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Diamond jewellery & luxury cars

Diamond jewellery & luxury cars

where to buy diamond jewellery

What do diamond jewellery and luxury cars bring to mind for you? Perhaps a glamorous lifestyle, luxury, opulence and glittering gold. Diamond earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Luxury watches and the fast lane. 

There is nothing short of exciting and fabulous when it comes to driving in diamonds. Even for those of us with some of the most particular and personalised preferences there is no doubt agreement that no one looks better than when they are dripping in diamonds. 

diamond jewellery model

If you want to know the value of a diamond you look to the diamond 4 C’s. However, as you might already know these are not always easy to tell without specialised equipment. That is where certificates and diamond grading agencies come in. Yes really you can have your diamonds and diamond jewellery certified. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee a lot of our jewelry with diamonds and other precious gems already is! Do not worry if these certificates are news to you. We will quickly cover need to knows below when it comes to some of the main certificate labs. 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamond jewellery is the best way to turn up an outfit no matter where you are going. So whether you are spoiling yourself or are looking to make a special lady in your life happy – diamond jewellery is the way to go. 

shopping for diamond jewellery

And if you are looking to make her happily ever after happy – we have the solitaire diamond rings for that too. Thinking of popping the question is something that takes time and careful consideration. However, once you know you do just know don’t you? 

Let us have a look at some of the finest diamond rings and other diamond jewellery we have to offer here at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Diamond jewellery

diamond jewellery

Dressing up your diamond jewelry is not always easy. A little bit of consideration, time and a lot of bling go a long way though. Powerful pieces are like a luxury car – they look great from every angle. Specially speeding by. Our recommendation for wearing diamond jewellery is what has always been the go to trend and beauty standard. Stack them up! Nothing makes diamonds and jewelry look better than more diamond jewellery.

More is more and less is a bore. Whether we are talking about iced out bracelets, eternity rings or every piece of jewelry that you put on. Bling it up with different diamond cuts, carat weights and designs for an intricate pattern that draws the eye.

diamond jewellery and luxury cars

The curves of a luxury car like Mercedes do just that. They take your eyes from one gleaming end to the other. And that is what we all expect from diamond jewelry is it not? Glimmering and glittering head to toe. There is nothing quite like diamond rings stacked hight to go with some diamond earrings and perhaps even diamond bracelets to go too. 

The thicker and higher the stack the better. For a luxury lifestyle that integrates all of the finest, most exclusive and well made things there is no doubt that diamonds and fast rides cover them pretty well. Match those up with a luxury timepiece and then we are really talking. It is the refined, classy and always glamorous look that thousands look for and few really and truly achieve. 

Status symbols? Sure but we prefer to call them by their name luxury lifestyle living. After all diamonds are a girl’s best friend and who does not want to go for a drive with their best friends? Around town in the world’s paradise what more could you want. 

diamond rings stacked

Certified diamonds 

All diamonds glitter and shine but they are not all made equally. Diamonds take a very long time to form in a process that is undoubtedly one of the most complex in the world. As carbon is forced down and pushed under immense pressure the molecules trap together to form one of the Earth’s most incredible and hardest gems ever. 

While this is happening it will come as no surprise that some small blemishes end up inside of the diamonds. That is a fault, speck or some other inclusion that makes the diamond less than 100% translucent. 

That being said diamond qualities or grades are not measured in percentages either. They have their very own scale. How do you see diamond quality? There are 4 steps also known as the Diamond 4 C’s. And they include the color scale and clarity. Each of these two are important aspects in grading a diamond. The scales are also according to some governing bodies the most well known of which we have included below: 

jewelry with diamonds GIA certified

Diamond certificates: 

  • Gemological Institute of America
  • American Gemological Laboratories
  • European Gemological Laboratory
  • International Gemological Laboratories
  • Hoge Raad voor Diamant
  • American Gem Society

These are some of the laboratories, institutes and societies that grade diamond quality. Looking at each of the 4 C’s for a specific diamond or a piece of diamond jewelry allows them to determine the overall qualification of the precious stones. They certify vital details of your stone. Some are internationally recognized others only locally. However, you are guaranteed to know more about your diamond jewellery with one of these certificates.

A majority of our jewelry at Diamonds by Raymond Lee come with certificates. These are presented to you along with the box and diamond ring or other jewelry with diamonds that you purchase ready for you. 

diamond rings

Diamond rings

A classic of classic diamond rings are a go to when it comes to jewelry in general but also jewelry with diamonds. It is easy to love and even easier to stack up. However, the point is to make sure you can flash and shine with your hands on the wheel. 

One of our absolute favorite diamond rings are eternity rings. These are also known as infinity rings and feature diamonds all the way around the band. Generally these are placed right next to each other for a flush style design. The continuous line of stones of identically cut diamonds works well with a few different diamond cuts. One of the most stunning is undoubtedly the emerald cut diamond eternity band though. It features incredible mirror like diamonds repeating one after another, accentuating the geometric cut’s features. Some of them even have additional accent diamonds in another cut like round cut diamonds flanking the main central row of diamonds.

diamond jewellery

Platinum 14.19ctw GIA Certified Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Here is one of the most incredible platinum set diamond eternity or infinity bands in our collection. It features a spectacular 14.19 carats of GIA Certified emerald cut diamonds. This ring has an incredible combination of diamonds that are all J in color and VS2 in clarity. The 14 emerald cut diamonds sit flush against one another for a massive 9.7 gram ring. 

Platinum 7ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Another platinum set eternity or infinity diamond band in our collection is a smaller but still large 7 carat diamond band. Smaller than the one above in carat weight it is still a striking ring with a good thick width. 

diamond ring

18k White Gold 7.33ctw Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Then of course an 18 carat white gold band featuring a few more carats of diamonds. This 7.33 carat emerald cut diamond band is only slightly different from the ring above but the white gold requires a bit more care and attention than platinum. After all platinum is one of the world’s hardest precious metals around. 

18k White Gold 5.87ctw Round Brilliant Diamond Eternity Band

Finally a slightly different approach is this round brilliant cut diamond band. It is set in 18 carat white gold like the ring above but has 5.87 carats of round diamonds. These precious stones are F/G in color SI in clarity weighing in at a total 5.7 grams.

Diamond earrings

diamond earrings model

One of the staples of a diamond jewelry collection are diamond earrings. A basic for a dazzling look are diamond stud earrings. These are the little sparkling and dazzling stones that bring out your eyes. From all of the diamond jewellery diamond earrings are an easy go to and definitely a day to day everyday pairing. 

14k Yellow Gold 1.91ctw Round Brilliant GIA Diamond Studs

Like these 14 carat yellow gold earrings featuring approximately 1.91 carats of round brilliant GIA certified diamond stud earrings. They are M in color and SI1 in clarity. The GIA certificate number is #2175675865. These are great daily wear earrings that add another almost 2 carats to your diamond jewellery style.

people shopping for jewelry with diamonds

Solitaire diamond ring sale

One of our truly best ranges though have to be our solitaire diamond rings. These are some of the finest engagement rings, wedding rings, and promise rings. Our collection features some of the most amazing and best brands in the world. These include:

  • Tacori 
  • Gabriel & Co. 
  • Henri Daussi 
  • Verragio 
  • A. Jaffe
  • Simon G.
solitaire diamond ring

All of these brands have deep ethos that represent the symbols of love that they create themselves. The symbols of the eternal love that you and your partner share. All of them have an extreme understanding of their work. Particularly when it comes to the techniques, quality and craftsmanship for the highest level of commitment to success. These luxury items they craft are unique and have the personal touch that your own personality brings. Many of these settings and solitaire diamond ring settings can be personalised to your preferences too. 

You can see all of our solitaire diamond ring sale online or at our stores. We believe there is no better way to find the right jewelry for you than to try it on.

Tacori RoyalT HT2623 Round Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

A gorgeous example of some of our round solitaire diamond rings is this Tacori Royal T setting. It is available in a wide range of different precious metals like platinum, 18 carat white, rose or yellow gold. It has accent diamonds surrounding the four prong solitaire centre. Set three fourths of the way down the band are the 1.65 carats of accents to make the solitaire diamond shine even brighter. This is a setting that weighs around 9.1 grams and can be sized to your finger.

solitaire diamond ring

Diamonds by Raymond Lee 

If you are interested in buying any of the diamond jewellery featured here today just let us know below in the comments!

These are just a few of our extensive offerings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We are the premier destination for diamond jewelry like diamond rings, diamond earrings, necklaces, bracelets and fine watches in Boca Raton. Our showrooms are conveniently located and fully outfitted. For jewelry repairs while you wait and watch services like tune ups in store just visit one of our two locations.

You can chat to one of our diamond advisers and have a walk through our glass case displays with a cold drink while you wait. Our team of passionate jewelry experts are here to show you anything you might be interested in or help you find the next diamond piece to join your jewelry collection. 

Let us know what your favorites are or the personal style you prefer and we will show off some of the pieces in our widely curated collection. You can have the peace of mind that each and every piece in our collection has been inspected and tested by our craftsmen. Who have been working with diamond jewelry and fine timepieces for longer than we have been open. And that is over thirty years! You can trust them to tell you that each item in our collection is of the quality you expect. 

solitaire diamond ring

Our commitment as always is to superior service and luxury experiences. So drop by anytime or join us for one of our exciting events. We always have sick rides in the front of our stores – our clients make sure of that. But we also plan out an entire day just for our sports car fans to get together for Diamonds and Donuts. Don’t miss the next one.

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