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So, How Much Does a Wedding Really Cost?

How much does a wedding really cost? Much like diamonds, a variety of factors determine the total cost of a wedding. A Saturday night blowout at your favorite 5 star resort is going to cost more than a lovely Sunday morning brunch in the greenhouse of your favorite botanical gardens. Both of those may cost more or less than a destination wedding in Hawaii. All three options might be less – or again, more – than a private affair in your parents’ backyard. Every wedding is different, and it all comes down to choices. Where the couple wants to allocate their budget. How much are they willing to DIY? What’s more important to them: the decor or the food? Live music or jaw dropping ceremony views? Unless you’re working with an unlimited budget, you will need to designate priorities on your wedding day. None of this is news. So when couples ask themselves (or Google) how much does a wedding really cost, it’s likely they’ll get the same answer we give when asked “How much does an engagement ring really cost?” It depends. However, one of our favorite wedding blogs Every Last Detail sought out the most detailed answer. Editor and professional planner Lauren polled her colleagues and fellow wedding pro’s for realistic average prices so that couples can get a rough idea of what each wedding vendor really costs. And how those “average wedding cost” figures really break down. This is the cost of working with professionals on your big day – a cost many (including us) think is well worth the guarantee and peace of mind. We’re all about DIY-ing fun, smaller projects, but if you’re going through the effort (and cold hard cash) to throw a big wedding, we think it’s well worth it to turn to people who know exactly what they’re doing. So, without further ado, we present to you how much a wedding really costs, courtesy of ELD.


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