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Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

Heart Shaped Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

There are a few items that in the rush and splendor of your wedding day still manage to remain as the most prized possessions. These are the ones that exclusive of your wedding bands and perhaps if you wrote down your vows are special to you. Perhaps they are gifts exchanged between the bride and groom. Maybe they were even family gifts you received. However, they came to be these items tend to be more often than not jewelry pieces. Pieces that can go from one generation to the next. Moving and continuing tradition, family legacy, and stories of love and commitment. This week we are showcasing an absolutely spectacular piece that fits just this description. It is an incredible 17.20 ct Emerald and diamond necklace. The pendant is a heart shaped emerald with 10 ct of round and pear shaped diamonds along the necklace and surrounding the pendant.

Further, this incredible necklace has a stunning detailed 18k white gold chain. This necklace has some of the white diamonds all along the 17 inches of its length. Also, the pear shaped diamonds form miniature organic leaf like patterns along the chain. It gives an infinitesimal additional touch of romance to this incredible jewelry piece. In addition to the finest quality diamonds, this necklace features an extremely high scale emerald gemstone. Further, the emerald gemstone is of a strong deep green coloration. It is the ideal piece of jewelry for a wedding. For the bride to keep and pass on throughout her life. It is emblematic and symbolic. A precious heart as a reminder of the day when two hearts were brought together and committed to creating one life. It is romantic, classic, refined and unique in the world. Reminiscent of classic love stories it is ready for your own.

Heart Shaped Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

First, the necklace itself. As stated above this is a peculiarly unique necklace. The pendant has an amazing feature gem stone with a whopping 17.20 ct of emerald in a single stone. Also, the necklace has intricate details all along the neck line. With impeccable brilliant white diamonds placed along the sides and pear shaped diamonds adding detail it is a refined piece. As a jewelry piece for a wedding should be it includes a graceful and tasteful touch of color. Additionally the heart shaped design of the central emerald gem stone pendant adds to the romantic allure of the necklace over all. It is completely set in 18k white gold which further adds to the glimmer and shine of the diamonds. Also, it serves as the least distracting fine metal color for the prongs in the jewelry setting. This way it accentuates rather than distracts from the stones.

Heart Shaped Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

Furthermore, on the note of the jewelry setting the heart shaped emerald gem stone setting is a bit different. There is a delightful and playful addition of 5 yellow gold prong pieces. These not only safely and securely hold the very large central gem stone in place but also add a bit of contrast. The bright yellow gold against the deep dark green of the emerald give a touch of elegant contrast to the piece, albeit a small simple touch. Meanwhile, the remaining parts of the necklace are an elegant and uniform white gold. The central gem stone pendant sits gorgeously in the drooping chain. For a wedding dress that has clean lines and a swooping neck line it is perfect. An accent piece unlike any other this 18k white gold heart shaped 17.20 ct emerald pendant and 10 ct diamond necklace is the unique addition for your wedding.

The Heart Shaped Emerald Pendant

Necklaces for your wedding day can arguably be one of the most difficult decisions when it comes to your wedding day jewelry. With an infinite list of options for design, size and style a necklace firstly needs to complement your gown. For more modern sleek gowns featuring straight or swooping necklines a strong statement necklace is advised while gowns with lace or intricately detailed neck lines are better off with simple classic jewelry that does not visually conflict with the dress. There are so many options but is one of the most incredible statement necklace options available. The heart, a universally agreed upon symbol of love. Overall, this necklace takes popular shape and escalates it to the next level. With incredibly masterful cuts this extremely large dark green emerald takes on the shape of the heart. A beautiful symbol of love for your big day of true love, for ever.

Reminiscent of a certain Titanic necklace this heart shaped deep dark green emerald gem pendant necklace is approximately 17.20 ct. Surrounding the incredible deep dark green heart gem are approximately 10 ct of round brilliant white diamonds and pear shaped cut diamonds. A statement piece to say the least this rare and precious gem is a colorful touch that announces its arrival. The deeply scalloped top of the emerald stone forms a perfectly shaped traditional heart. Meanwhile, the diamond accents all along the chain are naturally organic looking shapes that have a uniquely romantic and art nouveau feel to them. An absolute stunner of a wedding jewelry piece this necklace is singular. For the singular and unique bride who is not one to shy away from a proper grand entrance. This piece has is large but it sits comfortably on your neck. A heart of hearts set on yours.

Why a heart shaped gem stone pendant?

Furthermore, as we talked about above the heart is a symbol like no other for your love and commitment. It is the universal communicator of caring and love. A necklace pendant that transmits such emotional connection and understanding is rare. Further, in a refined and quite honestly exquisite form such as this impeccable massive approximately 17.20 ct deep dark green emerald heart shaped pendant is difficult to find. The heart is a romantic and uniquely feminine charm shape. It is generally used in jewelry but only very rarely is it in gem stones.

Further, the difficulty of the cut and the necessary sculpting to form this unique heart shape is attention to detail like no other. A jeweler that goes into crafting a design such as this in a precious gem like the emerald we see here is not only a practised and eloquent artisan he is also an emotional artist. Connecting with the sentiment behind a romantic piece of jewelry such as this requires a designer’s eye but also a poetic understanding behind the pieces over all meaning. It is so much more than a commemoratory piece or one for simply aesthetic value. In truth it is one symbolic of the deepest and truest of human emotions, love.

Heart Shaped Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

Why a deep green emerald gem stone?

Next, let us delve into the meanings behind the color of this incredible and unique gem stone. It is a stunningly large approximately 17.20 ct emerald. The certain dark green tone of the stone is particularly eye catching. Further, it is a vivid and vibrant color that is associated with health and longevity. This color of prosperity and renewal is a perfectly apt selection for an occasion such as a wedding. A day of renewal into a new life built upon two hearts joining together. This jewel tone is much emulated throughout fashion and textiles however it is one that is naturally occuring. It is one of the true reasons why emeralds are so coveted throughout the world. Also, one of the reasons as to why emerald are so precious to us. As a gorgeous tone of green it also can differ in hues. This is a dark green.

The 18k White Gold Necklace Clasp

Now, an important aspect of this particular large pendant necklace is the clasp itself. Made entirely of 18k white gold the clasp on this necklace is of course also made from 18k white gold. The clasp mechanism is a sturdy and reliable durable lock box clasp. The entire necklace itself weighs about 27.7 grams or 17.9dwt. In order to maintain a fixed hold around your neck the clasp has a strong mechanism that fixes tightly. However, it is still an easy to release and manage clasp. This is for ease of use and durability. As a jewelry piece that carries a 0.87” x 0.39″ x 0.83″ pendant it needs to be. Also, as we stated above this is one of those treasured pieces that tend to be passed down from one generation to another. A jewelry piece that marks not only an occasion but family.

Heart Shaped Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold


Want to buy the 18k White Gold 17.20ct Heart Shape Emerald And 10ctw Diamond Necklace?

Buying a large and significant piece of jewelry such as this one is never an easy undertaking. It is more than shopping for jewelry, even if it is bridal jewelry. It is shopping for that one piece that truly more than anything else marks the occasion. Beyond all other jewelry pieces except of course your own individual wedding bands a bride’s jewelry is of added importance. T For the modern bride to wear on her big day and for others on afterwards this necklace is a sure choice. It is a purchase that you must have confidence in and we are here to help. If you are looking for this type of special piece our jewelry experts are here to walk you through it every step of the way. Regardless of the time it takes our precious stones and jewelry pieces are meticulously revised and tested for quality and durability.

Heart Shaped Emerald and Diamond Necklace in 18k White Gold

Further, this incredible necklace with a string of diamonds dropping down in a fine line looks absolutely spectacular with strapless or plunging bridal gowns. However, as we talked about above this is one of those jewelry pieces that absolutely goes above and beyond the call of your wedding. It also takes on an additional significance of being furthered on for the future generations that come. The jewelry pieces you wear on your wedding day are arguably the most important pieces anyone will own over their lifetime. They are the unique items that mark the occasion. Celebrating your love and commitment with precious, masterfully crafted jewelry pieces starts with an engagement ring but goes much further. Intended to go on forward much after your big happy day for your family for generations to come. It is a symbol of your love and also of the commitment and family you are creating.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee Jewelers

We source and quality test each and every one of the diamonds and gem stones in the jewelry pieces we carry. You can be sure that all of the stones have been masterfully cut and that only the highest quality and finest materials have been used. Our master jewelers go through each item to ensure our curated collection has only the finest pieces included. Also, the Diamonds by Raymond Lee limited lifetime warranty applies to each and every one of our pieces.  Further, as a family business our focus is on unique productions that speak to the importance of each jewelry worthy occasion. Meant to be cherished for a lifetime each of these jewels is chosen with dedication and care that they will reflect and be true to the emotional connections that underlie it. Thus, our ideology is imbued within each and every piece we carry in our curated collection.

From our family tradition of unparalleled service to the several traditions of the brands and pieces we carry, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. There is nothing like purchasing the symbols of your love and commitment with absolute confidence and trust. We are here for you every step of the way. Our commitment to excellence and superior quality makes us the go to jeweler and fine watch store in Boca Raton. We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee have been serving the South Florida community for the past thirty years. We have conveniently located and expertly designed show rooms where you can view and try on a series of items. For the past thirty years we have been serving the South Florida community, curating an incomparable selection of luxury jewelry.  We look forward to providing the same caliber of excellence for the next three decades to come.

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