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Thanksgiving Jewelry Ideas

Thanksgiving Jewelry Ideas

Thanksgiving is the major start of the fall and winter holiday season, and it’s a time when everyone gets back together to trade stories, meet new family members, and enjoy lots of good food over a big dinner. What better time to provide a wonderful holiday gift or wear a new set of earrings or necklace to open the season with? When it comes to luxury jewelry for the holiday, there are a number of good choices, and this year a couple of them stand out noticeably.

Luxury is often defined by history, time and age as much as it is by quality and price value. Imagine being able to wear jewelry at the holiday that was worn and used 2,000 years ago. It’s not the sort of thing that is easy to find or readily available, making such a gift extremely unique in a world where most things can be had by anyone at the right price. Just such a jewelry opportunity is available with authentic Roman Empire coins.

Indigenous tribal art and native art have frequently been favorites during the holidays and fall time, especially given the Thanksgiving history. The fine jewelry feather pendants and earrings created by Stephen Webster make for beautiful, eye-catching evening wear that any woman will stand out with, especially when matching with the right dress and outfit. These beautifully crafted items have a price range of $6,000 to $8,000, depending on whether the pendant or earrings are purchased and make a fine gift set.

This ring is designed by Theo Fennell, and it include a green beryl center stone set in 18k, hand-crafted gold with dark inset. The inside edge of the ring itself is also bordered with a beautiful band of diamonds for an offset coloring. The beryl stone set itself lifts, showing a frog carving of gold situated on a reed, as if floating in a forest pond. The price range for this ring is likely over $32,000, but more so a buyer will need to travel to London to purchase it. The ring is not available for shipping. That said, a private courier can likely handle the affair with a purchase in proxy.

Holiday evening dinners are a great time to bring out deeper colored jewelry, and the dark red shard necklace from Annoushka is a wonderful choice. It will definitely provide an attractive offset to the wearer’s skin and dress, being held together with an 18k gold infrastructure. Each stone is uniquely different from the other, making the necklace a bit of a one-of-a-kind. The entire strand is held together with sold gold clasps and connections, bringing out the warmth of the holiday evening when worn for a dinner event. Price range to expect is likely over $16,000, depending on the retail source.

Again, the Thanksgiving holiday is the turn of the season, so it’s a great opportunity to bring out some eye-catching jewelry both as a gift or as a new item worn. Take the moment to enjoy the season and show off some of the most interesting pieces this year.


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