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Platinum 18k Gold 10.70ctw Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut And 1.68ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Eternity Band

This spectacular 10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band is in our Boca Raton store. For this week’s Wedding Wednesday we are reviewing this stunning wedding band right here in South Florida. We will show you everything from the impeccable setting to the incredible 10.7ct fancy yellow diamonds. These cushion cut fancy yellow diamonds even come with a European Gemological Laboratory USA Report.

This ring is an eternity band or infinity band style. It is the glimmer and shine of these make them particularly popular. It is a refined and confident style of wedding band that no matter how much it turns on your finger it will always be sparkling. The name eternity band comes from the full circle of stones and of course, represents the love you share. An infinity ring for your infinite love.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is the place to find an eternity wedding band in South Florida. Beyond our extensive collection of designer wedding jewelers we also have unique jewelry pieces like this one. You are a unique bride and couple and your wedding jewelry should speak to who you are. We would love to help you find the perfect pieces for your big day.

Visit one of our conveniently located stores to view our entire collection and even speak with one of our diamond experts. Our expertise and commitment to superior service is what sets us apart. From our curated collection to our diamond specialists we are here to help you choose your symbolic jewelry during this special moment in your life.

10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band

The wedding band materials

A wedding band is the ultimate symbol of your love and commitment. It symbolizes your commitment and deep decision to bring your two lives together into one. That is why the wedding bands that you select are so important. They are the items that you will come to wear every day reminding you of your love and promise to one another. The material these wedding bands are made of is then of a crucial nature.

Whether that be the material of the ring or the combination of materials it is an important part of your decision when choosing a wedding band. The type of metal selected for a wedding band will first and foremost dictate the price. There are more expensive metals like platinum that are rare and extremely durable to softer materials like yellow or white gold. This particular ring is made of platinum with some 18k yellow gold.

10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band

18k yellow gold

First up on the combination of metals in this incredible ring is the classic yellow gold. Gold is soft and malleable therefore it must be mixed in alloys in order to be turned into jewelry. The actual gold content in this alloy is measured in carats and this is how you can gauge how much gold is in the band you are considering. Yellow gold is traditional and bright for the classic bride. In this particular ring, it not only serves the function of comfort but also looks.

Since the large 10.7ct fancy yellow diamonds are set along the middle and have a very high clarity level, the metal beneath them logically must accentuate the yellow color rather than take away from it. That is the main reason why the internal section of this eternity band is an 18k yellow gold ring. This is also fixed into the platinum.

As you can see below the 18k yellow gold band is flanked by platinum. While the yellow gold is ideal for accentuating the fancy yellow diamonds’ color platinum is much finer material. It is one of the world’s strongest materials and for the surrounding brilliant round white diamonds, it makes for a perfect match.

10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band


Platinum is incredibly durable and does not tarnish meaning low maintenance. The main part of this ring is the platinum setting. The 18k yellow gold is an integral part of the fancy yellow diamonds. However, the platinum is important for durability. Beyond durability, it is also important for the white round brilliant diamonds. Platinum is important for durability. This is because it is one of the world’s strongest materials. It is strong and does not damage easily.

It is the heaviest of the precious metals. Also, it does not corrode. It is an excellent choice for crafting jewelry. Unlike other metals, it requires the least amount of maintenance. This is very important for a ring you will wear every day. Also, it is important to keep your stones safe. The material of the setting plays a key part in the durability of the ring. It is easy to see why this ring is platinum. 

The wedding band stones

An incredible feature of this 18k yellow gold and platinum eternity band is of course the stones. It has an amazing 10.7ct of fancy yellow diamonds. Also, it has an approximate 1.68ct of round white brilliant diamonds. This amazing combination of fine gem stones set this ring apart from all others. Not only as an incredible wedding band. But also as an intricately set eternity band.

These are not diamonds that you see often on wedding bands. Even more so on infinity or eternity wedding bands. They are colorful diamonds. Some of the most rare in the world. Their bright and sunny color give them a joyful aspect. It is perfect to emblemize your magical wedding day. Also, the opulence of this ring is directly related to these stones. Not only are they large and incredibly high quality they are also unique.

Further, the eternity band is not a style of fancy yellow cushion cut diamond ring that you see often. The large diamonds are set perfectly one next to the other so this band will sit on your finger comfortably while catching light from every angle. It has a perfect combination of traditional cushion cut diamonds and platinum. As you see above platinum is one of the strongest and hardest metals in the world. It makes this an extremely durable and hardy diamond infinity wedding band. The pairing of rarity and strength to symbolise your marriage.

10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band

10.7ct Fancy Yellow Diamonds and 1.68ct of Round White Brilliant Diamonds

A fancy yellow diamond is a truly unique type of precious gem. The yellow gold setting perfectly holds the fancy yellow diamonds. It does not distract from the color of the diamonds. Each one of the diamonds has an incredible standard of visibility. The clarity and shape are also of the highest quality. These fancy yellow diamonds are some of the finest in the world. Flanked side by side they shine from every direction. The cushion cut reflects light in a large scale pattern. This vintage and traditional cut is perfect for eternity rings. It means the stones sit comfortably around the ring and against your fingers.

The brilliant round white diamonds sit on either side of the fancy yellow diamonds. They form the two outer layers of this eternity wedding band. There are approximately 1.68ct of round white brilliant diamonds in this ring. They are the added touch that truly accentuates the fancy yellow cushion cut diamonds.

The Cushion Cut

There are a large number of different diamond cuts. Particularly for large stones they can be cut in a variety of different styles. Throughout the years these different styles and designs changed. Each era and fashion age has had their own unique one. This particular ring features prominently the fancy yellow diamonds. Further, these are cut into cushion cut shape. The cushion cut shape is also known as an old mine cut. Overall, it is a combination of cuts. First, is a geometric and simple square cut. Then, this square cut is finished off with spectacular rounded corners. This gives the diamond a cushion shape. Thus, the name cushion cut diamonds. This style of a diamond cut was the de facto and go to cut until the early 20th century.

It is a classic and traditional style that reflects light in a broader pattern than some of the more modern cuts. Further, it offers a central focal point. Having been around for almost over 200 years this style of cut is a vintage inspiration. While it is reminiscent of Royal jewels and traditional design it is also a modern look when paired with the eternity band feature. This is what gives this ring an additional touch of the modern day.

European Gemological Laboratory USA Report

Another unique aspect of this beautiful ring is the fact that is comes with a European Gemological Laboratory USA Report. This is a report on the fancy yellow diamonds present in this ring. The EGL as it is commonly referred to is a specialist organization that tests and reports on fine gemstones like fancy yellow diamonds. For these approximate 10.7ct fancy yellow diamonds it was reported that they have VS1 – VS2 clarity. This superior and excellent clarity is only part of their report.

Included in it are also specifications of the diamonds’ proportions. It was reported by the EGL the measurements, table and depth of these diamonds as well. Finally they also included observations. These included such specifics as the polish and symmetry of each diamond. Also, the fluorescence of the diamonds was reported to be faint-none. Beyond a spectacular ring there are also reported facts to support it.

To view this entire report you can visit the Platinum 18k Gold 10.70ctw Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut And 1.68ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Eternity Band gallery.

An Intricate Eternity Band Setting

An eternity band is one of the newest and most modern wedding band designs. It is intricate and spectacular. From each and every angle the ring glimmers and shines. The eternity or infinity feature of these rings means there are stones set all the way around.

This is a gem stone setting process that is quite complex. Each one of the fancy yellow cushion cut diamonds is placed one next to the other. Meanwhile, the round white brilliant diamonds are placed in an infinity row. For some, a plain wedding band just won’t cut it. Their style is bold and artful therefore their most important piece of jewelry needs to reflect that. There is a wedding band for each and every type of woman, and this is one of the most unique ones available.

Beyond the technical aspects of this impressive 10.7ct yellow diamond eternity ring, it is also a glamorous piece. Unlike any other traditional wedding band, this eternity ring is a timeless yet modern design. It is opulent and glamorous but still an amazing and remarkably tasteful piece.

10.7ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Platinum Eternity Band

Our Diamonds by Raymond Lee Promise

Overall no matter what wedding band you choose it must only be one thing and that is yours. We at Raymond Lee Jewelers have supported couples in making their wedding and engagement jewelry dreams come true for the past 30 years. Additionally, we look forward to continuing for at least the next 30. This is one of the fine unique wedding bands we have at our stores. It is one of the most spectacular and singular wedding bands as well. The fancy yellow cushion cut diamonds and platinum eternity band make this ring one unlike any other. A bright and happy color arrangement with sparkle and shine in every angle it is the perfect representation of your happy day.

Your wedding band. This special symbol of your love and commitment will stay with you always reminding you of that special day and relationship. Throughout the years your bands will need maintenance and may even require repair or the desired modification. For all of those needs, we at Raymond Lee Jewelers are happy to help. At our gorgeous showrooms, we will work with you so our master jewelers can craft and care for your bands for decades to come. Our work is in helping you’re happily ever after long after the big day. Visit us or check out our full range online.

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