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Bridal Jewelry: Pendants

Bridal Jewelry: Pendants

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Why a Pendant for Your Wedding?

When it comes to selecting pieces of bridal jewelry for your wedding day a big focus is on how the jewelry can accentuate your dress. While rings are not common and bracelets may interfere depending on if your dress has sleeves nothing is more ideal than a pendant. A pendant can accentuate the neckline of your gown or sit complimentary atop the dress. Also, there are so many options when it comes to pendants. From types of stones and designs to the chain or necklace you wear it with there is a whole assortment of pairings. Here we have taken a few of the classic jewelry staples like diamonds and pearls, in both modern and traditional designs, as well as some designer pendants with colorful gems to showcase different pendant options. As always, a pendant and pretty much any bridal jewelry will depend on a bride’s personal style and preference.

The few pendants showcased here are to give you an idea of what is available and what a unique range of pendants there are. We encourage you to check out all of our offerings on our site as we carry not only unique and singular pieces but some from the world’s most renowned designers as well. Our commitment is to superior service and excellent quality. Which is why we run quality checks on each item of jewelry in our care. At our several locations in South Florida, we aim to serve you with attentive care and wide ranging expertise. We hope you will visit us to see in person all of our bridal jewelry offerings.

White Diamond Pendants

There is nothing more stunning and classic than a white diamond. It is the quintessential and most widely worn precious gem or stone in the world. Further, there is music written about diamonds, films surrounding its origins, and even historical accounts of certain famous diamonds. For your wedding day what better bridal jewelry than a white diamond pendant? Also, its clear and unobtrusive nature means diamonds only add and accentuate your beauty rather than distract from it. There is nothing about a diamond pendant that will clash severely. Therefore, it is the perfect choice if you are unsure of what your bridal jewelry should be. These pendants can be worn with gowns of any type of neckline and practically any material. We have selected a few that are timeless and delicate. Of course, each has its own unique design but overall these diamond pendants are perfect for the classic wedding.


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18k White Gold 0.67ctw Diamond Illusion Pendant On Chain Necklace

First, is this incredible Illusion pendant which comes on a chain necklace. It is an 18k white gold pendant necklace featuring 0.67ct of diamonds. There are a series of approximately 0.53ct baguette cut diamonds in the center of the pendant surrounded by approximately 0.14ct of round brilliant diamonds in an octagonal shape. It catches light from every angle and ensures a glittering sparkle and shine for your big day.

necklace wedding jewelry boca raton south florida

18k White Gold 0.90ctw Diamond Mosaic Pendant

Next, is another beautiful 18k white gold pendant. This one is a Mosaic pendant featuring 0.9ct of diamonds in an intricate mosaic pattern. In the center are baguette cut diamonds lined up side by side with four round brilliant diamonds at each corner. Further, there are two more baguette cut diamonds at the top and bottom. Surrounding all of these are smaller round brilliant diamonds. Also, these same style stones are all along the loop at the top.

necklace wedding jewelry boca raton south florida

14k White Old 0.20ctw Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

Finally is another one in white gold. However, this one is also available in rose gold with the same diamond accents. This one features 0.2ct of diamonds in a unique and romantic heart shape. The pendant has a hidden loop from which it hangs and the heart sits at a slight angle. The whole bottom section of the heart has round brilliant diamonds giving it a slight glimmer.

Pearl Pendants

Another, incredible option for bridal jewelry pendants is pearls. Also, a classic and famous gem stone the pearl has very often been used as the symbol of feminity. Its organic and natural origin along with its smooth and shiny physical surface make it one of the more delicate and some may even say tender of the precious stones. As with diamonds, there has been many an art piece featuring pearls. From the Girl with the Pearl Earring portrait to the movie of its namesake pearls attract our attention and guide our imagination. For bridal jewelry, pearls have always made a classic appearance whether as earrings or bracelets or even sown into gowns. However, we see the pendants as a unique opportunity. Particularly for low cut or open neckline gowns, a pearl is a simple additional touch that accentuates your dress. Whether worn with a silky or lace gown pearls glow.

necklace jewelry boca raton south florida


First in our selection of pearl pendants is this gorgeous diamond and pearl pendant combination. The 10k white gold pendant features .08ct of diamonds in a four clover shape above the pearl. Also, this pearl measures approximately 7mm in diameter. It is quite large yet naturally understated. The single pearl is complemented wonderfully by the natural design of the white gold loop holding it as well as the natural pattern the diamonds are set in.

necklace jewelry boca raton south florida


Next, this is a very different type of diamond and pearl pendant from the one above. This one is a more modern 14k yellow gold pendant with a pearl about twice the size measuring approximately 15.4mm around. It is a sleek and modern design with the diamonds set in five rows across the top. In order to pair this one with the rest of your bridal jewelry, it is important to consider the styles and general weight of your other jewelry.

necklace jewelry boca raton south florida


Another, incredible classic pearl and diamond pendant this one is truly a unique gem of a piece. Ideal for bridal jewelry it is one of those pieces that can be passed down from one generation to the next. It features an amazing tear drop shaped Mabe pearl measuring approximately 1″ x 0.32″ x 0.6″ and weighing approximately 5.7 g (3.6 dwt). Also, it is set in a white gold leaf like loop that accentuates this vintage classic like no other design. Furthermore, the loop is set with approximately 0.16 ct of white round brilliant diamonds which delicately adorn the top of the pearl drop. The natural form that this Mabe pearl is shaped into and the complimentary white gold design make this a classic for the classics.

Colorful Gem Stone Pendants

Next, in our selection of pendants for your wedding day are truly unique colorful gen stone pendants. These feature some of the world’s colorful and scarce stones like tanzanite and emeralds. Unlike white diamonds and pearls, these are more statement pieces as the colors splash against gowns. While some are more understated than others they are each gorgeously unique in their own way. What color or style of pendant you wear it really is just personal preference. We have selected two colorful pendants to showcase the colorful stones and they are both very unique cuts. The cut of a stone gives it not only its shape but also brightness and how clear the color is. Depending on the cut of your gown’s neckline the shape of the pendant is also important. You want it to accentuate and adorn your gown in a way where it can complement your dress.

necklace jewelry boca raton south florida


First, is a trillion cut Tanzanite gem stone pendant in a truly unique swooping 14k yellow gold setting. Also, this pendant has five accent diamonds along the outer edge of the stone. The design of the pendant is modern and elonganted. This style works best with gowns that have an open neckline so there is plenty of space for the pendant. Also, it can be paired easily with other yellow gold jewelry regardless of stones as this Tanzanite is quite small and delicate.

necklace jewelry boca raton south florida


Another, pendant featuring a colorful gem stone is this incredible platinum set 0.75 ct pear shaped emerald pendant featuring approximately 0.6 ct of accent diamonds. This pendant is a stunning and striking piece. Definitely one that commands attention this 4.3 g pendant has a row of white round brilliant diamonds surrounding the center emerald stone as well as the second halo of diamonds along the outer edge.

Designer Pendants

Finally, another option all together for a bridal jewelry pendant is a designer pendant. More focused on the iconic design and style of certain designers rather than on the specific stones being used these are ones that are emblematic of their brands. For a look that is recognizable and iconic a designer pendant is the best option. The pendants in this section are uniform according to the brands’ traditional style, unlike the unique shapes we have seen above. However, they are designs that continue to be coveted and timely over decades. A modern classic is inimitable and unrestricted.

David Yurman Pendants

First is a designer that is not only well received but acclaimed in the world of jewelry. David Yurman has a signature sterling silver roping design that is featured in each and every piece of jewelry they create. This iconic look generally in a two tone piece of jewelry is coveted and searched for all over the world. Also, their designs are strong and present pieces. There is nothing like a classic piece of jewelry for your wedding day. These may not be classical in style but they are nonetheless a modern classic. The pendants each feature an incredible gemstone in different colors and with slight white diamond accents. It gives them a more gentle look while maintaining the David Yurman iconic design intact.

necklace jewelry boca raton south florida

David Yurman Sterling Silver Champagne Citrine & Diamond Pendant

First, in the series of sterling silver pendants is this gorgeous champagne citrine and diamond piece. The stone is a slightly darker shade than the ones above. However, it is still clear and bright. This burnished orange color is unique and stunning for a fall or winter wedding.

david yurman necklace jewelry boca raton south florida

David Yurman Sterling Silver 0.39ctw Diamond And Prasiolite Albion Pendant

Next, is a slightly lighter colored stone pendant with 0.39ct diamond and a Prasiolite Albion stone. This stone is a lighter shade and softer color. The cooler look is ideal for a spring wedding ceremony.

david yurman necklace jewelry boca raton south florida

David Yurman Sterling Silver Diamond And Prasiolite Pendant

Another, Prasiolite pendant with diamonds this one is perfect for a summer wedding. The light color in a slight green tint is fresh and cool.

david yurman necklace jewelry boca raton south florida


Laslty, in this series is a truly dark smoky quartz sterling silver pendant with diamonds. In the same design as the ones above this one is ideal for a winter wedding.

Bvlgari Pendants

Finally, a designer well known the world over for its made in Italy title. The luxury brand carries with it the tradition and expertise of Italian craftsmanship and design. Also, Bulgari is the distinguished jewelry brand that produces pieces unlike any other. These pieces are almost always strong and engraved as is their style. However, some are more subdued while still carrying that instantly recognizable Bulgari flair. The pendant we chose to feature from them today is just that. While it is not the most masculine or presence striking piece that Bulgari produces it is truly unique. This pendant’s color along with the classic Bulgari engraving make it a stunning option for a bridal pendant.

bulgari necklace jewelry boca raton south florida


Finally, the Bulgari pendant. This is an 18k white gold pendant with an Onyx black stone center inlay. The white gold surrounding the stone is engraved with the classic Bulgari logo all around the circular cut gem. It is simple and minimalistic while still striking with its unique design and color. For a small pendant to wear on your wedding this is the modern look. The clean lines and smoothness of this piece make it easy to pair with other modern bridal jewelry.



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