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2 Unique Vintage-Inspired Quad Bridal Sets That You Will Love

2 Unique Vintage-Inspired Quad Bridal Sets That You Will Love

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When planning your wedding, what’s the first step? Shopping for an engagement ring, right? After all, that is typically where a happy marriage truly begins… 

So, we have a question for you…Have you considered buying a unique bridal set stack instead of purchasing your engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity bands separately? 

Bridal sets ensure that your engagement ring stack will have a harmonious look. Moreover, the sooner a woman can stack her rings, the better!

unique bridal sets

In this post, we are going to show you 2 unique custom vintage-inspired bridal sets using not three but FOUR rings – one engagement ring, and three wedding bands…

In today’s age, that is what women desire. The more rings to stack the merrier…

But, you might be wondering, “can I even wear a bridal set right away?”

Wearing an engagement ring stack (bridal set) before marriage

Traditionally, women first wear their engagement ring, then when they are married they add their wedding band to the same ring finger, and eventually, during a milestone in your relationship (newborn child, anniversary, etc.), your spouse will present you with an eternity ring to make the 3 ring stack.

However, these days, it’s common for women to not only choose their own engagement ring but also create and wear a bridal set stack right from the get-go.

If you prefer to wait until your wedding day, that’s totally up to you. Some people like to keep tradition.

In any case, with a four band bridal set, you can wear at least two of the bands with your engagement ring and save the wedding band for your ceremony. 

Women want to stack rings, it’s fashionable and it looks stunning. A well-done stack will enhance your engagement ring. 

Moreover, a custom bridal set allows you to show your creativity!

So, what’s the bottom line? There is absolutely no right or wrong way when it comes to designing your bridal set and wearing your rings. You can wear just your engagement ring until the wedding, one band and an engagement ring, three rings or even four rings! 

Ultimately, there is only one rule to follow – make sure you do whatever makes you happy!

2 Custom & Unique Vintage-inspired Bridal Sets at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton

Check out two gorgeous and unique vintage-inspired bridal sets (4 rings stacks) that we created at Raymond Lee Jewelers and Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

We hope this will give you some inspiration as you shop for your bridal ring set. 

Tip for creating custom bridal sets included*

Bridal Set 1: Rose Gold & Platinum

vintage bridal sets

For this first bridal set, you will notice we mismatch shapes and colors to create a unique bridal set stack where ultimately every piece works together wonderfully but in a contradicting manner.

This is the perfect example of how uniformity doesn’t have to mean conformity. Compatibility comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s up to you to decide what style you love.

This stack features a marquise wedding band, stackable rose gold beaded band, a pave diamond wedding band, and a big pear shaped diamond engagement ring with baguette side stones.

Let us briefly discuss each piece individually and how they fit with the stack as a whole…For more information and pricing, you can see the full sales listings by clicking the accompanying links below. 

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring
pear shaped bridal set

First, let’s look at the main attraction…

We chose a prodigious 5.6 carat pear shaped GIA certified diamond engagement ring. It features a solitaire setting with baguette side stones and a smooth high polished platinum band. We knew we had a winner with this engagement ring…

Now that we had our engagement ring chosen, we could find wedding bands that complement it. Remember, we are creating a unique custom bridal set, so for us, “complement” doesn’t mean “perfectly match”. Mismatched and tonal looks are trending big time and we don’t see that changing any time soon. 

Think about it like clothes. People aren’t wearing perfectly matching clothes these days…save that for old Russian men wearing Addidas tracksuits or the Miami Heat during game time. Matching your hat and your shirt and your shoes perfectly is a thing of the past. The same goes for jewelry…Now that doesn’t mean you have to be totally mismatched, but using contrasts, tones, and shades of various colors and designs is where it’s at…of course, when done right, that is.

So, we knew we wanted to create a 4 ring bridal stack. Moreover, we wanted to incorporate mixed metals, round shapes and another curvaceous fancy diamond cut.

Rose Gold Pave Diamond Wedding Band
rose gold bridal set

Next, we had our minds set on a classic pave diamond wedding band. As we were going for a mixed metal stack, we wanted this piece to be rose gold. So, we choose a beautiful Henri Daussi rose gold half pave diamond wedding band. There are 15 round brilliant diamond set in 14K rose gold. Rose gold is very durable so this will pair up in strength with the platinum engagement ring without issues of abrasion. What’s more, the size of this band is slightly thinner than the band of the engagement ring, which is exactly what we want. Size is a very important aspect of wedding stacks. Having a wedding band that is much larger than the engagement ring just wouldn’t look right, even when creating a contrasting bridal set. 

Rose Gold Stackable Band
rose gold wedding set

Pulling the rose gold color into the next layer of this wedding stack, we went for a 14K rose gold stackable ladies ring by Gabriel. There are no diamonds on this band and it has a beaded shape, which provides a surprisingly powerful and exquisite juxtaposition between the other bands. It’s a subtle piece that plays big role in this bridal stack.

Marquise Diamond Wedding Band
marquise bridal set

The fourth and final piece that we had our heart set on was a gorgeous platinum marquise diamond wedding band by Tacori. This ring comes in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. We chose platinum because it is very durable, which is an important attribute when stacking with rose gold bands and a platinum engagement ring.

How we created and stacked this bridal set?

There really are no rules for which order to stack your bridal set rings.

Typically, for three ring stacks, the engagement ring is either in the middle or on top, and for four ring stacks, the engagement ring is put on last. And no matter what size stack, the wedding band is put on first as it remains “closest to your heart”.

For this stack, being that the engagement ring has a pear shaped centerpiece, we put the engagement ring on top. Pear engagement rings are normally worn with the tip pointing away from the wearer. So stacking it on top of the wedding bands was an obvious choice. And as you can see, it looks great.

We put the two rose gold wedding bands in the middle and the marquise wedding band on the bottom because that creates the best contrast between the pink and white colors of the platinum and rose gold bands.  

All in all, we absolutely love this creative bridal set stack. The shapes, the colors, and the sizes don’t “match”, but as a whole, it all goes together impeccably. Most of all, it’s super unique, elegant, and vivacious. 

Moreover, it has a wonderfully vintage look to it.

Bridal Set 2: White & Yellow Gold

unique wedding sets

For our second custom bridal set, we choose a yellow and white theme – yellow gold and white gold was the metal we desired.

Again, we knew we wanted to mix up shapes to create a polarity between each piece. 

By pairing round and edgy shapes together, we accomplished that with immaculate form…

So, this unique bridal set features three yellow gold rings – a round beaded stackable band, a hexagonal diamond band, and another round beaded diamond-less band – with a white gold square radiant cut halo engagement ring. 

We really love how this bridal set has a vintage feel to it. It’s a vintage style bridal set with modern shine.

Let’s look at each piece individually to discuss why we chose them and how they fit with the stack as a whole…For more information and pricing on each of the rings, you can see the full sales listings by clicking the accompanying links below.

Halo Engagement Ring
mixed metal bridal stack

It’s always best to start with the engagement ring as that will be the most expensive piece, typically speaking. Moreover, the engagement ring is the center of attention, and the bands should always complement and enhance it, not the other way around. 

We picked an 18K white gold Henri Daussi halo engagement ring with a pave diamond band. The halo setting amplifies the centerstone, with the pave diamonds adding to the overall sparkle and shine. It’s a vintage-style ring with modern appeal and we were sure it would work well with other shapes and colors. 

From here, we had our minds on 3 yellow gold wedding bands…

Yellow Gold Band by Gabriel & Co

The first wedding band we choose was a 14K yellow gold band by Gabriel. It’s a simple piece and the round beaded appearance really offsets the engagement ring in a stunning way. 

Hexagonal Diamond Wedding Band
hexagonal wedding band set

Next, we selected a wedding band with an angular shape to pull in the shape of the engagement ring with the rest of the stack. 

It’s a 14K yellow gold diamond stackable ladies band by Gabriel. It features hexagonal diamonds in a hexagonal bezel setting. It’s an understated yet breathtaking wedding band that has the perfect size for this stack. We immediately knew this ring would pop amazingly within the stack. 

Lagos Caviar Yellow Gold Band
yellow and white gold wedding set

Lastly, we choose a Lagos Caviar 18K yellow gold ladies ring. It has a similarly round beaded shape as the second piece of this stack, but the shape is slightly ovalish. It brings some uniformity into an otherwise uberly distinct bridal set. 

Using this as a base of the bridal set stack would allow us to create contrast and uniformity with the other rings. 

How we created and stacked this bridal set?

With the goal of creating a bridal stack that was a wealthy combination of “vintage” and “contemporary”, we were super happy with how this bridal set came out. 

We kept the mixing of metals very simple on this one. A white gold engagement ring on top and 3 yellow gold wedding bands on bottom. 

We knew this would create a good contrast as the white gold engagement ring has a large centerpiece so the three bands equal out the overall two tone color nicely. What’s more, yellow and white gold goes together perfectly. 

We chose to put the hexagonal diamond band in the middle of the two round beaded diamond-less bands as it spread the diamond-beauty evenly across the stack. Also, the angular shape and white diamonds contrasted beautifully with the round and pure yellow gold bands. 

Altogether, we created a gorgeous vintage-inspired stack ample in gold and perfectly understated in diamonds. For a four piece bridal stack, there is nothing “extra” about it, yet it definitely shows creativity and it is surely elegant and breathtaking. 

If you like either of these unique bridal sets, they can be yours! All you have to do is contact us and/or come down to our showroom in Boca Raton.

Want to create a custom bridal set stack?

wedding jewelry in boca raton

You can create your very own stack at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. 

Whether you want a matching bridal set or you want to create a mix metal custom bridal set to your very own liking, we have everything you’ll want and need at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers. 

Check out our wide range of:

Bridal Ring Sets
Wedding Bands
Engagement Rings

Come down to our showroom in Boca Raton and create your own custom bridal stack! Try out any ring you’d like to see what works. We are there to assist you and meet all of your bridal jewelry desires. 

Why buy a bridal set?

Purchasing multiple pieces will surely get you a slight discount, and when purchasing expensive items, a slight discount can go a long way. 

So, you can save some money when buying everything together all at once.

How to stack wedding bands 101

Want bridal jewelry? 

Bridal jewelry is second to your wedding dress, so it’s important that you get the jewelry you love for your wedding day. 

This includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even tiaras. 

We have an extensive collection of fine diamond and gemstone bridal jewelry. Everything from tennis bracelets and Cartier Love bangles, to three strand diamond necklaces and pendants of all styles, to dangle diamond drop earrings and classic pearls…and of course, luxury watches like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. 

Have a look at this simple yet elegant bridal jewelry ensemble…

wedding jewelry sets

All of this jewelry and more is available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee:

Shop Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Necklaces, Diamond Earrings and Luxury Swiss Watches.

PS. Men’s watches are great for women too. This is a huge trend. As you can see in the pic above, she’s wearing a “men’s” Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Moonphase in 18K Yellow Gold to perfection. 

Let us know which quad bridal set you like better in the comments below, set 1 or set 2? And why?!


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