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Engagement rings for your bride to be

Engagement rings for your bride to be

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Big decisions in life come at critical points. The moments when we choose to change the course of our trajectories and take on a whole new adventure. One of the most significant of these is embarking on engagement and marriage. That first pivotal decision to pop the question is the one that can change your entire outlook on where both of your lives are going. It is the decision to build together a life as one. Once you embark on this critical step the next thing to do is ask your partner to join you along on this adventure of a lifetime. The perfect way to ask? Of course the engagement rings! There are so many options now a days when it comes to engagement rings whether that is in the material, the diamond cut or in the design of the ring. There is a perfect ring for every bride.

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have a wide ranging collection of timeless designer engagement rings. Each one is crafted with the story of love and passion. The commitment of each one of our designers that we carry is to quality and excellence in the pieces they create. After all these are the symbols of your love. Of the growth in your lives and your relationship. It is a strongly symbolic and powerfully unifying item. One that stands for the journey of a lifetime. Of bringing together two separate lives into one family unit. A celebration of love and continuity it is more than a simple piece of jewelry. No, an engagement ring is embarking on an incredible adventure. One of intimate knowing and partnership. Just like your bride to be each engagement ring is also unique. Telling the tale in its very own unique way, like your partner would. 

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How to choose engagement rings

When it comes to the question of how to choose engagement rings there is unfortunately no one right answer. The truth of the matter is that when selecting such a personal item the only true rule is to find the “perfect” engagement ring for your perfect person. No two couples are alike and just like that no two brides to be are the same either. Each one has their story, their personal preferences, and their very own unique personality. For us engagement rings need not only to reflect these but also be a timeless piece. One that she will continue to love to see each and every day forever more. That is right engagement rings are one of those very few pieces of jewelry that we wear for our lifetimes. Not just a passing moment engagement rings capture what the ephemeral nature of life leaves us wanting for. The everlasting. 

Choosing engagement rings is a process that can be likened to finding your partner. Believe it or not the two are very similar. It can happen in a moment. A single instant, that first look that takes your breath away. Or it can happen over time through years. The moments can build up together until that realization that the one you have been looking for is here. The journey to finding an engagement ring can be similar to this. So considering all of the factors that you need to assess when choosing an engagement ring. As well as the time that it may or may not take the best thing to do is start looking! If you find yourself here because you are doing just that first off our congratulations. Also a warm welcome. We would love to meet you at one of our conveniently located stores and assist you. 

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3 steps to finding the perfect engagement ring 

Finding the engagement ring of your dreams is no easy feat. Particularly if you intend on popping the question to your beloved as a surprise. Here are the first three steps you need to take in order to start your journey to finding the perfect engagement ring for you. 

  1. Get an idea of what you are looking for – maybe your special someone has mentioned a preference or even the type of jewelry they generally wear is also a good hint 
  2. Decide on your budget – and how far you are willing and able to stray from it in order if you find the one
  3. Start looking into the different ring options available – visit our store to check them out for yourself or use our website online 

After that it may take minutes or it may take months until you find the ring that is truly meant for your bride to be. In order to purchase from someone you can trust to take their time and carefully help you asses the options visit us! We are a full house service meaning we do everything from sale, maintenance and repairs to bespoke modifications and creations.

Engagement ring settings versus the stone

Now a little fact that you may not know about engagement rings and rings in general as well if you are not familiar is that the engagement rings are sold as either a pret-a-porter ring or as a setting with an adjustable solitaire crown. This means that the ring setting, we will explain in just a moment, comes without the central diamond stone. Now this is really ideal if you have your own specific stone that you would like to use. Otherwise if you find a perfect ring but would like a unique diamond cut for the centre stone that is also possible. So for starters what is an engagement ring setting? 

Well there are many parts to a ring but the setting refers to everything but the centre stone. So many times you may see these on offer with a zirconia stone as an example. Many times the setting is adjustable to be set with many different diamond cuts too. There are many to choose from including: marquise, princess, pear, emerald, cushion, and round. All of these require different settings. Although some are made to be adjustable. This means they can be adapted for more than just one diamond cut. It makes for a much easier task in finding the perfect setting. If you have an heirloom per se that you would like to use on a more modern setting you can use that stone for the engagement ring. 

However, if you do not have a particular stone but do fall in love with a certain setting there are also loose stones for sale. We source some of the world’s finest diamonds and precious gem stones. You can find your ideal one easily using our diamond search feature online. Whether you already know what you’re looking for or not. 

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Finding a stone 

Exploring the different stones that are available for engagement rings can be quite a journey in and of itself. There are many sometimes subtle differences. Including the quality of the diamond as well as the cut, color and many others. There are after all very unique and interesting engagement rings that feature colorful gemstones. However if you are looking for a traditional diamond centre stone ring there are plenty to choose from there too. The stones are categorized into a few differences. For example the quality of the diamond includes the clarity and fire. These are also characteristics that are important to note particularly depending on the diamond cut that you choose. That is because some of the diamond cuts require higher clarity diamonds. For example the classic round cut diamond have many small facets that allow the light to reflect within the stone creating the array of brilliant colors.

If there were to be a small blemish in a round cut diamond it could be cut in such a way as to hide that small imperfection. However with a diamond cut such as an emerald cut diamond there are large flat open sides to the diamond. Therefore it is much more difficult if not impossible to cut an emerald shape without showing the blemish. This is why exploring the different options is so important. Further some cuts require higher carat diamonds because of their intricate nature. So if you are looking at a limited budget engagement ring you may want to consider these factors. It is a lot of information we know. That is why our team of diamond experts is always available to answer any and all questions that you might have. Whether it is about a stone, setting or just getting started. We are happy to help.

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What you need to know about engagement ring settings 

When it comes to engagement ring settings there are also quite a few options. Perhaps even more than when it comes to the stones! That is because the setting is where designers really allow their imagination to flourish. Some craft such intricate and embellished beauties it is difficult to imagine which craftsmen could bring it to life. Yet they always do. Others have that minimal timeless touch that captures the essence and grandeur of the centre stone. Most of all though engagement ring settings tell a story. One of love and tradition bringing together past stories, traditions and techniques along the way. 

Diamond engagement ring settings can be made of one single metal. Or of a combination of fine metals and gold. Some feature precious stones that are colorful and so use the colorful precious metals to really emphasize the stones’ colors. Further some craft traditional combinations using fabulus white diamonds in the design. Including every type of diamond cut imaginable you can have accent diamonds as far as you fancy. There are diamond infinity band engagement ring settings. As well as diamond flank settings too. It all comes down to what you are looking for. Further some of the settings are raised so that the ring can sit flush against the wedding band and really put the centre stone at center stage. 

Finally there are also settings in different sizes. So if you are looking at a specific carat size for your stone or setting there are similar designs in different shapes and sizes. Some even feature modern details like diamond halos too. 

On diamond halo engagement ring settings

One thing to note with engagement ring settings that feature halos though is that these are generally limited to the diamond cut it was made for. Some can be adjusted yes but it is very difficult to want to reshape a round halo for an emerald cut diamond for example. 

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Where to buy diamond engagement rings near me? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida 

Our family has been in the diamond and engagement ring jewelry business for the last thirty years. Those three decades spanned generations and the Diamonds by Raymond Lee family continued to grow right alongside our own. It is a craft that was passed down. A type of work that was imbued through decades of seeing customers embark on this journey of life together. Life’s celebratory moments do after all call for commemoration and that is just what jewelry does. We pride ourselves in offering world class engagement rings and diamond jewelry for our refined clientele. Including those that are not located in sunny South Florida. It is always with our customers and customers to be in mind that we procure the finest materials and offerings on the market. Always testing and rigorously analysing every single piece. Our diamond experts check each item in our shops. 

This is because superior quality and our committment to service are the founding stones of our business. We know what a special moment in our client’s lives these times they come to us are. We take pride and joy in helping each happy couple find their own. It is part of why we intend to continue serving our community for the next thirty years to come at least. Find out more about what we do to help you find the perfect stone by visiting our site. Or better yet come down to our stores and meet with one of our experts yourself! There is no better way to know for sure what to choose when it comes to engagement rings than seeing them in person.

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