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New Diamond Jewelry: Mixed Metals and a Casual yet Diamond Chic Look

New Diamond Jewelry: Mixed Metals and a Casual yet Diamond Chic Look

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We have some exquisite new jewelry in store for you today. So, get ready to explore the exclusivity and innovate styles of diamond jewelry available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

See how we pair diamond jewelry with mixed metals and different stacks of rings and bangles. 

If you appreciate diamond jewelry inspiration, you are going to love this one.

So, let’s just jump right in…

photoshoot of new diamond jewelry

“Casual yet Diamond Chic” Mixed Metal Jewelry

We chose casual outfits for this photoshoot. That way you can see how to pair high-end diamond jewelry with every day attire.

Have a look at how we pair jewelry, mix metals, and create a natural look for two relaxed outfits. 

Audemars Piguet Moonphase Royal Oak

mixing metals

One of the standout pieces here is the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Moonphase, reference 25594BA…sometimes nicknamed the Moonphase Owl.

This timepiece is the traditional size of the automatic and complicated AP Royal Oaks from the 1980s, which is 36mm.

The 36mm case wears a little bit larger due to the lugs being broad. This makes it a robust watch for a woman…yet perfectly so. As you can see, it fits beautifully and it has substantial wrist presence.

It is incredibly noticeable, with its yellow gold brick-like appearance. 

However, in terms of thickness, it’s actually slimmer than it looks…

Overall, it’s a versatile watch, as it pairs perfectly with casual and formal attire. The ivory tapisserie dial is impeccably consonant with the case and bracelet which is crafted from 18K yellow gold and finished immaculately. 

Love this watch? View our full sales listing and purchase this 36mm automatic Day Date Moonphase Royal Oak.

Round Brilliant Three Stone Engagement Ring

stacking rings

The featured engagement ring is a round brilliant diamond three stone engagement ring. 

“Brilliant” is the best way to describe this absolutely stunning engagement ring.

It has an 8.74 carat centerpiece with two baguette side stones. The centerstone provides more-than-ample sparkle and shine, while the two step cut side stones offer the flash of light, hall of mirrors effect. So, you get the best of both worlds in regards to how cut diamonds shine.

The ring is crafted from platinum, so it is very durable, you’ll never have to worry about stacking this ring with wedding bands and eternity rings. 

All in all, it’s a powerful engagement ring with a regal appearance. If you desire this engagement ring, you can make it yours at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Note: We have another ring with the same design but a 1-carat centerpiece

Yellow Gold Three Row Pave Diamond Band

mixing metals rings

Stacked with the three stone engagement ring is a three row pave diamond eternity band in 18K yellow gold

It’s a gorgeous band that sparkles with every flicker of light. The size works perfectly next to the large platinum engagement ring and the yellow gold creates a wonderful contrast…

The mixed metal jewelry look is a trend that we will continue into the other jewelry highlighted in this outfit. 

If you love stacking rings, a sophisticated two ring stack of this size and juxtaposition is a great way to do it. 

You can steal this exact pairing or create your own with our extensive collection of engagement rings and eternity bands.

Mixed Metal Jewelry: Multi Shape Diamond Bangle Stack

jewelry stacks

Continuing with mixing metals and stacking jewelry, we have a uniformly contrasting bangle stack. 

These private label bracelets all have the same design but are handcrafted from different precious metals – white, yellow and rose gold.

The bangles feature multi-shape diamonds along the centerline. There are oval, pear, square and round diamonds. 

Between the mixing of shiny metals and multiple sparkling diamond shapes, these bangles really give themselves a unique and elite demeanor that we love. It’s a supremely glamorous, elegant wrist stack and a new must-have at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

Three Stack Eternity Bands

mixed metal bracelets

Her middle finger exhibits a stack of three eternity bands. 

Of course, we mixed metals here. There is a rose gold band, yellow gold band and white gold band, all set with a continuous loop of round brilliant dazzlingly diamonds.

The bands are of different sizes, with the largest being placed at the center to create a polarizing look. 

When it comes to stacking eternity bands, a three ring stack is our go-to. It takes up plenty of finger real estate without going overboard. 

If glamour and grace are what you are into, you will love a ring stack like this.

See all of our eternity bands at Diamonds by Raymond Lee to choose your very own alluring eternity ring stack.

Spike Necklace

diamond jewelry boca raton

A tasteful and artistic necklace by the famed Gabriel & Co. rests gently along her neckline. 

It features a thin gold chain with five free form diamond-studded spikes. 

This diamond spike necklace by Gabriel is a very understated piece with undeniable beauty. 

Hoop Earrings

stacking bracelets

The final touch to this outfit is a pair of thin diamond hoop earrings. 

Hoop earrings are an easy, everyday choice for women. They are versatile, so they go fantastically with pretty much any jewelry, and they spice up an outfit in a stylish cultured way. 

You really can’t go wrong with fine hoop earrings, especially ones set with diamonds. They are voguer than ever and quite frankly a jewelry essential for the modern woman. 

See our wide range of exclusive diamond hoop earrings to find the pair you adore. 

Lamborghini Aventador

everyday diamond jewelry

You might have been wondering what car is she modeling next to.

Well, she’s riding in one of the most revolutionary cars to roam the planet – a Lamborghini Aventador…

It’s only right for a vivacious woman full of diamonds to hop in a legendary supercar named after a fighting bull. 

The Lambo Aventador has relentless force, similar to this woman’s style. 

It’s a car that brings the future to the present, with a level of innovation that’s unparalleled by most. 

The raging bull has a lot more than astounding aesthetics both inside and out, it also has emotion. 

The V12 engine, which was hand-built in Sant’Agata Bolognese, gives this car unrivaled acceleration at any engine speed. It has a breathtaking roar that couples with its incredible power. You can feel its beating heart, capable of taking you somewhere that anything is possible. 

A car like this provides an unforgettable driving experience. And going back to anything less will feel as if you traveled back in time. 

It’s one of our favorite supercars and you will be seeing more from us on Aventadors and pairing jewelry with outfits in the coming week. So stay tuned.

casual diamond jewelry
If you love cars as much as we do, join us at our next Diamonds and Donuts Car Show. Follow our Diamonds and Donuts IG page for updates and to see some of the badass supercars that come to our car show.

Now, on to our next casual yet diamond chic outfit. For this one, we didn’t follow our mixed metals jewelry trend, but instead, we went with uniformity through white gold.

Rolex 116334 Datejust in Stainless Steel

women wearing mens watch

Keeping up with our kick for women wearing men’s watches, we have a Rolex Datejust II overpowered by the force of a woman.

Although technically a men’s watch, this model looks great on women. 

In fact, it’s known to double its role, making it a truly unisex timepiece. 

For most ladies, the 41mm Datejust II will fit as an oversized watch. Similar to a 41mm Michael Kors watch, which women have been gravitating to because of the current desire for bigger ladies’ watches. 

Women want big face watches, and with all the terrific men’s watches and new and improved ladies’ watches out there, the world of horology is a women’s oyster…

10 reasons women wear men’s watches

Now, this particular model, with the diamond bezel and Roman numerals, is a rare find. Moreover, it is one of the best Datejust II’s for women as the diamond bezel gives it a flawless touch of femininity. 

What’s more, it looks incredible when pairing it with other diamond jewelry, like the tennis bracelet she’s stacked it with. 

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Rolex Unisex diamond watch

Next to the diamond Rolex Datejust II rests a stunning white-as-snow 18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet.

This particular diamond tennis bracelet uses a traditional four prong setting, which allows each individual diamond to shine and be noticed in all of its grandeur. 

A tennis bracelet is a classic piece for a classy woman. Every woman should own a diamond tennis bracelet…so if you love diamonds, this piece is a no brainer. It literally goes with everything.

Shop diamond tennis bracelets at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Crossover Spiral Ring Stack

women wearing men's watches

Focus your attention to her finger. It may appear as if she is wearing multiple rings, but in fact, that is one diamond ring

It spirals and twists up her finger, creating a spaced-stack look that is unequivocally sensuous and unique. 

As the ring crosses around her finger, it goes from thinner to thicker and back again. 

We love this exquisite design. It will fit right in at a cocktail party and a casual lunch alike. What’s more, it looks heavenly next to other diamond jewelry. 

Large Diamond Eternity Band

On her index finger, we have a large diamond wedding band

Even though it’s technically a wedding band, a woman doesn’t have to wait to get married to wear (and cherish) a ring like this.

Thick diamond bands are extremely fashionable and women of all relationship statuses want them. 

And who could blame them? A massive and absolutely stunning ring…yes, please!

This wedding band has rows of gleaming white diamonds and it is curved in at the edges, giving it a sumptuously ergonomic look. 

You could wear this ring alone or as part of a full hand and finger ring stack…However, with its size and shape, it’s best to let this diamond wedding band claim its own finger while you spread the diamond love across your other digits.

Engagement Rings at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

best diamond jewelry store boca raton

A classic diamond solitaire engagement ring is an elegant choice for a contemporary woman. 

This minimalist style cushion cut diamond engagement ring with a pave diamond band has simplicity and beauty all in one. 

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, you can find all kinds of engagement ring styles, from the most extravagant and ornate to classically austere and beautiful. 

This is why we are voted as South Florida’s best engagement ring retailer since 2016.

Your dream engagement ring is waiting for you at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Piaget Watch from the Black Tie Series

diamonds by raymond lee new jewelry

In this photo, we are looking at a brand new Piaget unisex watch. 

This model is part of the Black Tie series. It features an 18K rose gold 30mm case with a fixed pave diamond bezel. 

The square shape of the case is a nice change from the usual round shape. It really makes this watch stand out, especially with it being surrounded by countless diamonds. 

The dial is equally as unique. It has rose gold hands that come to a sharp point and beige Roman numeral hour markers that have been elongated to conform the edges of the dial. Moreover, the center of the dial is like an auditorium of diamonds, with a date display at the 6 o’clock and two subdials shaped like hand fans, which little do most people know symbolize wealth or royalty. 

Lastly, the entire watch is pulled together beautifully by a brown crocodile leather strap. 

All in all, the colors and tones, the shape, the diamonds, and the fine distinct details make this watch one of a kind. 

This Piaget Black Tie watch is an absolute stunner and it pairs amazingly with the diamond jewelry.

Diamond Tennis Necklace

The other piece that we want to point out is her diamond tennis necklace.

Just like a tennis bracelet, a diamond tennis necklace is a classic, can-do-no-wrong piece of jewelry. 

Every elite woman’s jewelry collection should include one. 

If you want to see some of the most breathtaking diamond tennis necklaces the world has to offer, all you have to do is check Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s collection of diamond tennis necklaces

So, that wraps up this ‘casual yet diamond chic’ mixed metal jewelry photoshoot. We hope this has given you some good ideas for pairing jewelry.

If you want to purchase any of the featured jewelry, you can view full sales listings online by following the accompanying links within the article. We also welcome you to our store in Boca Raton to try any piece on and see them firsthand. 

You can see our entire collection of exclusive jewelry at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers

See more photoshoots at Diamonds by Raymond Lee for more pairing jewelry with outfits inspiration:

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