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Every Bride Needs Her Something Blue

Every Bride Needs Her Something Blue

Something Blue Jewelry

As the saying goes, every bride needs ‘something old, something new, something borrow and something blue’ on her big day in order to ensure good luck. The tradition, developed in Britain during the Victorian era,  gives each token a special meaning for the bride. “Something old” symbolizes a bond to the bride’s family that can never be broken and remembrance of the past.  “Something new” symbolizes optimism and positive energy for the bride’s new life. The “something borrowed”, supposed to be passed down by a friend or family member who is happily married, is symbolic of a friend’s love and support.

But many ask themselves what the “something blue” represents. Blue has been a color connected to weddings for centuries signifying fidelity and loyalty. Blue has also been the color in which the Virgin Mary (in Christianity) has been dressed and so is thought to represent purity. Whatever the case may be, brides all over the world scavenge for the perfect “something blue” to complete their wedding day ensemble. But we at Raymond Lee Jewelers feel that brides should be pampered and taken care of, so we have done the scavenging for you.


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