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13 Styling Tips To Create The Most Stunning Diamond Ring Stacks in 2019

13 Styling Tips To Create The Most Stunning Diamond Ring Stacks in 2019

stackable wedding rings

Are you looking to create a stunning diamond ring stack for your wedding day? In this article, we share 13 diamond ring stacks styling tips to help modern brides create the perfect engagement ring stack.

stackable rings

Although there are virtually no rules when it comes to stacking rings, we do have a few diamond ring stack styling tips to help modern brides create the most stunning diamond ring stacks.

Let these tips spark ideas and inspire you.

13 Stunning Wedding & Diamond Ring Stack Styling Tips:

Here are our 13 ring stack styling tips for you to pull inspiration from…

Tip 1 – Mixed Metals:

Combining yellow gold and rose gold rings with white metals such as platinum and white gold makes for an absolutely gorgeous and synergetic pairing. Mixing metals in a diamond ring stack is a superb decision. The contrast of colors with brilliant diamonds sparkling appeals to the eye with stunning perfection.

Multi-toned or two-toned bands are also a fantastic option. Many designer ring brands make two-toned bands, as the trend for a mixed metal wedding stack is stronger than ever.

Now, the way you mix the metals on your fingers is completely up to you. You could alternate rings on your finger in a ‘yellow, white, red, white’ fashion or you could place a colored band on both sides of your white gold engagement ring (or vice versa) or you could choose a multi-toned band and surround it with yellow, white and red bands. There are no rules for mixed metal wedding stacks. Use your creativity and choose whatever you feel like on your special day.

Tip 2 – Mixing shapes:

Just like mixing metals, mixing shapes will take your diamond ring stack to another eye-catching level.

You can pair a cushion cut diamond engagement ring with round brilliant cut wedding bands of different sizes for a simple yet distinct look. You could take a more unique and vintage approach by choosing a pear, marquise or oval shaped diamond engagement ring and surround it with diamond shapes and ring motifs of any style. It’s whatever your heart fancies.

The hottest shapes for the modern bride are wide range these days, so any shape like Asscher, heart, pear, oval, marquise, princess, cushion, round and emerald will all mix and match with each other beautifully.

We absolutely love a style like this brilliant cut diamond round and pair-shaped motif stackable eternity ring from Gabriel & Co.:

diamond ring stacks tips

Gabriel & Co. 14k Rose Gold 0.18ctw Diamond Band

Tip 3 – Thick and Thin:

You can choose bands of similar size to make a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. However, we also recommend looking into a more asymmetrical creation. By flanking thick stacking rings with thin stacking rings, each band in your stack will pop and speak its own story.

Tip 4 – Ornate with Simple:

If you have an ornate engagement ring, consider flanking it with simple stackable wedding rings to keep the attention on your engagement ring while still adding the extra shine that comes with stacking diamond rings.

For minimalist engagement ring stacks, you can really glam up your finger by getting creative with a more ornate and unique wedding and eternity bands.

Both options will create a brilliant visual balance and an ideal layered presentation.

Tip 5 – Gemstones and Fancy Colored Diamonds:

With colored gems being all the rave these days, and a trend that’s not going anywhere, including gemstones and fancy colored diamonds into your stack is a colorfully magnificent option. Sapphires, emeralds and amethysts and yellow and pink diamonds are top picks for most women in 2019.

stackable wedding ring rose gold

Henri Daussi 18k Rose Gold 2.02ct Fancy Light Yellow Rose Cut Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Tip 6 – Sentimental Stacks

A ring stack can be a story of a women’s life, especially the relationship with her spouse. Ring stacks can be created overtime, you don’t need to have all the rings at once. A ring can be added to the stack at a milestone in your relationship. For example, a ring stack could follow this path, an engagement ring, then a wedding ring, then an eternity band for the first year anniversary.

With that being said, many women don’t want to wait to create a ring stack, and that’s more than fine. Plus, we have some more way you can make your bridal ring stack more sentimental from the very start.

A ring stack can be sentimental by including meaningful stones. You could incorporate stackable birthstone rings. They could be your birthstone, one for each of your kids, your spouse’s birthstone, or any loved one. You could even choose a stone that represents the month of your marriage.

That’s not all. We have more for you. You could further personalize your ring stack with engravings on the inside of your bands or front and center. Custom ring designs are readily available in most areas. Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton can fully customize a ring to your desire.

Tip 7 – Vintage and Modern:

Blending vintage with modern shows personality and an appreciation for tradition. You may have inherited an heirloom or found an estate ring at a jewelry shop that you love. In any case, creating a ring stack that pays homage to history is not only charming it’s trendy too. If you can’t find a true vintage ring there are other options to get that vintage feel into your stack. Many ring designers take inspiration from vintage jewelry, especially Victorian and Art Deco eras. You won’t be hard pressed to find a vintage-inspired ring that will suit your stack as if it was part of a bridal set. When it comes to jewelry, it’s all about incorporating tradition into contemporary tastes, as fine jewelry styles are timeless.

stacked engagement ring

Tip 8 – Ring Placement:

A stack doesn’t conform to rules, as we’ve probably already made clear so excuse us for sounding like a broken record, but it is a point that we’d like to emphasize (clearly ;)…

A three or four ring stack on your ring finger looks great, but it doesn’t have to end there. You can create a stack that incorporates multiple fingers too. Above the knuckle rings also look amazing as part of a ring stack.

You can get wild with the types of ring designs too – Like this ring stack with its vertical ring line:

Split and double shank rings and nesting rings are also fantastic choices for a ring stack. This creates a full appearance, which many modern brides crave, with a single ring. It’s like the halo setting of ring stacks.

Another option we adore is the single engagement ring on the ring finger and a wedding band stack on the index finger. This allows you to spread the love across your hand, begetting a lavish style in a fresh, decked out way.

stackable wedding rings

Tip 9 – Odds and Evens:

When it doubt about how many rings for your stack, choose an odd number for smaller stone centerpieces and an even number for larger stone centerpieces.

Odd numbers tend to produce a visual balance that looks great with a minimalist ring. If you look for inspiration beyond jewelry, you can see that designers often use odd numbers because of the balance it creates. Interior designers do this as a rule of thumb. And, believe us, it works perfectly for stackable diamond rings too.

Three rings is a classic option for a ring stack. You can have one statement piece in the center with two stackable diamond wedding bands on each side to lock it in.

With that being said, if you have a large diamond on your centerpiece, a four ring stack might be the best visually. It will give your below-the-knuckle stack the fullest appearance without being too “extra” and making your finger uncomfortable or less functional.

All in all, it’s less about should I do an odd or even number of rings, it’s more about the balance the stack forges. The odd and even ring stacks in this article should make that clear. Use your best judgment and choice simply what you love.

Tip 10 – Bridal Sets:

You don’t need to spend tons of money to create a diamond ring stack. Firstly, many jewelers sell bridal sets at very reasonable prices so that you can achieve the stacked wedding ring trend straight away without breaking the bank. Stacked wedding ring sets will include rings that compliment each other beautifully. However, this does take away from the creativity of making your own stack and doing a lot of what we mentioned above.

But, if you search around for the right jewelry store, you should be able to find one that will work with you to meet your expectations. We do at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, so we can definitely speak for ourselves in that regard.

stackable eternity rings

Tip 11 – Minimalist Ring Stacks:

To further touch on prices, you don’t need to have the deepest pockets to make a stunning diamond ring stack. Understated looks are not only affordable, but they are also quite fashionable these days with minimalism going full force among younger generations. In fact, modern minimalist rings are most like antique rings, with solitaire settings and bands without intricate detailing, so that has a lot to do with it. Sometimes simple is the sexiest. And not only that, it makes a lot of sense to wear a minimalist ring stack on a daily basis if you often wear casual outfits.

Tip 12 – Common Theme:

We are all about uniqueness and mixing up flavors when it comes to ring stacks, however, sometimes a common theme and a unified look is what women prefer, and it can be superbly elegant. To create a look of unity, consider the elements that you want your rings to have, such as detailing (milgrain, filigree, etc.), gemstones, precious metals, and incorporate a common theme across the stack. This will create a cultivated and collected image. If it’s well-executed, you can still mix up some different looks while maintaining a strong motif.

Tip 13 – Creativity:

The last styling tip that we want to offer is to simply, be creative. You’ve gathered this through the tips we’ve offered above, but this is something that we can’t highlight enough. Ring stacks are a form of art, and art is subjective, so do whatever your heart desire. Let your ring stack march to the beat of your own drum.

stackable wedding band with solitaire

Gabriel & Co. 14K White Gold Diamond Eternity Bezel Set Band

Brands We Used To Create These Ring Stacks

We used two iconic designer brands to create the ring stacks featured in this article. Of course, there are many brands that you can choose from, so this is just a very small selection of what’s available. We chose Gabriel & Co. and Henri Daussi because they are two of our favorites. Here is a little about each brand.

Gabriel & Co.:

Gabriel & Company was founded in the 1980s by two brothers from New York named Jack and Dominick. They both had dynamic personalities and were talented visionaries. After recognizing a lack of distinction in the jewelry industry, the two brothers made to revolutionize the jewelry industry, at least to a certain degree.

They sought out help from a master jeweler named Elias Gabriel. Elias was their father. The Gabriel brothers were taught the art of bringing together diamonds, precious stones and metals to make timeless jewelry. The company specializes in engagement rings and wedding bands, which means they are perfect for engagement ring stacks. Gabriel & Co. has a strong commitment which helps them remain loyal to their original vision – creating superbly gorgeous and unique jewelry with unwavering customer service.

Gabriel & Co. is now currently one of the top designer engagement ring companies thanks to their artistic designs and fine quality. They prove their passion to the industry with each and every creation they produce. Their extensive line of timeless engagement rings comprises traditional, modern, minimalist, vintage style, and ornate designs, all of which aim to utterly satisfy modern brides across the map.

Shop our Gabriel & Co. Collection to create a diamond engagement ring stack today

Henri Daussi:

Henri was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1932. Antwerp was the heart of the world’s diamond trade for around 5 centuries and even today it is known as the diamond capital of the world.

As with the Gabriel brothers, Henri Daussi Loots was taught from his father, who was also taught from his father. These fine diamond cutting and jewelry making skills were passed down generation to generation by the Loots, each perfecting and evolving the craft to become what the brand Henri Daussi is today.

Henri Daussi was an innovator and a world-renowned diamond cutter, so it’s no wonder the brand is as prestigious and well recognized as it is in the modern day in age that we live. They take rough diamonds and turn them into exceptional jewelry. Henri Daussi is Europe’s premier diamond cutter and designer of fine luxury jewelry, and they are a brand that is sought after and recognized across the globe.

Henri Daussi is currently run by Bart, Jeff, and Kristiaan Loots. They are the grandsons of Henri Daussi Loot. Here is a quote from Henri Daussi that says everything you need to know about their values: ”Our family tradition of cutting beautiful diamonds and creating incredible jewels will forever keep true to its heritage. We are humbled and honored that our Daussi creations go on to be enjoyed and cherished by generations of families to come. We respect this opportunity and will never compromise on our commitment to quality, responsibility, and integrity.”

Shop our Henri Daussi Collection to create a diamond wedding ring stack today

Ring stacking styling tips

Where to buy stackable rings?

If you are looking for a wide selection of rings to choose from to create your wedding ring stack, Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton has award-winning collections that include a multitude of gorgeous stackable rings which are sure to captivate you and anyone around you. If you have any questions regarding diamond ring stacks, one of our expert jewelers on site will be sure to answer and help you in any way that you may need. You can stop in or contact us at any time.

Note: We also provide online service, which also provides 100% guarantees and reliable, trustworthy warrantees. Therefore, you can shop from the comfort of your home.

About Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Diamonds by Raymond Lee has been serving Boca Raton and South Florida’s insatiable need for diamonds for over 30 years. Our team of diamond advisers is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect engagement ring. We aim to provide unparalleled customer support and satisfaction. Our A+ BBB rating can vouch for this.

Our vision has always been to forge a unique, professional, and intimate vibe. We provide a shopping experience that works for all generations. We especially know what the modern jewelry buyer wants; and we keep traditions that never fade intact, such as sensibility, artistry, and craftsmanship.

We have been Sunny Florida’s premier engagement ring retailer since 2016.

If you want to learn more about our stackable diamond rings, please contact us today with any and all questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.
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