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How to Plan a Proposal

Choosing between all the proposal ideas can be baffling. Maybe you have already purchased a diamond engagement ring. How do you present that special diamond engagement ring to her to ask if she is willing to tie the knot? Whether you plan on marrying in a Church, Temple or at City Hall, it is a public announcement to the universe that your love can no longer be contained solely inside your heart but now you must share it with the world. Understanding the depth and gravity of what a marriage proposal is, is the first step in creating a memorable romantic event.

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There is an iconic image of a man on one knee, opening a beautiful small box, revealing the ring that he hopes will symbolize his lifelong devotion to her. Making that move to your knee will reveal more to your future bride than any diamond engagement ring could. It shows that you trust her enough to be humble in her presence. It may seem corny or old fashioned but it truly is a symbolic gesture that is profound. Demonstrating your trust in her is a large part of a romantic proposal. Though you may be bigger and stronger, risking the embarrassment of her refusing your offer makes you vulnerable. This vulnerability is incredibly romantic. Whether you’re the richest or poorest man in the world, it makes no difference. Are you willing to trust her enough to be vulnerable for the sake of demonstrating your love? Knowing the answer to this question will bring to light the truth or fallacy of your heart’s desire.

Where and when you present her with the engagement ring provides another opportunity to create a memorable and romantic event. There are as many good proposal locations as there are fish in the sea. It is important to choose a setting that is as unique as the two of you are. The correct time and place will demonstrate to her how much you understand her feelings. Just like trusting her, understanding her feelings, is a key to creating romance. Ask yourself: Where did you two meet? What makes her laugh? What makes her mouth water? Where have you witnessed her being most alive? The answers to these questions provide hints to where you should pop the question. A proposal is the beginning of your journey as a married couple and the end of the way you used to live in the world. Metaphorically every sunrise marks a new beginning in the same way that a sunset marks the end of the old. One of these two poetic moments, which occur everyday, could be a great time to get down on one knee and ask your dream girl to start her life with you. In a similar fashion a full moon could be a romantic moment to bring out that little box. But the perfect moment could just as easily be when the dessert that she “would die for” is placed before her at her favorite restaurant. Proposal ideas are plentiful, for you two there is only one, a diamond engagement ring that will really make a statement is a great starting point when planning your proposal.

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