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Lais Freitas: Diamonds by Raymond Lee Photoshoot with New Jewelry

Lais Freitas: Diamonds by Raymond Lee Photoshoot with New Jewelry

used rolex

In this Diamonds by Raymond Lee photoshoot, we had the pleasure of shooting a gorgeous model by the name of Lais Freitas wearing some of our new diamond jewelry.

Lais is a Brazilian model who lives right here in our beautiful city of Boca Raton.

We thought she would be a great fit for a diamond jewelry photoshoot at Diamonds by Raymond Lee, and we were absolutely right…

lais freitas photoshoot

Diamonds by Raymond Lee Photoshoot with Lais Freitas

Lais wore three outfits for this photoshoot, and each outfit saw the same exquisite, elegant diamond jewelry set up. 

It was an immaculately graceful, dripping-in-ice look. She really loved the jewelry, so we are expecting you to love it too.

Every piece of jewelry she wore was white gold with white diamonds.

We also gave her a Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona to rock for the photoshoot! 

Everything paired perfectly, and as a whole it completely enhanced her already captivatingly good looks.

So, let’s have a look at how she styled the white diamond jewelry with her three tantalizing outfits.  

White on White Diamonds

new diamond engagement rings

For the first outfit, which most of the photoshoot focused on, Lais Freitas wore a sexy strapless white crop top and high waist blue jeans. 

With all the jewelry, this outfit is the perfect amalgamation of seductive and sophisticated. 

Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Engagement ring
new diamonds by raymond lee jewelry

Lais is wearing a stunning pear shaped diamond engagement ring that’s big enough to always be the center of attention…and that is saying a lot considering all the gorgeous sparkling diamond jewelry she has on. 

The pear shape diamond is hugged tightly by a halo of small round brilliant diamonds, which amplifies this already large centerpiece in a majestic way. 

And to take the shine up to level 10, the band is pave diamond too!

A pear diamond engagement ring of this caliber is hard to find. So, with this ring, you can show both your creativity and uniqueness through rare beauty. 

Shop pear shaped engagement rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Large Bodice Diamond Ring
photoshoot at diamonds by raymond lee

On her right hand, Lais Freitas sports a large bodice ring. It has a sensuous curvature to it which makes it stand out immediately. Not to mention, all the round brilliant diamonds set into the 18K white gold arch.

This ring is the true definition of beauty and elegance and it pairs perfectly with other diamond jewelry. 

If you like to make a statement with jewelry, and more specifically, a ring – but in a sophisticated way – this bodice diamond ring will surely accomplish that.   

Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona
woman wearing stainless steel rolex daytona

A stainless steel Rolex Daytona is one of the most, if not the most, coveted and iconic watches in the world…and that is exactly what Lais Freitas is donning in this Diamonds by Raymond Lee photoshoot. 

Only the best for our models!

Traditionally a men’s watch, this Rolex Daytona has a 40mm case that fits Lais impeccably. 

Women have the world at their finger tips these days when it comes to luxury watches. They can choose from men’s and women’s watches. So everything is on the table, including this Rolex Daytona reference 116520. 

This particular stainless steel Rolex Daytona 116520 is a V series, so it was released around 2009. It features a stainless steel case with a fixed tachymeter bezel. It has a powerfully eye-catching white dial, which is covered by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The pearly white dial displays 3 subdials, as do all classic Daytona watches. There’s the 60 second, 30 minute and 12 hour chronographs. 

Originally made for car racers, the stainless steel Daytona is perfect for anyone who lives in the fast lane. 

Moreover, owning this watch makes it clear that you know the best in the world of horology…

And the final thing we’d like to point out is how the stainless steel Rolex Daytona goes immaculately with the rest of her jewelry. The stainless steel case and bracelet, and the white dial, it matches all of her white gold and white diamond jewelry as if they were meant for each other. It really doesn’t get more “in sync” and coetaneous than this. 

Graduated Diamond Tennis Necklace
new diamond jewelry

Lais is wearing not one, but two diamond tennis necklaces…

We are first going to talk about the shorter one first.

It is a 17 inch diamond graduated tennis necklace made of 14K white gold. It features an astounding 17 carats of magnificent round brilliant diamonds. 

The design is truly classic and timeless, with the diamond graduating from smaller to bigger until it reaches the centerline where the largest diamond hovers gently over her collar bone. 

All in all, this necklace shimmers with the beauty that only continuously set diamonds can produce. It’s a piece that looks like it’s worth millions, so it instantly declaring spending power. 

So, if you love diamonds and you are into being a show stopper, this graduated diamond tennis necklace was made for you.

Long Diamond Tennis Necklace
new jewelry at diamonds by raymond lee

Pairing with the diamond graduated tennis necklace, amazingly, is another diamond tennis necklace…but this one is straight and long. 

It is an 18k white gold 32-inch diamond tennis necklace that features 14.68 carats of stunning round brilliant prong set diamonds. 

It adds major glamour to Lais outfit, and it looks great with her free-from-garment décolletage. 

What’s more, it really pull in all the diamond jewelry together, connecting her diamond demeanor from top down. 

If you love a cosmopolitan, celebrity-style look, this long diamond tennis necklace has your name all over it. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelet
lais freitas model

What better way to match two diamond tennis necklaces than with an equally impressive diamond tennis bracelet.

Taking her diamond mystique to her wrist, Lais has on an astonishingly breathtaking 11 carat round brilliant diamond tennis necklace. 

It’s made from 18K white gold and the diamonds are set in a way that allows the round brilliant diamonds to truly show their shape and shine in all of their grandeur. 

A diamond tennis bracelet is a classic design that every elite woman owns. And one of this magnitude really shows why this bracelet style has been around, and moreover, very popular, for decades. It’s simply stunning, and undeniably queenly. 

Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings
diamonds by raymond lee photoshoot

The final touch to her diamond jewelry ensemble is a pair of unforgettably elegant inside out diamond hoop earrings. 

When it comes to earrings, every woman wants a pair of precious hoop earrings…and diamond hoop earrings are the apex of all hoop earrings, especially when they have an inside out design to maximize shine.

Both the inner and outer front faces are set with sizable gleaming stones of excellent quality. 

And what’s really great about this classic and brilliant style is how versatile they are. Whether you are out for a causal lunch or dressed up for a formal gathering, these inside out diamond hoop earrings will complete your outfit and win over anyone who’s caught in its shimmer. 

Toyota Supra 2JZ Turbo

south florida jewelry model

Thanks to our friend Jorge Prat, we were able to take pictures of Lais Freitas in a world renowned Toyota Supra 2JZ.

This Toyota Supra has the legendary “Two-Jay-Zee” engine. 

We are talking about a twin-turbocharged, iron-block, 3.0-liter overbuilt powerhouse engine made in Japan.

It’s common knowledge among car enthusiast that Toyota went completely overboard when designing this engine…in the most impressive and awesome way possible. 

This is the same engine from the 1994 Toyota Supra  in the movie Fast and the Furious, which was the major car driven by Brian O’Conner.

The Toyota 2JZ Engine…on Steroids

Straight out of the factory, the 2JZ-GTE is straight up special. It has dual overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, liquid cooled sequential turbos keeping the power band perfectly broad, a distributor-less ignition system, and an angular 1-to-1 bore-to-stroke ratio that offers an essential agreement between low-end grunt and high end power…

Now that’s already super, but when you start upgrading and tuning it, the engine goes from special to positively out of this world…and that is exactly what Jorge Prat did. 

What’s more, Jorge didn’t just soup up the engine. He’s done all types of customizations and modifications to his Turbo Supra 2JZ. From the engine to the seats to the wheels, this bad boy is souped up to the max, and it was all done with impeccable finesse that lets us know this man’s skills with cars is unrivaled. 

His Toyota Supra is one of the hottest sports cars from the 90s that we’ve seen in a long time.

model for jewelry

More than just being an badass car with an astonishing engine, the pearl white color went flawlessly with Lais Freitas outfit and jewelry. If matching your car to your outfit is a thing, it’s done with impeccable form here. It really doesn’t get any cleaner than this jewelry, clothes and cars combo. 

Diamonds and Donuts

If you know Diamonds by Raymond Lee, then you know our love for cars.

Each month we host a car show called Diamonds and Donuts right here in Boca Raton at our very own showroom and parking lot. 

All the hottest cars in South Florida gather together to have a good time at Diamonds and Donuts

We are proud to say that it its now one of the best car shows in South Florida. If you’ve never been and you like cars and jewelry, you will not want to miss another one..

So, since Lais was going to be modeling the jewelry in the white Toyota Supra, it was only right to have her throw on a Diamonds and Donuts hat so we could do a shameless plug. Not to mention, the hat is dope…(we sell them at Diamonds by Raymond Lee if anybody wants one).

Extravagant Yet Casual

What’s really interesting is how amazingly well all of this extravagant jewelry goes with a casual outfit like this. It goes to show how versatile each piece she’s wearing is. Moreover, it tells you that you can dress up in diamond jewelry like this Every. Single. Day. no matter what the occasion is…although you might want to take them off before hitting the gym…However, beach time? You are good to go, shining brighter than the South Florida sun. 

Close Up 

lais freitas

To end the shoot, Lais put on a black low v-neck top that matched her silky black hair and stunningly thick eyelashes. 

We took a close up shot to show how harmonious all the jewelry is together.   

The earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelet and watch all complement each other as if they were made to be worn together. 

Nothing is an exact match, but the ensemble as a whole is perfection. From the round diamonds to the brilliance of every piece to the white gold, it’s a flawless pairing of jewelry, top to bottom.

If you want any of these pieces, you can view the full sales listings online by following the links within the article or you can contact us directly for availability and pricing. 

Note: All of the extravagant jewelry in this photoshoot are new to our extensive collection of fine diamond jewelry – You can see all of our jewelry online at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers

Lais Freitas

We want to give a special thanks to Lais Freitas. She was super easy to work with and we are really happy with how this photoshoot came out…

We definitely recommend heading over to her Instagram page. You’ll be met with irresistible photos of Lais Freitas sporting alluring bikinis while enjoying the sunshine and beach, and Lais dressed to the nine in elegant dresses ready for some South Florida fun. Her style is truly inspiring. 

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