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Pretty in Pink Diamonds: Breathtaking Natural Pink Diamond Jewelry

Pretty in Pink Diamonds: Breathtaking Natural Pink Diamond Jewelry

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Whether you are actually shopping for new jewelry or not, we all get pleasure from looking at beautiful diamond jewelry. There’s something mesmerizing about expensive and extravagant jewelry with unique designs. Especially when they feature fancy color diamonds. 

Today, we are going to look at a selection of fancy color pink diamond jewelry that you can find for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. 

Pink diamond jewelry offers a way to make a gorgeous feminine statement. All of the pink diamond jewelry featured in this post are eccentric, exclusive, and absolutely stunning. They have a vintage vibe yet they also feel ultra-modern and almost futuristic. We think you are going to love what you see, which is why we are sharing this with you. 

So, get ready to be entranced by rare fancy pink diamond jewelry because we are now diving into the world of “pretty in pink diamonds”…

Multi Shaped Pink Diamond Two Tone 18K Gold Tear Drop Cluster Earrings 

fancy color diamond jewelry

The tear drop shaped two tone rose and white gold pink diamond earrings will bring an undeniable allure to the wearer. 

They feature multi-shape natural pink diamonds totaling 7.9 carats.

At the earlobes, each earring has one white round brilliant diamond, together totaling 1.72 carats. 

The diamonds are set in 18K rose gold and the outer structure of the earrings are formed by 18K white gold.

The earrings drop 2.37 inches, making them hard to miss.

If you want to make a “pretty in pink” statement, these pink diamond cluster drop earrings are a beauteous option. 

Pink and White Diamond Jaguar Bangle

diamonds by raymond lee new jewelry

Want to make a roar at your next party? Then consider this unique jaguar motif pink and white diamond bangle

The bold and flashy tonal bangle features 7.81 carats of round pink diamonds at the neck and head of the jaguar, and 2.5 carats of white round brilliant diamonds at the tail. 

The entire bangle is forged from rose gold and it has texture and curvature that can only remind us of a snake. It’s like a majestic creature with the head of a jaguar and the body of a serpent. 

Have you seen anything like it before? Probably not…which means if you wear this bangle you will turn heads and stand out in the crowd. 

Not to mention the pink, white, and rose gold juxtaposition is so aesthetically pleasing. 

Two-Tone Gold White and Pink Multishaped Diamond Cluster Bracelet

pink diamond jewelry

This pink diamond bracelet uses a cluster setting, giving it a rocky, layered look. 

The pink diamonds that run along the center of the entire bracelet are multi-shape. There’s pear, round, and marquise cut pink diamonds all clustered together in no particular order. 

At the flanks, there is a row of white round brilliant diamonds which contrasts beautifully with the pink diamonds. 

Furthermore, to add to the tonic contrast, the rose gold prongs that hold the pink diamonds are superimposed on a white gold bracelet. 

If you are looking to make a powerful declaration of gorgeous femininity, this pink diamond bracelet will surely succeed at that. 

Nature-esque Pink Diamond Cluster Drop Earrings

pink diamond necklace

Matching the bracelet in color and setting, these pink diamond drop earrings are incredibly stunning. 

The white pear diamonds surrounding the cluster of pink diamonds create an ornate exotic design. The earrings twist and curve and flare, producing a luxuriously flamboyant motif. 

All in all, these pink diamond earrings will never go unnoticed. They enchant while commanding respect for an understanding of contemporary high end fashion jewelry.

Unique Pink Diamond Cluster Necklace 

natural pink diamond jewelry

This majestic pink diamond cluster necklace is truly one of a kind.

The grandiose design features multi shape pink diamonds and round brilliant white diamonds set in two tone rose and white gold. 

At the center, the motif wraps around, and then drops, almost like a reptilian-inspired tie or the tail of a phoenix.

It uses the same setting as the cluster bracelet and earrings, which makes them perfect to pair together. 

A harmonious pink diamond look like this will amplify the beauty and sophistication of any woman.

Pink And White Pave Diamond Bangle

diamonds by raymond lee

Breaking from the uniformity of the other cluster-setting jewelry, we have a beautiful pink and white pave diamond bangle. 

The bangle is crafted from 18K white gold and it features white diamonds with an overlapping black scroll motif. 

Both ends of the bangle come to a thick, protruding tear drop shape that is covered in round pink diamonds.  

Overall, it’s a stunning pink diamond bangle that blooms with artistry and glamour. And, it is the perfect everyday piece if you love pink. 

Two Tone Gold Pink and White Diamond Pave Butterfly Bangle

pink diamond meaning

What describes beauty in nature better than a butterfly? 

A pink butterfly, that’s what.

This gorgeous labyrinthine bangle is white gold and set with white pave diamonds. There are three elegant butterfly motifs of different sizes at its center. The butterflies have pink diamond wings and white diamond bodies. 

It’s a wide bangle, so it takes up plenty of wrist real estate and will be prominent with any outfit.

So if you wear this pink diamond bangle to a formal gathering, prepare to take everyone’s breath away. 

Two Tone Pink And White Diamond Cluster Earrings

Continuing the cluster parade, we have a pair of two tone 18K white and rose gold, pink and white diamond cluster earrings. 

These earrings resemble a chandelier, hanging from the ears with regal decadence.

There are approximately 1.12 carats of white diamonds and 5.10 carats of natural, earth encrusted, pink diamonds. 

If you like pure elegance with a touch of exuberance, this is the pair of pink diamond earrings for you.

Two Tone Pink Diamond Free Form Cluster Necklace

alexa collins model

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, this pink diamond necklace is out of this world. You could imagine this being worn by a very important person 100 years in the future. 

You could also see this being worn by an elite woman at an elite party in the modern age. That’s because that is who this $52,995 necklace was made for. 

The design of this free form necklace immediately declares spending power. With a total of 19.52 carats, how could it not?

It features clusters of pink diamonds and rows and curved lines of white diamonds. Resting on the décolletage are 7 long triangular shape clusters of natural pink diamonds. 

All in all, the design is intricate, elegant, extremely fashionable, and dare we say, jolting extraterrestrial.  

Pink Clusters on Pink Clusters on Pink Clusters

pink diamond jewelry boca raton

So here we have a matching bangle and cocktail ring. The cluster design of both of these pieces creates a stony lavish appearance that captivates those around it in a twinkling of an eye. 

Both the bangle and the ring highlight pink diamond cluster settings at the center with outlining white round brilliant diamonds. There’s also a beautiful asymmetrical white diamond outlining across the center of the bangle, and at the center of the ring. 

These two unique pieces pop thanks to the contrast of white and pink gold and white and pink diamonds. 

Pretty in pink has never been so veracious. 

Want Fancy Color Pink Diamond Jewelry?

All the pink diamond jewelry featured in this post are available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. You can view the full sales listing by following the accompanying links above.

You can also see our entire collection of fancy pink diamonds jewelry here.

Have questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about pink diamonds.

FAQ Pink Diamonds Jewelry

Are pink diamonds real?

Yes, pink diamonds are real, meaning they were formed naturally by the earth. All of our pink diamond jewelry is natural, and have not been treated in any way to become pink.

How do natural pink diamonds become pink?

For most fancy colored natural diamonds, scientist know exactly how they become a certain color. But for pink and red diamonds, scientists are not actually sure. Their best guess is that immense pressure and heat in a specific way causes the diamonds to be pink or red. 

Some pink diamonds have a red hue, and vice versa.

Moreover, there are different shades of pink. Some have more or less saturation and vividness.

What is the Fancy Pink Diamond Color Grading Scale?

Pink diamond intensity levels are graded by GIA as follows: faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid. Of course, they are only considered “fancy” pink diamonds starting at fancy light. 

Grading can be difficult, which is why it must be done by an expert and it’s best to buy pink diamond jewelry that has been graded by GIA. The more vivid the pink diamond is, generally the more expensive it will be. The same goes for carat weight. The value multiples significantly as the carat weight goes up. 

Are pink diamonds more expensive? And are they rare?

Fancy pink diamonds are considerably more expensive than white or yellow diamonds. This is because less than 0.01% of all diamonds mined are good quality pink stones. They are hard to come by plus they are in high demand. So, yes, they are expensive…but, pink diamond jewelry is not the most expensive, and pink diamonds are not the rarest fancy color diamond.

Red diamonds are the rarest fancy color diamond in the world, followed by blue diamonds, then pink diamonds. However, pink diamonds have the highest demand, which can only be compared with yellow diamonds (even though yellow diamonds are actually the most common fancy color diamond found). 

What do pink diamonds symbolize? Pink diamond meaning

Pink diamonds represent the color of love. They are associated with sweet emotions. During England’s Elizabethan Era back in the 16th century, pink was said to represent joy and happiness. Nowadays, pink diamonds are attached to a feeling of love, affection, devotion, and innocence.

More than anything, they make for a gorgeous feminine and sensuous look, and they can be paired beautifully with other fancy color diamond jewelry and white diamond jewelry and metals. 

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