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Asscher cut diamonds, engagement ring and wedding band review

Asscher cut diamonds, engagement ring and wedding band review

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When it comes to your proposal the star of the show is the diamond ring. A diamond engagement ring that is just your own. It represents a promise and the beginning of a whole new phase in your lives. There are many unique and modern styles out there for diamond engagement rings. However, the traditional styles like the single round brilliant cut solitaire are incomparable to the vintage modern styles. Although these are cuts mastered in another era they continue to be unique with a modern touch without losing the vintage feel. Asscher cut diamonds are one of these in this unique category. Their meeting of past and future only momentarily lingering within the realm of the present are significant for representing such a moment in time. They are the eternal and never ending bond of your love. Recalling tradition and roots of the past while also forging forth onwards.

Asscher diamonds are exquisite and architectural. They lend themselves to be wonderful center stones with additional accent diamonds either flanking the stone or as a diamond or precious gem halo. The squared off nature of the ring gives it an ideal flat edged shaped. Meanwhile, the depth of the diamond shows each and every corner of the stone. For this reason, most of the Asscher cut diamonds are some of the most high quality diamonds around. For clarity and brightness, they need to be clear and without any blemishes within the diamond. Furthermore, the engagement rings that feature Asscher cut diamonds are stellar. Reminiscent of the 1920’s Art Deco movement, when it was first cut by the renowned Joseph Asscher, it is a modernist vintage cut style. Finally, the Asscher cut diamond wedding bands are especially difficult to find. A unique and rare cut these rings are gorgeous bridal choices.

What is an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring?

Asscher cut engagement rings feature Asscher cut diamonds. These diamond cut engagement rings are rare and hard to find. It is not the most traditional and definitely not the most common diamond cut. Similar to an emerald cut shape these diamond cuts are geometric. The straight hard lines and identical parallel features allow for large step facets and a high crown. Further, this, of course, leads to an increased brilliance, unlike any other diamond cut. The shine and sparkle of an Asscher cut diamond ring are ongoing and reflective. For this reason, it is referred to quite often as an endless hallway of reflective mirrors and light. Similar to the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, France where world figures like Marie Antoinette and King Louis XIV commanded the world’s attention. The infinite and mesmerizing reflections of Asscher cut diamonds make them an exquisite engagement ring and wedding band diamond choice.

The similarities to the emerald cut diamond are simply in the geometric shaping. Overall the shorter length of this diamond cut means a more compact stone. Although Asscher cut diamonds look like a squared off shape they are actually octagonal. Each one of the edges on an Asscher cut diamond is also cut down. This cropping in each corner is not always visible though. When set into a four prong setting the diamond truly looks square, not octagonal. Unlike most round or oval diamonds, the Asscher diamond cut is ideal for large diamond halo features. The flat symmetrical edges have enough space for large high carat accent diamonds. This versatile cut is even part of the Great Britain Crown Jewels. Joseph Asscher himself, the man who first cut this style of diamond, cut some for the Royal Family. More on the history and name behind the Asscher diamond cut below.

History and tradition, a vintage style family name diamond cut

Joseph Asscher introduced the Asscher diamond cut to the world in 1902. The diamond cut named after their family was created by the Asscher Brothers of Holland’s Asscher Diamond Company (now the Royal Asscher Diamond Company). This famous family of diamond experts was particularly notable at the time for cutting a massive rough diamond. The diamond was an approximately 3,106 carat rough diamond. These famed diamond designers were leaders in their field and built up their brand name. As mentioned above they cut Royal Jewels for Great Britain’s Royal family. However, the Asscher diamond cut did not gain popularity until around the 1920s. During the roaring era is when Asscher cut diamond engagement rings gained their famed Art Deco origins. Architectural and geometric in nature it was absolutely perfect for the era of opulence and pre-World War I style of visual arts. Asscher cuts call for high carat diamonds.

Due to the nature of the Asscher diamond cut the higher carat diamonds look nicer. Only the very high quality diamonds can be used for Asscher cut diamonds because there is no way to hide blemishes in this cut. The diamonds in this cut are breathtaking but tend to always have a high carat weight. Furthermore, the step facets make it easy to see through the stone itself lending to a better result with larger stones. Also, open settings allow light to stream through them and thus also enhance the stone’s brilliance. Although Asscher cuts have a high brilliance for added glimmer and brightness accent diamonds are also recommended. Whether they are additional Asscher cut stones or smaller round brilliant diamonds they enhance the “Hall of Mirrors” looks inside of the diamond. Overall it is a gorgeous cut introduced by a family renowned in the history of diamond cut polishing.

Asscher cut diamond halo engagement ring

14k White Gold Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring

First, is an incredible private label 14 carat white gold Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. This impeccable ring features a diamond halo surrounding the geometric cut stone. Also, the band contains accent diamonds along either side. The ring band itself is a unique arched shape on either side with two symmetrical bands gently swooping away from one another and meeting together again. It has approximately 0.56 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds. These are F in color and SI2 in Clarity. The main central diamond stone is a Gemological Institute of America certified 3.18 carat Asscher cut diamond. This stone is F in color and SI2 in Clarity. The GIA certificate is included in the purchase of this incredible Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. Also, the large ring weighs around 4.2 grams in total. Furthermore, the ring’s dimensions are 1.10″ x 0.45″ x 0.75″.

It has a magical sparkle with a stunning split shank mounting. The surrounding accent diamonds guide the eye to the mesmerizing center of the ring. From there the Asscher diamond cut sweeps us away into a looping dream. Just like the Versailles Hall of Mirrors, it is a seemingly infinite gemstone that transports us to another time. For the magic of your love, your commitment and of course of your wedding. This stunning engagement ring is a very unique and hard to find design. While it has vintage inspiration it also carries modern touches like the diamond halo and sculpted band. Overall it is a large and stunning precious stone ring for a unique and dynamic bride to be. Furthermore, the elevated shank allows for a snug comfortable fit with your wedding band. It is high enough to accommodate a stone eternity band or traditional smooth polished gold wedding band.

Asscher cut diamond halo engagement ring


Next is another 14 carat white gold engagement ring featuring an Asscher cut diamond. This incredible ring features a 2.03 carat Asscher cut diamond with an European Gemological Laboratory certificate. It is a stunning engagement ring with approximately 1.3 carats of accents diamonds. These accent diamonds are G in color and SI1 in clarity. They feature all along the ring’s band itself as well as surrounding the Asscher cut stone in an exquisite diamond halo. As discussed above this feature adds to the sparkle and shine of the ring. Furthermore, the ring has a total weight of around 3.1 grams making it a lighter engagement ring than the one featured above and most definitely lighter than the Asscher cut diamond wedding band found below.

Overall this is a stunning Asscher cut diamond engagement ring. The main difference from the one above being the weight and size. Also, the ring band. While this one is a traditional single ring, the one above has a more modern sculpted band design.

Asscher cut diamond eternity wedding band Asscher cut diamond eternity wedding band

Tacori Clean Crescent 32-2 Asscher Cut Diamond Wedding Band

Finally a well known designer bridal brand Tacori. Tacori is well known for their engagement ring and wedding band designs. From unique patented pieces featuring their iconic logo inspired crescents to their classic traditional solitaire rings Tacori brings it all. They use the finest materials and diamonds in the world. Further, Tacori infuses each one of their jewelry items with the same love and affection that the one purchasing it does. Their intention is clear in each one of their designs. Catering to the unique and modern brides and grooms their rings are versatile and dynamic. While they can be understated they are also always stunning. There are slender and slight touches to each ring. It is what makes even the biggest and boldest rings elegant and refined. Renowned bridal brands like Tacori also have incredible Asscher cut diamond rings. From the iconic American jeweller, an Asscher cut wedding band.

This Clean Crescent 32-2 Asscher cut diamond wedding band is both an iconic style from the renowned designers and a unique style. On the sides of the ring you can see the classic crescent shape signatory of the Tacori brand. It swoops from one Asscher cut diamond setting to the next in a continuous eternal loop. Unlike most eternity diamond wedding bands this one features the incredible Asscher cut stones. Rather than the more traditional round cut brilliant white diamonds. Due to the Asscher diamond’s flat cut top this ring sits rather comfortably against your fingers. While the setting is flush adding further comfort. Finally on the inner side of the ring there is a gorgeous touch of French beading. Iconic to the Tacori wedding band design they could not leave it out on this exquisite Asscher cut diamond wedding band.

Where to find Asscher cut diamond engagement rings? Diamonds by Raymond Lee your engagement and wedding ring South Florida destination

We at Diamonds by Raymond Lee are a family company. And we have been serving the South Florida community for the last three decades. Our commitment is to superior service and excellent quality jewels, diamonds and luxury fine watches. We focus on curating a collection of diamonds, bands and bridal jewelry for couples embarking on the adventure of their lives. It is our pleasure and our honor to serve our community. This is why we have diamond experts and master jewelers who help us ensure all of our products are of the finest quality. Each and every stone, ring and jewel that comes into our stores is rigorously tested and examined. It means the world to us that you choose our family to help you on this journey to your wedding. We offer services like maintenance, repair and bespoke modifications to continue assisting you throughout the years no matter what.  

Asscher diamonds are some of the finest and rarest diamond cuts on the market. Our clientele are refined and exquisite and thus we offer a wide range of options. Including those that are not as popular but highly sought after. We offer unique diamond cuts and personalisation to the degree you wish. From crafting unique rings to fit your dream stone to supplying diamonds from the world’s greatest sources. Visit us at our conveniently located stores to see our full collection and talk with one of our diamond experts. They will show you our wide range of offerings and help you find the shape and style of your dreams. We aim to help you bring your dream to life no matter if its in an existing fine jewelry brand design like Tacori or a masterpiece of your own creation. Join us to start off and see what we can offer.

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