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Gemstones: The New Craze for Engagement Rings

Gemstones: The New Craze for Engagement Rings

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings have been picking up momentum, and have become popular for all people, including celebrities.  In fact, there has been a huge increase in the number of engagement rings with colored stones in them.  Everybody from Duchess Kate Middleton to Halle Berry has been spotted with colored bling.  For some, it may indicate a preference for a certain fashion; for others, a more nontraditional and personal way to approach their upcoming engagement and nuptials.  Here are some of the more popular gemstones to choose from this summer:


Vivid-Blue sapphire ring 1

When Prince William gave Kate Middleton Princess Diana’s heirloom engagement ring, it  brought a great deal of sentimental value for couple. The massive blue sapphire center stone also instilled an idea of stepping outside of the colorless diamond box to choose a lovely ring for that special someone.  We associate this color with feelings of sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty. Wit the combined beauty and meaning, blue colored stones are a hit with the ladies, and can bring out that spark in her eyes that you have been waiting for.


The color of love, passion and emotion.  The color also radiates warmth and represents vitality and vivaciousness.  Ruby is said to be the king of gemstones, and represents the everlasting passion between couples.  Ruby engagement rings are not commonly seen with many women,  although celebrity designer Jessica Simpson shows how beautiful this precious gem can be. Simspon wears a 3 stone Neil Lane engagement ring featuring a 5carat oval ruby in the center.  According to designer Neil Lane, the ruby in Jessica Simpson’s ring represents the love between her and fiancé Eric Johnson.


Yellow diamond engagement rings have always been a winner with women.  The warm, vibrant tone of yellow has been a popular pick for many lovebirds.   The sight of a canary diamond or a fancy yellow diamond will elicit a squeal of delight from women all over, wishing to wear something as precious as a yellow diamond engagement ring.





Since pink diamonds are rare and costly, pink gemstones provide a more budget-friendly and equally attractive alternative.  Although the color pink does symbolize lust, it also represents femininity and the sweet tidings of romance.



With colored stones back in play in the field, people have a variety of choices to create a completely unique look for an engagement ring.  Some may venture out to more non-traditional path to see the splendor of colors as a way to express their own individuality and love with their significant other.


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