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Spotlight On: Annelise Michelson Jewelry

Spotlight On: Annelise Michelson Jewelry

Want to blend in? Then definitely don’t consider Annelise Michelson Jewelry. The Parisian designer grew up in the artistic world of her parents and evolved a unique taste for fashion molded by continuous contact with the Paris artist and craftsman community, having studied in the Paris “Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture”. Harper’s Bazaar advises that Annelise Michelson’s trendy jewelry designs are definitely “not meant to blend in”. Harper’s describes Michelson’s jewelry designs as “colorful, edgy, playful, cool pieces”. Take, for example, Michelson’s Carnivore accessory line. Iconic supermodel Grace Jones was the inspiration behind this Michelson line, with hammered gold accessories designed to make a statement that in Michelson’s own words, she created to be “bold and strong,” “democratic, beautiful art” pieces.

Annelise Michelson jewelry is jewelry for her. However, Michelson laces her jewelry with a certain amount of contradiction, that is, her chains are heavy and strong but she mixes them with something delicate and soft—something light contrasted with something heavy in the same chain. One upscale London fashion merchant aptly notes that Michelson’s “tough-edged, iconic jewelry clashes textures to create a cool balance.”

Annelise discovered her passion for jewelry when a stylist asked her to make some accessories for a French Vogue shooting—she formally launched her first collection in 2010. Michelson’s jewelry from Paris is the antithesis of the factory milled variety. Her jewelry is handcrafted exclusively in France and fabricated exclusively with French products and only in limited quantities. With Annelise Michelson’s background in art and design, it is no wonder that she approaches each piece of jewelry that she creates as a unique and beautiful piece of art. Viral Fashion.com refers to Annelise Michelson’s jewelry as “simple elegance”.

Oh, did you say you don’t want to blend in? Then Annelise Michelson’s artistic jewelry might just be the right pit stop for a refreshing change from the common, into a unique Parisian handcrafted fashion accessory experience.


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