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Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Review | Big & Bold with a Skeleton Dial

Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Review | Big & Bold with a Skeleton Dial

hublot big bang rose gold

Welcome to the world of Hublot. Today we will be reviewing the Hublot Big Bang 18k Rose Gold Skeletonized Dial Watch.

In this Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Review, we will guide you through all of the features and facets of this incredible 45mm rose gold sports watch.

We will look at the following in depth from our hands-on experience:

  • Hublot’s Big Bang 45mm Rose Gold Case
  • The Skeletonized Dial
  • Its Rubber Vulcanized Strap
  • The Caliber 4214 Movement
  • And…how it feels and looks on the wrist.

The Hublot Big Bang was first introduced to the world in 2005. This was at the height of the economic boom and the Big Bang literally boosted this once debilitated brand back into the limelight. Now, the Big Bang is one of Hublot’s hottest and most coveted collections.

One of our favorite watches from the Big Bang collection is the 18k Rose Gold Skeletonized Dial Big Bang.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this special version of the Big Bang, the Hublot (hub20335) Big Bang 18k Rose Gold Watch.

hublot big bang rose gold

Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold CASE

This is a 45mm 18k Rose Gold case, and as with all Big Bang watches, it is bold and it is broad.

Now, the 45mm dimension is simply the measurement across the narrowest diagonal portion of the case. So, in truth, it wears much larger than even an already large, perfectly-stated 45mm watch. From lug to lug, it spans a whopping 58mm, and we feel like this dimension really tells the true size of this watch. Moreover, to add to its broadness, it is 15mm thick.

All in all, the Hublot Big Bang 45mm case in rose gold will never go unnoticed.

Let’s talk about some of the finer details of the case.

On the sides of the case, there is a vertical satin finish, which is contrasted beautifully amongst the black polymer inserts and the fully conveyed bezel gasket. You’ll also notice Hublot’s signature crimp on the flanks of the case near the lugs. This gives the case the perfect amount of camber, allowing it to curve around the arm of a smaller forearm. We really appreciate this design as it is not only good looking, but it also has function in that it can meet the needs of smaller to larger wrists.

If you are wondering what size wrists will fit this watch, you’d get great security even down to a 14 cm wrist circumference, with the ideal wrist size being 16 cm in circumference.

As we all know, Hublot is known for exhibiting their materials and components to the fullest extent. You can see this on the case’s strap hoods with their perfectly polished H-bolts, the 18k gold crown and pushers with vulcanized rubber tops, and the bezel gaskets which flair on both sides of the case.

Vertical Satin Finished 18K Rose Gold BEZEL

The bezel is perfectly round and made of 18k gold. It has 6 high polished titanium H-bolts, which display the Hublot logo in a low-key, elegant way. The fixed circular bezel offers a nice juxtaposition to the rest of the case which has somewhat of a cushion shape. It also complements the curvature of the case flanks where it meets the strap.

The case and bezel on this watch are in excellent condition, still faultlessly polished with a satin brushed finish, appearing as if it just came out of a brand new Hublot box.

hublot big bang gold review

Vulcanized BRACELET & Rose Gold CLASP

Typically we start with the bracelet then move to the clasp when reviewing watches, but for this one, we are going to switch things up.

The clasp on the Hublot Big Bang corresponds with the case of the watch. It has an incredibly well designed rose gold clasp with twin trigger deployment.

Twin trigger clasps allow for maximum security on the wrist. It’s not friction fit, and for a watch of this magnitude, this high standard construction is exactly what you want.

To open up the clasp body, you must depress both triggers. Once you do so, and you look inside, you will see remarkable attention to detail, which triumphs throughout the entire clasp.

The whole thing is constructed beautifully, and immediately you can see this is a state of the art clasp. The material, the finishing, and the special details are all top level.

The Hublot logo resonates subtly in the clasp body with its H-fashioned lower clasp.

Lastly, you’ll also notice the watch has no minder loops, so the extra strap won’t be seen when you strap it on your wrist. This is because the clasp has a minder less system which holds any excess strap underneath the clasp body. This gives the watch a superbly clean look when you have it facing upside down. From this angle, you will also notice the “Hublot Geneve” lettering embossed on the outer claps (see pic above).

The Rubber Strap

The strap is mainly three things. Three prodigiously important things. It is proportioned perfectly, super comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

The strap is a striking black color which matches the dial flawlessly. It uses a thin vertical line design which runs all the way around the strap.

Moreover, the material is an exemplar of high quality. The strap is made from their signature, elegant and flexible, natural vulcanized rubber. This material is a precedent created and used by Hublot since their original milestone models in the early 1980s.

Just as the first vulcanized rubber straps had impeccable juxtaposition with the precious metals of the case and clasp, this one does as well…

The strap flows seamlessly in between the case and clasp with sublime contrast thanks to charming satin finished lug hoods and beautifully polished H-bolts, which, again, are another subtle feature that echoes the branding of Hublot.

hublot big bang skeleton

Hublot Big Bang Skeleton DIAL

As mentioned, Hublot loves to show off every aspect of their horology expertise, and this applies to the movement as well. The dial appears like a picture of a contemporary skyscraper in the middle of construction. We all know of this as a skeletonized dial.

Beneath the anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the open dial allows us to peek in at the heart of this watch. There we can see the exquisite machine – a caliber 4214.

In terms of legibility, sometimes skeletonized dials are hard to read. As there is so much going on in the background, it can become cluttered. But, Hublot does a fantastic job not to impede readability on this Big Bang design.

It’s clear that Hublot was very careful to make this one legible, both in daytime and nighttime. They did this by using smart details on the sapphire dial itself. You will see incredible contrast of the rose gold applied hour indices with white lume on the black and gold minute track. The rose gold hands carry on with this same distinction using white luminescent material, and this includes the sub register hands. This means you can read the dial and subdials day or night, utterly bright or completely pitch black.

So, if you like a dial with style, this industrialized, layered, skeletonized dial is your match made in heaven.

hublot aero bang review


Now, as we look through the evacuated dial, we can learn a lot about the movement.

First, there is a subtle date window, uniquely positioned near the 4 and 5 o’clock. It has been integrated so creatively and beautifully – there when you want it, easily visible with the white setting, and gone when you don’t need to pay attention to, perfectly blending in with the rest of the composition. You’ll also notice all of the Arabic numerals for the date display encircling behind the scenes along the inside of the minute track. This is another one of the interesting touches of an open dial.

Take the watch off and flip it over to see the exhibition caseback. Here you can view the Hublot automatic caliber 4214 movement in all its glory. This is made possible thanks to Hublot partially skeletonizing the rotors.

Hublot Big Bang FEATURES

There are numerous features to this watch, such as the 42 hour power reserve hacking seconds, which allows you to stop the balance and synchronize a reference time when you pull the crown. There is a quick set function as well in case you take the watch off for a few days or you reach an irregular month. The quick set date function allows you to rapidly set the date rather than turn and turn until you get to the correct day.

To top it all off, all of this is mounted in an intensely alluring 18k rose gold framework.

Water Resistance

Another feature of the Hublot Big Bang is the 100 meter water resistance. Wear this bold sports watch on deep dive or while lounging at the pool. Never worry about an intrusion of water.

Robust, functional, handsome, unique, and water resistant, what more could you ask for?

hublot big bang review

Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Watch ON THE WRIST

One of the best parts about this watch is the wearing experience.

Although the watch is heavy and big due to its size and use of rose gold, it is extremely comfortable. You can wear this watch day after day without any desire to take it off. After a week straight of wearing it, there were no issues with comfort…or anything else as a matter of fact.

When wearing this watch, not only will people notice it, you will feel like you are wearing your money’s worth too. It has an extremely satisfying, substantial feel to it. Moreover, the design is distinctive and a pleasure to the eyes. You’ll want to check on the time more often than normal.

All in all, for a pretty massive sports watch made of gold with a skeletonized dial, the watch is sophisticated and will never make you feel “gaudy”. If you are looking for an original look that gives you a demeanor of “spending power”, the Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold 45mm Skeletonized watch is a great choice. In our eyes, this watch can do no wrong.

Where to buy a Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Watch

Typically, the Hublot 45mm Big Bang in Rose Gold is not easy to get your hands on. Fortunately, we have one for sale at Raymond Lee Jewelers. The great thing about excellent pre-owned luxury sports watches like this is that when you buy it, you won’t lose the value. Preowned luxury watches simply don’t lose value like a brand new watch does once it is bought.

hublot watches boca raton

If you are interested in this watch, you can see and purchase it on our website or at our showroom in Boca Raton.

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