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Perfect Pairing: Luxury jewellery and designer handbags

Perfect Pairing: Luxury jewellery and designer handbags

When you change up your style the easiest way to set the trend is through your accessories. Particularly luxury jewellery and designer handbags. Both are intimate and personal choices. Also they reflect one’s personal style. It is a way to not only utilize your luxury jewellery in new ways but to also match how you would like to personally present yourself. Designer handbags are some of the fashion world’s premier luxury accessories. Whether that is a clutch, tote or satchel nothing pairs better with it than a hand party. Particularly when it comes to timeless classics from world class brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. Nothing is a better look than adding some luxury jewellery. The incredible pairing of fine jewellery with luxury handbags is an iconic fashion trend that we have seen throughout the years from exquisite celebrities and actresses always classic and iconic every time.

chanel bag and diamond ring

Accessorizing fine jewellery requires some savvy and to get it down pat what you really need is to experiment. It is not just about using the classics and most traditional luxury jewellery items like simple diamond bands. Moreover it is for the fun new inventive ways to turn up luxury accessories. For example with stackable rings of all different types of metals as well as interesting new designs and diamond cuts. The edgier the luxury handbag brand the more creative and adventurous you can be with your luxury jewellery pairing. For the more traditional brands it is undeniably a classic look that takes the lead. Take for example Chanel – the classic fashion house that sets the traditional French chic style – pairing with a classic clean solitaire diamond with a bracelet is the way to go. You can always spirit it up with fresh colors like white and of course iconic constructions.

luxury jewellery rolex and valentino bag

Perfect Pairings luxury jewellery and designer bags

While the fashion trends of the world may come and go there are certain items that work well across the board. That is not just for this season’s latest but ones that can come from your grandmother’s vintage collection to the coolest, newest and most modern iterations. These can be the tipping point for outfits that are eye catching and timeless. Like a fine piece of luxury jewellery or a refined time piece these accessories are items that will always be in good taste. Designer handbags are some of the most well known and recognized luxury accessories that do exactly this. They are more than a container to hold your things. It is about the construction, style, materials and branding. Generally speaking a fine designer hand bag will have a renowned look and detail that make it truly unique. These bring up the maison’s rich history and truly unique look.

We all know the unique personas that each of the iconic hand bag creators have. Whether they change with the designers that take the helm or not the essence is always the same. It is that je ne sais qua that almost all luxury goods carry with them too. Thus the mixing and matching have become perfect pairings when it comes to the luxury accessories. They tell a story, they bring with them a history and most of all they declare to the world the kind of woman that you are. The timeless, chic and inimitable it girl. How you pair them together depends on what you are trying to convey too though. For a more classic look the classic brands and their traditional styles are your go to. However if you are going for the other end of the spectrum and want a modern cutting edge style there’s others.

luxury jewellery

Classic styles of luxury jewellery and handbags

A classic style and look is a timeless look to achieve. It is the staple classics that surpass any trend. These are the looks that will always be in. No matter what the latest designer is or what the event occasion. It is the clean and simple looks. The one that spell out effortless and glamorous. These are the looks that do not require too many special items. Rather they are a perfect combination of the always greats. The classic diamond jewelry that sparkles and shines with the brands like Chanel that set the standard for what a woman’s classic look is all about to begin with. The ones that combine the essence of chic and minimalistic. These looks generally pair muted colors and tones. The all seasons and all times looks that are dignified and elegant no matter what. The house of Chanel is a staple in the classics.

As Coco Chanel is credited with saying “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” We agree and nothing can be more fabulous than luxury jewellery.

luxury jewellery and chanel handbag

That is why for a classy and fabulous look we would pair an elegant Chanel structured hand bag with diamonds. Now for a small twist on the classics you can get them in a bright and eye catching color like white. The combination of all the colors in the wheel white is everything. Whether it be the heat of summer or the snow of winter Chanel is a classic that surpasses all seasons and trends. When wearing a classic traditional style just your engagement and wedding ring will do. If you want to add a touch more then a wrist party is the way to go. You can never have too many diamonds. So either a luxury time piece like an iconic Rolex or diamond bracelet are a perfect pair. Any way you choose to go the classic luxury jewellery pieces should be your go to for this style type.

luxury jewellery diamond rings and louis vuitton handbag

Another inimitable luxury jewellery style that you can pair with classic brands are organic shapes. For example this impeccable it is paired with classic diamond bands but with a modern twist. The mix of metals gives this classic look a touch of modern flair. All tied together with the iconic LV Louis Vuitton designer hand bag pattern. Delicate organic shapes are very Romantic and reminiscent of the classic era. That is why this kind of unique jewellery is so well set for a classic style pairing. Undoubtedly the combination with the iconic dark brown monogram canvas shines bright. It is a delicate and below the radar statement look. A signature ring like this 18k Rose Gold 3.24ctw Diamond Branch Bypass Ring is a great example. This elongated diamond ring features romantic and vintage inspired natural organic shapes with pear cut diamonds featuring small halos.

luxury jewellery

Modern looks and luxury jewellery

Another way to pair your luxury jewellery and designer hand bags is with more modern combinations. Edgy and innovative brands like Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent for example portray perfectly this new modern look and style. With metal studs and unique exotic leathers they take the pairs to the next level. Everything about the classics is changed up to favor more colors, combinations and stacking. As Iris Apfel says “More is more and less is a bore”. Take for example the Valentino clutch with the iconic studs all along the edge of the hand bag. This can be paired with edgy bracelet and diamond ring stacks. You can also match the gold and gold with the studs or add a splash of sparkle with a two tone watch for example. Any of the combinations is possible really as the true excitement of the look comes from so many innovative concepts.

luxury jewellery and valentino handbag

Another way is by combining the more classic approach with a more modern bag. The exotic leathers like alligator or ostrich are a great way to do this. Unique and rarely seen clutches like this YSL black alligator bag pair perfectly with anything. Like the little black dress for your hand this luxury accessory can only be accentuated with diamonds. And a lot of them. With some art deco inspired and different diamond cuts like emerald cuts. When you get an assortment of shapes and sizes along with new and innovative designs. New shapes and styles make the accessories talk for themselves. Even smaller details like the black dial of this Rolex watch further accentuate the exotic leather clutch. It is all about different textures and the unexpected. As you mix up and change the features on your classic styles the modern luxury jewellery style is expanded. 

luxury jewellery diamond rings, two tone rolex and black ysl handbag

The perfect pairing: how to get the ideal combination

When it comes to getting the perfect pairing of luxury jewellery and designer hand bags for your outfit it is no easy feat. There is a lot of thought and consideration that go into it. Particularly a point of introspection on what it is that you want to convey to the world. What personality traits are you showcasing and how are you turning up the volume with your luxury accessories? What you need to do first is of course get an idea of these answers to be able to put together the combination that you truly want. The accessories that you choose will accentuate this identity. For example the way that you accessorize a plain tee with jeans will set the tone of your outfit. It can be small effortless detail pieces or bright catch your eye sparkles. It is all about what the pieces are that you’re working with.

diamond ring and chanel bag

Over time your collection will expand and grow. This is when you will surely find entirely new ways of mixing and matching. Of bringing a truly iconic classic together with a cutting edge and modern piece for a stunning new look. No matter what your ideal is there are a million ways to do it. The pairs we showcased here are just the tip of the diamond. There are so many new and different ways to construct a whole new look. So focus on you, your personality and what you want to exude rather than just on the outfit. Look at your accessories and how you will pair those together to tie it all in. these are the details that really count. That no matter how you change and adapt they will stay true. Do not hesitate to play around with modern cuts and classic couplings. It is the fun.

luxury jewellery diamond rings and white chanel handbag

Where to update your luxury jewellery collection

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we know jewellery. We know diamonds. We know our clients. Whether you are looking for the latest and most unique jewellery items for you to shine with or you want the classic icons of luxury jewellery collections our stores are the place. With over thirty years of experience in the industry and bringing together experts we are here to help you make the latest trends. After all it is not just about what the big fashion houses are up to this season or the next. But rather how you bring your own personal look at taste to each of the new iterations available on the market. Pairing your luxury jewellery with your designer bags. Each day is a new one and however you are feeling that day there is a perfect pair to express it! Just take the leap and experiment with all your favourites.

The best way to choose an item of luxury jewellery is of course in person. There is nothing like holding the piece that catches your eye. Our full catalogue is of course available online so you can look through all the different styles and items at your own leisure. But once you have an item in mind we would love to welcome you to one of our stores. Conveniently located our expertly designed showrooms are the perfect place to play with different combinations of jewelry. Our diamond experts are also here ready to assist you in finding another perfect pairing for you to glimmer and sparkle out in the world. Our wide curated collection includes famed jewellery designers like Henri Daussi, Tiffany & Co. Verragio, and Gabriel & Co. among many others. Come visit us and check out all of the different collections available. We will help you create the perfect pairing.

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