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Designer Wedding Jeweller: Verragio

History and Tradition

Verragio is a luxury designer wedding jeweler. Barry Verragio established his bridal jewelry design brand with a deep set commitment to craftsmanship and inspired design. A modern and innovative company he has led the industry with incredible innovations such as the fit-right solution. This solution is a patent pending revolutionary way to size your engagement ring. It is the only method that eliminated cutting, altering or even reshaping of your ring. Therefore eliminating the possible risk of damaging your life long rings. Innovations such as this and his inimitable designs come from Barry’s own personal belief that one should never settle for average. You are unique and your personality is unlike any other so why shouldn’t your wedding jewelry be the same? His brand is renowned for quality and intricate decorative designs. Each collection carries with it a legacy and we will take a look at all the possibilities available.

The Insignia Collection

First, is the most customizable and unique collection from Verragio. The rings in this collection can be personalized in almost every single aspect. From the halo to the scroll, shank, and beading there are no limits on what you can do with an Insignia collection engagement ring. Each of the Insignia rings has the classic Verragio logo inspired profile design that swoops and swirls. This design can be customized to make your engagement ring truly yours. Further, any scrollwork, beading, and setting can be adapted to your preference. To truly craft a ring that is yours it is possible to use yellow, white or even rose gold. These can be combined and paired for stunning rings. It takes the classic Verragio ring and scroll design and ups the ante. Of course, there is nothing more personal than an engagement ring. Now, that personal touch can be added to your ring.

Verragio INSIGNIA-7074P 0.55ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

First, is a gorgeous diamond intensive engagement ring. It has accent diamonds next to the center stone. Also along the shank of the band and on the inner profile. It has a brilliant scroll feature and French beading. This is the classic expression of Verragio detailing.

Verragio INSIGNIA-7063-TT 0.40ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Next, is a classic round center diamond engagement ring. This one has a double row band with accent diamonds.

Verragio INSIGNIA-7062RL 0.90ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Second to last, is an incredible halo round diamond engagement ring setting. Also, like the one above it has a double diamond band. The intricate and incredibly bright nature of this ring make it one of the most beautiful.

Verragio INSIGNIA-7084CU-TT 0.55ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Finally, a two tone double halo engagement ring that is also diamond intensive. This ring has a gorgeous rose gold scroll detail. Also, there is French beading and accent diamonds along the profile and band.

Wedding Band

Verragio INSIGNIA-7070W Diamond Wedding Band

Also, this collection includes a diamond wedding band. It has French beading, a delicate scroll feature and intertwining diamond band. It fits perfectly with any of the Verragio engagement rings.

The Classic Collection

Next is the Classic collection. This is one with rings that have a more traditional design. While these tend towards the more classic designs it by no means makes them average or ordinary. In true Verragio style, each of these rings has intricacies and gorgeous detailing. It is for the brides with more traditional and classic personal styles. However, these are still sumptuously styled for Verragio flair.

Verragio Classic-917R7 0.45ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

First, is a twist on the iconic classic diamond engagement ring. This one has two large accent diamonds on either side of the center stone. Also, there are diamonds set along the band for some more added sparkle.

Verragio Classic-918CU7 0.45ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Second, is a more modern version of the classic. This one features a diamond set ribbon band. It also has a halo feature surrounding the center diamond.

Verragio Classic-939R7 0.10ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Last, is the most traditional and classic engagement ring design. A solid polished band featuring a large round brilliant diamond center stone. Verragio takes into account every customer’s personal preference. This is why the iconic classic design is part of the Classic Collection.

Wedding Band

Verragio Classic-901W 0.35ctw Diamond Wedding Band

Finally, another iconic classic. This is the most well known wedding band style design. A single row of white round brilliant diamonds it is the classic of classics.

The Couture Collection

Another incredible Verragio collection is the Couture Collection. These rings are highly customizable like the ones in the Insignia collection. The Couture collection rings can be personalized from head to shank. Also, depending on the bride’s preference for a diamond intensive or French beading detailing on the inner part of the ring, the Diamond Riviera can be adapted. This is the Couture rings that are customizable from the inside out. The intricate detailing options for the head can also be set with diamonds. Overall if you want a ring that will sparkle from each and every angle the rings in this collection are the ones for you. The interior profile can have infinity band style diamonds along the inner edge of the ring on both sides. Further, diamond can be used to adorn the head and finally surround the center diamond in a gorgeous halo feature.

Verragio COUTURE-0421R-TT 0.25CTW Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

First, is an engaement ring with gorgoeus inner profile detailing. It has a simple understated French beading pattern and accent diamonds along the intertwining band. It is delicate and refined without too much flair but just the right amount of details.

Verragio COUTURE-0433CU-TT 0.50ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Another, incredible engagement ring in the Couture collection this one has an amazing diamond studded head. The ring features all three types of gold including white, yellow and rose. There is French beading, accent diamonds on the band and to top it all off a halo. This ring is feminine with a natural organic design reminiscent of flowers blossoming.

The Venetian Collection

Now the Venetian Collection from Verragio has an incredible amount of personalization. Each ring can be adapted. This includes the halo, tiara, lace, shank, and beading. Any one of these can be detailed with French beading or diamonds. As per usual with Verragio the mixing of different types of metals is not only possible but encouraged. The Venetian Collection is particularly special because of the lace details. This lace pattern on the profile of each ring is fully customizable.

These just might be the most customizable of all the Verragio rings. Further, there is no limit to what you can do to make these engagement rings truly and uniquely yours. The tiara can be accentuated in a different metal from the rest of the ring. Also, each piece of the ring can be an alternating metal. Finally, diamonds can be added to each and every part of this ring. The lace is the most unique part of this collection. It can be as intricate or as traditional as you like.

Verragio VENETIAN-5001P 0.25ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

First, is a heavily beaded engagement ring. This one does not have as many accent diamonds as the following rings. However, it is intricate and beautiful with scroll detail and three accent diamonds on the inner profile.

Verragio VENETIAN-5005R 0.35CTW Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Second, is a gorgeous scrolled and beaded engagement ring. The inner profile of this ring has all the details. From the French beading to the swirling scroll it is intricate on every level. There is also a diamond halo and diamonds set along the length of the band that intertwines around the ring.

Verragio VENETIAN-5048CU 0.50ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Third, is a monochrome modern design. This one is also diamond intensive with a halo, lace, and band. It features the classic Verragio French beading on the inner profile. Also the shank of the band is in a ribbon pattern intertwining along the ring.

Verragio VENETIAN-5051R 0.45CTW Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

Finally, a beautiful two tone Venetian diamond engagement ring. This one has a different metal shank from the inner profile. It also has gorgeous and intricate scroll details and French beading on the inner profile. Diamonds are galore in this ring. There are accent diamonds on the profile, all along the band, in the tiara and of course set in the halo. This diamond intensive ring is one of the most incredibly detailed and crafted rings.

The Paradiso Collection

Verragio PARADISO-3076P 0.30ctw Diamond Engagement Ring Setting

First, is this gorgeous scroll detailed engagement ring. This one has accent diamonds along the inner profile. It is unique and delicate. The French beading around the shank profile is exquisite. Every part of this ring is decorated. The center setting is clean and modern.

Verragio PARADISO-3064P Princess Cut Engagement Ring Setting

Finally, a Princess cut engagement ring setting for the Paradiso collection. This ring features the lace inner profile design with accent diamonds. Also, there are accent diamonds on the top half of the shank in a matching metal. This of course can be customized to your preference. Further, this ring has the Lumino Set center.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Verragio’s commitment to excellence and innovative design is not limited to jewelry for brides. Beyond engagement and wedding rings for women Verragio also creates unique wedding bands for men. These in the true Verragio fashion feature incredible detail and craftsmanship. Also, they feature different types of metals and French beading. The alternating metals and colors give it a modern touch while the intricate designs bring a touch of tradition. Further, these rings can also be personalized to a groom’s preference. From the type of metal to how diamond intensive a ring is anything is possible with Verragio. They are designer wedding jewelers that put no limit to your personalization options.

Verragio 7N03 Two Tone 7mm Mens Wedding Band

First, a gorgeous two tone wedding band with French beading detailing. This band has alternating stacks of different metals to create a textured pattern along the outer edge of the ring.

Verragio VWD-6928 Satin Finish Diamond Mens Wedding Band

Second, is a gorgeous satin finish men’s wedding band featuring round brilliant accent diamonds. The band has french beading and groove pattern detailing. Further, the inner part of the band is in a Verragio classic rose gold tint.

Verragio 7N02 7mm Mens Wedding Band

Next, is a triple stacked 7mm wedding band. This one also features the iconic French beading around the outer profile of the band. The outer part of the ring features two deep grooves near the center to create the triple stacked band effect. Also, this ring has a polished smooth feel.

Verragio VW-6028 Satin Finish Mens Wedding Band

Finally, a gorgeous satin finish men’s wedding band. This one has the classic and iconic Verragio inner detailing. The inner part of this wedding band is in rose gold. There is French beading around the outer profile. Also, the outer metal is polished into a sating finish. Further, the outer edges of the wedding band have grooves.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Verragio collections are unique in their own right. However, each ring is also fully customizable. The Verragio brand promises quality. Their customizable features promise personality. Your imagination can run wild with a Verragio ring. They craft engagement rings and wedding bands for men and women. Each ring has profile details and the possibility to mix metals. These rings are the unique symbols of your commitment. Now, they can also reflect your personality. At Raymond Lee Jewelers we carry an immense offering of Verragio Collections. You can find the ring of your dreams with us. Come to visit us at one of our conveniently located stores to see for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you make your wedding jewelry dreams come true.

Our family has been serving South Florida for the last three decades. We hope to continue serving you for the next three as well.

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