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Verragio Tradition Collection Review: The Latest Engagement & Wedding Rings

Verragio Tradition Collection Review: The Latest Engagement & Wedding Rings

The Tradition Collection is the latest series of engagement rings and wedding bands from master jeweler Verragio. Verragio is one of the most exquisite bridal jewelers in the world. Now, with this latest collection, there are incredible feats of design and craftsmanship brought to life using the latest and finest techniques in jewelry making. This collection is unlike any other before it and promises to be one of Verragio’s finest. While they have released some images and information regarding the Verragio Tradition Collection it is still only available in very few locations. On this note, we are proud to announce that we are one of the very first stores to have this brand new and latest collection. First, to showcase this incredible collection of engagement rings and wedding bands in South Florida our Boca Raton store is ready to receive you and show off Verragio’s Tradition series.

Furthermore, we have a few very special items from this limited release collection that we are showcasing here. You get to see some of the very first items from the Tradition Collection. Also, if you would like to see them in person we welcome you to visit our stores. From dazzling single diamond engagement rings to intricately detailed and inlaid rings this collection has a style for every bride to be. Further, these rings are completely reinvented from start to finish. For this Tradition collection, Verragio has upended and reshaped their entire design and crafting process. Therefore, this collection’s rings are more durable, more detailed and more dazzling than any other before it. They have surpassed the bridal jewelry industry standards while maintaining their original promise of commitment to quality, innovation and the most cutting edge techniques.

The Verragio Promise

Verragio is a luxury designer wedding jeweler. Established in New York City the brand is committed to craftsmanship and inspired design. A modern and innovative company he has led the industry with incredible innovations such as the fit-right solution. This solution is a patent pending revolutionary way to size your engagement ring. It is the only method that eliminated cutting, altering or even reshaping of your ring. Therefore eliminating the possible risk of damaging your life long rings. Innovations such as this and his inimitable designs come from Barry’s own personal belief that one should never settle for average. Now, this continues to prove true as they continue to innovate and produce creative new pieces. Furthermore, they have upgraded to the very latest technology in order to create the finest rings yet.  The delicate features and minute detailing on these rings say nothing of their incredible strength and durability.

Barry Verragio created his bridal jewelry design brand with a deep set commitment to individuality. This is why each ring speaks to a certain type of woman, with an individual flair and personal style. Of course, this collection is no different. If anything it is the culmination of all their expertise over the years. Now, it has been incorporated with the latest and greatest in fine jewelry making technology. This means the promise is set in gold. Each collection carries with it a legacy and the Tradition collection’s spirit is exactly that, tradition. A tradition of excellence, a tradition of innovation and of course a tradition of design and craftsmanship based on love and commitment. Because it is true, Verragio rings are not just your average bridal jewelry pieces they are singular items made not only to represent love but fully inspired by it.

verragio engagement ring set

The Verragio Tradition Collection

Finally, a brand new collection from the renowned and incredibly talented American designer, Verragio. The Tradition Collection is their latest and may we say the greatest collection yet. It has all of the Verragio flair and consistent traditional design paired with the latest technology available in jewelry making. This is the collection that truly brings high tech and high performance to engagement rings and wedding bands together. As you can see below the rings in this collection continue to carry the trademark crest, a symbol of Verragio’s fine craftsmanship. Also, each one has Verragio’s unique extruded tubing. This gives the rings durability, strength and an added touch of beauty. The exclusive technique is now paired with intricate French beading. Precise and refined these are the classic Verragio features. Each and every single diamond has been calibrated. They surpass industry standards for an absolutely incredible level of glitter and shine always.

verragio engagement ring halo

Truly and Uniquely Verragio – The Tradition Collection is unlike any other

Each bride is incredibly unique and her personality is unlike any other. so why shouldn’t the wedding jewelry she wears for her big day and forever more be the same? The Tradition Collection embraces this and features rings that Verragio themselves have called perfection. Due to, the settings and meticulous diamond matching. Continually improving and forever fine a Verragio ring is for life. The Tradition collection has truly unique designs. These are continuations of the traditional designs but with technological enhancements. No ring has been as perfectly measured, matched, tested and calibrated. They are the latest in the Verragio legacy and sure to remain at the forefront of all designs for years to come. For the modern bride who expects nothing less than the very best what better than rings paving the way for the future of fine jewelry craftsmen? These are the rings that are nothing short of that.

Beyond their traditional style and commitment to innovative styles, these rings are cutting edge. There are no other rings on the market nor in the Verragio past collections to match these. Iconic and as the name of the collection suggests traditional. These rings are the new standard. Always exceeding not only the industry standards but also their very own internal standards, Verragio continues to impress with each new ring. The entire Tradition collection is exactly this level of enhancement.

Verragio Tradition Collection: Halo Engagement Rings

Another, traditional and beloved feature of Verragio engagement rings are the halos. Of course, a halo feature on an engagement ring accentuates the central diamond. This offers a much brighter shine and textured pattern otherwise impossible to achieve. However, the Verragio Tradition Collection does not stop there. These rings not only feature the halo of round brilliant white diamonds they are also set on bands further adorned with accent diamonds. Some, are even a separate type of precious metal. The different color of the band contrasts against the center stone. Thus, the central diamonds pop out and seem to shine even brighter. Below you can see three different Tradition Collection offerings now available. At the top is a uniform round center diamond halo engagement ring. Next, is an innovative elevated Princess cut with a rose gold band.

verragio tradition halo engagement rings

Finally, there is also a more traditional Oval cut ring. This one is also set on a rose gold band. As seen above the three rings are unique and cut with incredible precision. It is almost impossible to not note the fire and clarity of each center diamond stone. The individuality of each ring is also there. From the cut to the metal setting differences between each one.

Below, one of the most unique of the Tradition Collection’s engagement rings. It is the pear cut halo diamond engagement ring. This fine item is also set on a ribbon band. Further, the ribbon band is two interlaced metal bands. This is symbolic of the two lives being merged. It is the symbol of your love and commitment to one another interlocked. To the right of the engagement ring, you can also see the matching wedding band. Also in a ribbon design.

pear cut verragio tradition halo infinity ribbon engagement and wedding ring

A Verragio Tradition Engagement & Wedding Ring Set

While Verragio has been crafting amazingly intricate engagement rings and wedding bands for years they have outdone themselves. These new rings in the Tradition collection are exquisite. More than just innovative patterns and designs they have completely reshaped the craftsmanship process. Now including the very highest performance machinery and even more intricate calibration and setting analysis. These rings are feats of engineering and master artisanry. Each one is truly a unique masterpiece.

Below you can see one of the very latest engagement and wedding and / or anniversary infinity bands. These have always been a part of the Verragio tradition. However, the Tradition Collection features these like never ever before. It is the innovation and building upon years and years of excellence that leads to master pieces such as these. Romantic and feminine these designs are timeless. Overall, from all of the rings they have released these are the finest.

verragio tradition engagement ring and infinity wedding band set

Just look at the absolutely stunning clarity of this ring’s center stone. It is so clear, bright, and beautiful. The modern cut and design lend clean straight lines. Further, this geometric look is accentuated by the strongly defined halo surrounding the center diamond stone. Then, the rose gold white diamond accented band gives a nice contrast. Once paired with a white gold wedding and another anniversary bands the trio is set. The other white gold diamond infinity bands offer a lovely pattern to the set. Furthermore, the elevated center stone allows for all of the bands to sit snugly together. This means an incredibly comfortable fit. Also, Verragio offers their signature sizing solution for this ring collection as well. That means whether you need your ring tightened or loosened after your wedding day its possible. Furthermore, there is no cutting involved, your ring remains intact. Resizing is quick and seamless.

See the Tradition Collection at one of our convenient locations

Choose the perfect engagement ring and wedding band with absolute confidence. Work with one of our expert jewelry connoisseurs to find the ring of your dreams. Of course, there is an incredible amount of research that is possible. Particularly with the abundance of resources available online now. However, there is nothing better than having a look for yourself in person. You can really get an idea of the weight, touch, and feel of the ring. After all, it is the item that will symbolize your love and be worn each and every day of your life for the years to come. Taking an afternoon of your time to see and compare each ring is more than recommended it is the only real way to go about it. At our South Florida store, specifically Boca Raton, we have the entire new Verragio Tradition collection available for you to do precisely that.

verragio tradition collection engagement rings

Finally, we have the entire Verragio Tradition Collection sorted and organized for you to look through. Try each and every ring, once, twice, as many times as it takes to make up your mind. We know how special this moment in your lives is and we are nothing less than delighted to take a small part in it. Additionally, anything you might require during your visit with us please just let us know. We are flexible and accommodating and of course ready to help you have the best experience. Our staff is deeply knowledgeable about everything diamonds, engagement rings and jewelry in general. We have some of the greatest fine jewelry craftsmen that inspect each and every piece of jewelry at our stores. They use high power loupe and materials to ensure the impeccable quality of each item. We do this to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality.

Verragio Engagement Rings

We will be ready to receive you with a warm welcome at our stores. Our promise is to help you make your wedding jewelry dreams come true. From our abundant offerings to our specialized service offerings we are here to assist you during every step of the way. Further, our experience with jewelry and with couples to be, means we are ready to guide you on this step of your journey. From what specifications to consider to make an item truly yours with personalizations we are here for you from the moment you walk in until years after your big day. Visit us at 2801 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33431 any day of the week or give us a call at (561) 623-8205 to schedule and coordinate your visit.


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