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Another Pink Diamond Makes Headlines: Record Breaking Purple Pink at Sotheby's

Another Pink Diamond Makes Headlines: Record Breaking Purple Pink at Sotheby's

A pink diamond is not often the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks about a luxury jewelry piece. However, when that colored diamond is the Sotheby’s Pink Diamond that just sold for a cool $17.8 million, pink becomes fashionable in the high end circles.

For comparison, a blue and pink diamond ring stone set sold for $10 million at Sothebys, carrying just over 6 carats in final cut weight. The Sotheby’s Pink Diamond pear stone, with its natural color shaped into a diamond cut rings in at a heavy 8.41 carats and has already gained high praise for both the exceptional work of the stone as well as its extreme clarity.

Extreme Clarity

Most large diamonds increase the chance of lower clarity scores because there is far more stone material to become obscure is such a size. There is also the chance of microscopic cracking as the large size increases the chance of pressures affecting the overall stone as well. However, when a large stone retains exception clarity, it’s a major event, both in the geological as well as luxury worlds. Taking advantage of the inherent color in the stone, the Sotheby’s Pink Diamond is set in a platinum frame and ring, surrounded by small circular diamonds for a visual border on the ring band. Designed to fit a hand with a ring size of 5.5, the Sotheby’s Pink Diamond ring will definitely be sought after for years to come, particularly when it comes up to auction again in the future.

The current pear-shaped ring offering is not the first time Sotheby’s has put out a pink diamond under the auction gavel. The event occur from time to time. And when they do there’s a big crowd. These large stones are as big as a thumb digit at least, and they often draw large buyers because of the unique nature of the stone’s color and rarity on the market.

Top End Classification

In many instances, pink diamonds of large size are also at the top notch of their quality and purity. They are frequently classified in the Type IIa category, noting the extreme chemical purity of the stone and its exceptional clarity in being transparent to view. It takes work to produce a diamond of this type, with the latest one having been found a cut to size by DeBeers from an original 18 carat stone.

Hidden After Purchase

The competition for the auction on the Pink Diamond ring was hot and amped up days before the auction occurred. And, as in most large auctions, the buyer’s identity is protected after the winning bid is made. However, it won’t take long for the Pink Diamond ring to make an appearance in luxury circles. When it does, the wearer will immediately stand out as a result. In the meantime, he or she will own a piece of unique luxury from Mother Nature, cut and polished by some of the best gem experts in the industry.


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