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Engagement Ring Pro Tips: How to Be a Smart Diamond Shopper

Engagement Ring Pro Tips: How to Be a Smart Diamond Shopper

When you’re engagement ring shopping, you want to get the best deal possible, right? And you should want to make it as easy as possible too. Well if you want both, you have a new slice of the internet in your corner. The blog Beyond 4 C’s covers the ins and outs of diamond shopping and diamond education for the non-Graduate Gemologist set (read: most customers.) We love the helpful tips and in-depth guides. All the information is well written, un-biased and explained clearly (but not in a dumbed down tone we’ve unfortunately seen elsewhere.) Rather, everything is laid out in a non-overwhelming, easily searchable, and reader friendly manner. And there are info graphics (our favorite.) One of our favorite ways to easily share information, bookmark it for later, and even pull up on your phone screen while you’re out shopping, info graphics are a great tool for diamond education. And this one is right up our alley: 12 Things you need to know to be a smart diamond shopper. So, check out these diamond shopping tips.

Carat weight: The best way to save here is to purchase a stone a few tenths of a carat away from your desired weight.

Clarity: For a step cut, aim for a VS (Very Slightly Included) clarity grade, and for brilliant cuts you should be in good shape with an SI grade, to get the most bang for your buck.

Color: Diamonds that are near colorless (G-J) are the perfect mix of value and beauty. However, if you’re buying a fancy shape (like cushion) stick to F color – these shapes tend to show color more than others.

Cut: Well, there’s no other way to put it:

“We forbid you to skimp here. Cut makes a diamond beautiful or flat. It gives a diamond its fire, its life. You cannot cut corners here, or your hard work to get the best deal using the factors above is wasted. What’s the point of a big diamond with beautiful color and great clarity if it looks dull and glasslike because of subpar proportions? So here, friend, splurge for the best diamond cut you can afford with the other factors in place.”


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