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Alexa Collins: Jaw-Dropping Jewelry Photoshoot at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Alexa Collins: Jaw-Dropping Jewelry Photoshoot at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

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Presenting a Diamonds by Raymond Lee pink diamond and gold jewelry photoshoot with the incredibly beautiful Alexa Collins.

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We wrapped up another lively jewelry photoshoot last week with blonde bombshell and successful model Alexa Collins.

Before showing you all the unbelievably stunning jewelry and outfits, let us first give you a short bio on Alexa Collins.

Alexa Collins

Alexa Collins is a popular FL based model, “dog momma, and taco lover”. She has nearly 600k followers on Instagram thanks to her jaw-droppingly good looks, phenomenal physique, pearly white smile, and smart business moves.

Alexa has always had a passion for modeling, which has taken her to great heights in the industry.

She’s super easy to work with as she is professional, fun, and she has an eclectic mix of captivating and charismatic looks at her disposal. The true sign of a pro model.

What’s more, she’s an Ignite model, a company owned and run by Dan Bilzerian, internet personality and all around lavish lifestyle liver.

This wasn’t Alexa’s first jewelry photoshoot. She’s done many shoots with other jewelry brands, but this was her first time working with us.

It was truly an honor to work with her. We wish her continued success, even though we know she doesn’t need any wishes as she is surely soaring to the top.

If you want to keep up with her invigorating and inspirational lifestyle, check her out on Instagram @alexacollins and revel in Alexa’s world of exotic travels, outstanding fashion, and breathtaking swimwear.

Jewelry & Outfit 1: Dazzingly Black Dress and Pink Diamond Jewelry

For the first part of the jewelry photoshoot, Alex Collins is wearing a formal black dress that dazzles.

With the jewelry and Rolex, she is dressed to impress in the most elegant way.

alexa collins model
Pink Diamond Tear Drop Cluster Earrings

Alexa Collins dons a pair of tear drop pink diamond cluster earrings. These gorgeous pink earrings feature 9.68 carats of white and pink diamonds. The diamonds are multi shape and they use a cluster setting in 18K rose gold. The outer structure is 18K white gold, which provides a wonderful contrast to the pink center. These two-tone pink diamond cluster earrings will stand out in any crowd with impeccable form.

Pink Diamond Bib Necklace

Offering a wonderful juxtaposition to the low neckline strapless black dress is a pink diamond two toned white and rose gold bib-style necklace. This necklace can only be described as princess-like, with its pretty pink color made from countless pink diamonds. Similar to the earrings, the diamonds have a cluster setting, which gives this diamond bib necklace a rock-ish texture…If you love a necklace that always makes itself known and shines beyond belief, this is the one.

jewelry photoshoot miami
Chunky Pink Diamond Bracelet

On Alexa Collins’ right wrist, she’s sporting a thick pink diamond bracelet. Just like the earrings and the necklace, this bracelet has a cluster of pink diamonds. The stunning natural pink diamonds huddle together at the center and all along the entire length of the bracelet. Contrasting the pink diamonds is a row of round brilliant white diamonds at its flanks. All in all, this is an emphatically breathtaking piece that complements the rest of her jewelry flawlessly.

This is uniformity in numbers…numbers as in pink diamonds, that is.

pink diamond jewelry with black dress
Rolex Daytona 116515LN

What better way to break the conformity of this jewelry ensemble than with a men’s Rolex Daytona? Women wearing men’s watches is all the hype these days, and Alexa Collins pulls it off with superlative grace. The Rolex is immediately noticeable due to its size and sporty appearance. Yet it goes so well with her black dress and jewelry thanks to the black strap and bezel and the rose gold case. Moreover, it really spices up her look, while also letting people know she is fun, and she knows and appreciates an iconic watch that is the Rolex Daytona.

Jewelry & Outfit 2: Red Dress and Pink Diamond Jewelry

Here we have Alexa Collins in a fabulous red dress with a touch of frill.

She is flourishing a collection of pink diamond jewelry and another Rolex watch.

Let’s go over each piece, starting from the top.

pink diamond jewelry with red dress
Pink Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Like chandeliers dangling from her ears, Alexa Collins has a lavish pair of pink and white diamond cluster earrings. The extravagant earrings are made from 18K white gold and the pink diamonds are set in rose gold, making each and every pink diamond pop. Overall, these pink diamond earrings draw attention to the face tastefully, while not distracting from the beauty of her attire as a whole.

how to wear pink diamond jewelry
Exotic Pink Diamond Free Form Necklace

Next, we have an uberly exotic and astonishing free form necklace that appears to be almost alienistic. It’s a necklace that you’d imagine royalty wearing. Potentially royalty from another planet. Fortunately, this piece is made entirely here on Earth using natural pink and white diamonds, and white and rose gold. The white diamonds, which are set in 18K white gold, twirl and swirl around her collar bone while the pink diamonds cluster together in various forms. It’s such an eye-catching, utterly beautiful necklace and it looks beyond splendid on Alexa Collins.

alexa collins
Pink Diamond Butterfly Bangle

Taking from the beauty of nature, on her right wrist rests a stunning wide pave diamond bangle with 3 pink diamond butterflies. Butterflies represent endurance, change, hope, and life, and because they are pink, they symbolize transcending love too. The bangle is crafted with intertwining pavé diamond 18K white gold. Altogether, it’s a pretty piece…pretty damn sensuous and alluring, that is.

Two Tone Yachtmaster II

Again, diverging from what you might expect, Alexa Collins is wearing an oversized sports watch. Oversized simply because it’s a men’s watch. To be more specific, it is a two tone Yacht Master II. It’s one of the most coveted watches in the game, and Alexa wears it to perfection. The Yacht Master adds the right amount of vigor to an otherwise unequivocally delicate outfit. This is exactly what we come to expect from modern femininity.

Jewelry & Outfit 3: Pink Dress and Pink Diamond Jewelry

Pretty in pink has never been so true…

In this series of photos, Alexa Collins is wearing a pink blazer with no undershirt (risqué, anyone?) and a pair of ripped light blue jeans.

Matching her outfit immaculately is a set of pink diamond jewelry, each of which we are about to discuss.

alexa collins jewelry
Pink Diamond Statement Earrings

Twisting and turning with flair is a pair of multi-shape pink diamond drop earrings. These earrings feature white and pink diamonds, totaling up to 16.43 carats. They are statement making, and will surely be the talk of any party or get together. If you like fancy high-end jewelry, these will surely fulfill your desire.

fancy color diamond jewelry photos
Unique Pink Diamond Necklace

Unusual in form, this pink diamond necklace can only be described as tropical, extrinsic, and elaborate. It goes beautifully with Alexa’s pink blazer. Moreover, the necklace’s design matches the earrings to perfection, with the pink diamond cluster setting and the pear-shaped white diamonds that give it that feathery flair and extra sparkle. If you want to be Marilyn-Monroe-pretty, this elite necklace and earring duo will surely do the trick.

diamond jewelry model
Pink Diamond Cluster Bracelet

Alexa Collins is wearing an 18K two tone white and rose gold pink and white multi shape diamond cluster bracelet. Wow, that was a mouthful…Don’t worry, though, this piece drops jaws so we can let it all out…

It’s rocky, icy and undeniably gorgeous. It features approximately 17.51 carats of diamonds, with each diamond protruding, sparkling with every flicker of light. If you like to stay under the radar, an overstated piece like this won’t allow for that. That said, who wouldn’t want to be seen wearing a $57,995 pink diamond bracelet?

alex collins instagram model
Pink and White Diamond Pear Shaped Bangle

Lastly, we have a special pink and white diamond bangle. It has a curvaceous structure made of 18K white gold. Each end of the bangle gradually thickens until reaching the pear shaped globe smothered in pink diamonds. On the sides of the bangle, there are pave white diamonds with a superimposed black scroll. This is a fun piece that feels wonderfully youthful and girlish.

Jewelry & Outfit 4: Luxuriously Casual & Yellow Gold Diamond Jewelry

Flipping the script entirely, Alexa put on a casual, comfy outfit with yellow gold jewelry to match.

urban jewelry photoshoot
Yellow Gold Chain Diamond

Gold chains are super hot right now. They’ve made a strong comeback. Both high caliber men and women are loving chain necklaces, so we thought it would be a good time to display one of the most powerful gold chains available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee. It’s a cuban link heavy chain made from 10k yellow gold. What’s really special and unique about this chain, besides its sheer size, is that the chain links are all set with brilliant diamonds…So, if you appreciate a modern urban look, get yourself a thick chain link diamond necklace.

diamond gold chain necklace
Yellow Gold Diamond Hoops

Hoops are another type of jewelry that is back in vogue and more popular than ever. In these photos, Alexa Collins is rocking a pair of yellow gold diamond hoops. They are small hoops, so the look is subtle. Nevertheless, if you see them close up you will be taken aback, or better yet, lured in, by their charm.

gold jewelry photoshoot
Mix Metal Diamond Bangles

Continuing with the hottest in jewelry trends, Alexa is donning a trio of diamond bangles, each crafted from a different precious metal.

Mixing metals is not only current, it’s classy.

She’s wearing a yellow gold, rose gold and white gold matching set. What’s more, each bangle features round brilliant diamonds that encircle the entire bangle.

So, if you love contrasts and brilliance, consider getting mixing metals with diamond bangles.

alexa collins photoshoot
18K Yellow Gold Diamond MOP Rolex

No casual outfit would be complete without a watch, but this isn’t any old watch. Alexa Collins is wearing an 18K yellow gold Mother of Pearl Rolex full of diamonds. It has a diamond bezel, the dial features diamond indexes, and the center chain links are studded with diamonds too. At 36mm, this watch fits her excellently and it really completes this luxuriously casual outfit. 

Jewelry & Outfit 5: Swimsuit and Pink Diamond Jewelry

alexa collins swimsuit

When living in South Florida, hitting the beach with extravagant diamond jewelry is not only the norm, it’s a movement. We live in an “extra” world, so why not set the tone by taking things up another notch. And that’s exactly what we did here. Alexa is sporting a black and gray bikini with jewelry that would make both Elizabeth Taylor and Lady Gaga proud…or quite possibly jealous.

She has on the stunning tear drop pink diamond earrings, the illustrious pink diamond bib necklace, and the chunky rocky pink diamond bracelet. Every piece matching perfectly with their tones and cluster settings.

Have you ever seen beach attire this sumptuous? Well, if not, you have now.

The best part is, this jewelry, and all the jewelry Alexa Collins is wearing in this photoshoot can be yours. Everything is available for sale right now at Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

Shop Pink Diamond Jewelry at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Let us know your favorite jewelry from this photoshoot with Alexa Collin in the comments below 🙂

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