom Collection

Nature truly did inspire this entire collection. The bloom feature of these engagement rings is the halo of diamonds around each center stone. Further, this addition enhances the central diamond’s brightness and radiates away. The rings in this collection are very romantic and elegant. Also, they are reminiscent of flowers and an entire life in bloom, growing and expanding. The floral pattern is bold and impacting.

Tacori Full Bloom 55-2 Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

First, in this Tacori Full Bloom collection is this gorgeous solitaire engagement ring. Natural flower designs inspire these rings and thus there are diamonds around the central diamond in a flowering bloom. 

Tacori Full Bloom 37 2CU65 Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Lastly, is a similar Full Bloom version to the one above. However, this engagement ring setting has a special addition, approximately 0.74ct of accent diamonds along the band. Also,  this expands the depth of the central diamond and ensures sparkle from every angle.

Final Thoughts

We at Raymond Lee Jewelers pride ourselves in helping couples find the ideal jewelry for their engagement, wedding and beyond. For the past thirty years we have served our community in South Florida to help them make their dreams come true. We look forward to hearing from our customers and guiding them on the journey to their big day. Furthermore, our curated selection of engagement rings, wedding bands, jewelry and fine watches are on display at our gorgeous and convenient locations. Visit us to explore the possibilities for your nuptials. We are proud to have Tacori jewels as part of our collection of offerings for weddings. Furthermore we would love for you to see them in person by visiting one of our exquisite and conveniently located showrooms.  From our family tradition of unparalleled service to the tradition of the brands we carry you can be sure you are in good hands. Also, there is nothing like purchasing the symbols of your love and commitment with confidence and trust. We are here for you every step of the way.

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