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The latest Verragio Collection is in Boca Raton, South Florida. See the newest Verragio Tradition collection engagement rings and wedding bands at our store this coming month. The iconic bridal jeweler has just released their most poignant and romantic selection of modern engagement rings. They are each crafted using Verragio’s latest high tech design and craftsmanship process. This means there is just that much more precision, attention to detail and of course exquisite refined quality. Every ring in their new collection brings the inspiration of Tradition. While the brand has innovated to incorporate the latest and greatest in design and craftsmanship they have not left or forgotten their roots.

When it comes to something as personal and emotional as engagement rings and wedding bands need to be created with a strong base. That is the brand’s roots. Hence, Verragio’s newest collection which escalates jewelry artisanry to a highly technical affair is not just called Tradition but based heavily on just that, the company’s tradition.

Their tradition is not only to take classic iconic designs and give them each an additional modern flair. They have always offered fun fresh spins to rings that are meant for a lifetime. It is not a temporary design it is one that is not just relevant but pleasantly surprising decade after decade. It is one of the reasons we so proudly carry the Verragio brand at our stores. Our family has similarly been serving the South Florida community for the past three decades and are always striving to continue providing superior service. Meanwhile we also continuously search and source new jewelry pieces to add to our curated collection. Diamonds by Raymond Lee is your engagement and wedding jewelry destination. From the beginning of your search for the perfect diamond, to maintaining years down the line.

The Latest Collection from master bridal jeweler Verragio: The Tradition Collection

The Tradition collection as a whole is a stunning and spectacular assortment of engagement rings and wedding bands. It features absolutely everything. From the standard traditional round brilliant white diamond solitaire engagement ring and gold wedding band to modern cuts and designs. There are some particularly interesting models which we are featuring here in this article just below. Those include two amazing engagement ring and wedding band sets.

Overall Verragio’s Tradition is everything you would expect from them. An absolute upgrade in already industry leading technique and technology. As well as, impeccable precision and gem stone setting. Further, these new and improved methods offer customers peace of mind when it comes to their happy ever after symbol. These are some of the strongest, most durable engagement rings and wedding bands around. Undoubtedly, this durability and strength do not come at a cost when it comes to beauty and superior comfort.

It is comfort that must be worn to be felt. The unparalleled beauty of each one of these rings must be seen in person as no photos can do them justice. These are still the Verragio classic icons with incredibly beautiful designs and intricate detailing. Along with some spectacular innovations like their unique extruded tubing process that seamlessly fuses two precious metals into one single unit. Yet another way that Verragio incorporates the true spirit of your marriage into every single detail of their designs. This new collection from Verragio is only available in a limited number of stores across the country. However, we have them right here in South Florida for you to see the spectacular innovation and design for yourself. The rings have the trademark crest of Verragio’s unique craftsmanship. Each one of the diamonds is calibrated within 200ths of a millimeter. Each diamond has been expertly calibrated.

The Pear cut and Princess cut halo diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band

This latest collection from Verragio contains truly unique pieces as we stated above. Two of the most stunning pieces we found in this collection were engagement and wedding ring sets. Both of these are featured here this Wedding Wednesday to give you a closer look. Although, these are both highly modern diamond cut designs they are also refined and classically inspired. Nothing about these anything but unique. Precise and refined these are the classic Verragio features.

They surpass industry standards for an absolutely incredible level of glitter and shine always. Both of the ring sets have eternity diamond features. Also, both central diamond stones on the engagement rings have a diamond halo feature. These features both add an incredible amount of glitter and shine. Further, they spotlight the central stone. Also, both central stones are unique diamond cuts. A Pear cut diamond ring and a Princess cut diamond engagement ring.

The first we will see here is a Pear cut diamond engagement ring. It has some very unique design details included. Also, the wedding band that goes with this Pear cut set is also a unique braided ribbon brilliant diamond wedding band. Next is a Princess cut diamond engagement ring. This one has quite an interesting feature. While the halo setting is a light metal the ring itself is a contrasting metal color. Further, this adds a touch of pattern with this set’s incredible brilliant round white diamond eternity bands.

These fit perfectly along the length of the engagement ring. Since the height of the Princess cut center diamond affords them the space necessary. Overall both of these are spectacular engagement ring and wedding band (and even Anniversary band) sets. Let us dive right into the gorgeous Pear cut halo diamond engagement ring and braided ribbon diamond wedding band set.

The Pear cut halo diamond engagement ring

First, the Pear cut halo diamond engagement ring. This is an amazing engagement ring. A very unique center diamond cut. The Pear cut diamond is a very old style of center stone diamond cut. It is a classic so unique it continues to astound. Differently than the Princess cut this one has a history that goes much further back than the 60’s. The Pear cut diamond is at times also called a Pendeloque or a Briolette cut diamond. Flemish diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem from Bruges first cut this symmetrical shape in the 1400’s!

Over time master jewelers and diamond cutters refined it into what a Pear cut diamond looks like today. It is really more of a hybrid between two different diamond cuts. The Marquise cut and the round brilliant cut. Pear cut diamonds incorporate both of these. This results in the rounded bottom and single point top.

As you can see in the photo the top of the Pear cut diamond is not flat like the Princess cut diamond. It has more of a rounded feature. This can sometimes cause a bow tie effect as the light hits the diamond. However, round brilliant cut accent diamonds surround this particular Pear cut diamond. These visually enclose the shine and brightness. Also, the ring’s band is a gorgeous braided ribbon design. This one also has accent round brilliant diamonds.

Overall the band’s intricate detail further accentuates the Pear cut center stone. However, more on the diamond braided ribbon wedding band of this incredible set below! These rings are the new standard. Beyond their traditional style and commitment to innovative styles, these rings are cutting edge. The Tradition Collection embraces this and features rings that Verragio themselves have called perfection.

The diamond braided ribbon wedding band

Then, the wedding band. This wedding band is a round brilliant white diamond braided ribbon band. It features incredible sparkling white diamonds. These are set in an intricate design. The band itself is like a ribbon. It braids together to form a unique and emblematic design. It wraps around your finger going past the edges of your finger. The intricate style is intimate and romantic. It is a symbol of the two lives this ring joins together. There is nothing quite like a romantic eternity band.

Below we go into the Princess cut halo engagement ring and diamond eternity band stackable set. These are amazing. First, the engagement ring. It has a Princess cut diamond with a halo feature. Also the band is a different color. The different color of the band contrasts against the center stone. Thus, the central diamonds pop out and seem to shine even brighter.

The Princess cut halo engagement ring and diamond eternity band stackable set

An amazing feat of technological advancement. Another, innovative design and impeccable look from Veraggio. This Princess cut halo engagement ring surpasses any and all expectations. It has a gorgeous large center diamond stone. This is cut into a modern Princess cut diamond. Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond cut in the world. First is round and next Princess cut.

This diamond cut was first used in the 1960’s and quickly became popular. It is stylish without being an overstated design. The geometric shape and flat top make Princess cut diamonds similar to an inverted pyramid. There is the flat top that is generally square of rectangular. Then, there is the four bevel sides. Each of these adds to the diamond’s fire, and shine. Further, the geometric angles of the Princess cut are a safe setting. Each corner is safely secure in the setting.

Beyond the center stone setting there is the lovely halo feature. This halo is at a slightly lower level further adding to the center stone spotlight. Round brilliant white accent diamonds surround the entire geometric area of the center stone. However, what truly sets this set of rings apart is the use of different metallic materials. The engagement ring itself has a rose gold band. This contrasts beautifully with the white gold or platinum halo setting and wedding and/ or anniversary bands.

It is glamorous that these are stacked one against the other to create an intermittent pattern. It creates a gorgeous pattern with this set’s incredible brilliant round white diamond eternity bands. The color contrasts of alternating metals is not only just a modern touch but also very romantic. These fit perfectly along the length of the engagement ring. Since the height of the Princess cut center diamond affords them the space necessary.

Finding your perfect diamond at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, the South Florida Destination for engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewelry

We are here for you every step of the way. If you are just beginning your search and want to gather more knowledge on what to look for check out some of our Education resources on our web site. Here you will be able to learn more about The Diamond, The Ring, and even Gemstones and Birthstones. If you are looking to have a more in depth discussion regarding a ring you have your eye on or even heart set on our diamond experts will be happy to sit with you. We hope to welcome each and every one of our customers to our show rooms. Exquisitely designed for you to feel comfortable and at ease while perusing our collection. Come touch and try on this latest Verragio engagement ring and wedding band collection. You can wear them to really feel the comfort and see yourself the brand new designs.

There is nothing like the experience of testing these rings out for yourself. After all it is the one or few pieces of jewelry you are wearing for your happily ever after. From the shape and size of the diamond to the design or gem stone setting of the band all of these details will impact how the ring really feels on your finger. Feel free to drop by our store when it is convenient for you or even just schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. All of our contact information can be found here. That includes our address, hours, phone number and email. There is even an online form you can send your appointment request through on. We would love to welcome you in. For the last thirty years we have been serving the South Florida community. Bringing you the finest in diamonds, rings and bridal jewelry.

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