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Isabelle Flores: Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Isabelle Flores: Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot at Diamonds By Raymond Lee

Instagram Models of South Florida

Presenting a Diamonds By Raymond Lee Jewelry Photoshoot with Isabelle Flores: 3 Outfits, over 18 pieces of exquisite diamond jewelry and luxury Swiss watches, and 1 stunning model.

Isabelle Flores

We had the pleasure of doing a diamond jewelry photoshoot with the lovely Isabelle Flores the other week. 

Isabelle Flores is a half Irish, half Venezuelan model living in South Florida. 

She is absolutely beautiful and she is in amazing shape…

Check her out on Instagram to see a glimpse into the life of Isabelle.

You can catch her on the beach or expensive yachts posing and simply living her sunny South Florida life to the fullest. 

Isabelle is also a frequent traveler, traversing the world always dressed to the nine. 

Her Instagram is steadily growing, and we believe after you look through some of her photos her numbers will tick up as she gains another follower in you. She’s motivational, inspirational, and an overall breath of fresh air…so her charm is sure to win anyone over. 

We are excited to see what’s in store for her next.

Moreover, we hope to do another diamond jewelry photoshoot with her sporting our unique fine jewelry and luxury Swiss watches soon.

Isabelle Flores Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

diamonds by raymond lee photoshoot

Isabelle Flores and the Diamonds by Raymond Lee team put together 3 different outfits, each with incredibly unique jewelry and watch ensembles. 

Let’s have a look at all the unique and ravishing diamond jewelry and Swiss watches that she wore for this Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot. 

Dressed to the Nine – Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot #1

Nature inspired diamond rings
Oval Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring

Floral motifs, nature inspired rings, and sapphires are all the fuss these days. Combining these elements in this this magnitude was a guaranteed hit. 

This large blue sapphire ring is exquisitely breathtaking. The large GIA certified oval sapphire weighs in at 3.48 carats and it has a strong, vivid color saturation, making it a highly valuable sapphire gemstone. 

The beautiful blue sapphire is encircled by 10 white round brilliant diamonds. It creates the appearance of a flower while also producing an astoundingly eye-pleasing contrast. 

The ring is crafted from 18K white gold and totals in at 5.9 grams. 

The way Isabelle Flores is wearing this stunning ring, you’d think it was made just for her…

If this ring interests you, you can view the full sales listing for the 18K White Gold Oval Blue Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring on our website or come into Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton to see it live and in the flesh. 

Price: $18,895.00

Yellow Gold Rolex 116188 Datejust with White Strap
Diamond and Sapphire Jewelery

For a woman of this caliber, you need a watch equally impressive. This 18K Yellow Gold Datejust is just that. 

The watch features a 36mm 18K yellow gold case with an integrated bezel set with 60 small round brilliant diamonds. Holding the watch in place on the wrist is a white-as-snow Rolex factory leather strap. The strap is super comfortable and balances the watch out perfectly. 

On Isabelle Flores, the 36mm Datejust fits like an oversized watch, which is what women want these days.

Matching the strap is the pure white dial. Simplistic in nature yet astonishingly lavish in detail. It has 18k yellow gold hands and hour markers, with the hour markers receiving a diamond at their center rather than lume. The dial is covered by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. 

What’s more, this watch isn’t just about looks. Like all Rolex watches, it has functionality. This Datejust has 100 meters of water resistance, which is fantastic for a dress watch studded with diamonds. Moreover, the prestige that comes with this watch can be used to anyone’s advantage. If that’s not functional, then what is?

Overall, the Datejust line, which is Rolex’s flagship collection, comprise of classic timepieces, and this particular reference is one of the most visually stunning. The yellow gold and white is a flawless combination that goes well with essentially any outfit.

You can view the full sales listing for this watch here or come into Diamonds by Raymond Lee to try it on in person. 

Contact us for pricing and availability. 

18K Yellow Gold Multi-Color Sapphire Diamond Necklace
Raymond Lee Jewelers and diamonds by raymond lee

Have you ever seen a necklace so staggering, so regal? It a necklace you’d envision a princess or a queen wearing to a gala. 

The vibrant necklace is made from multi-color sapphires and 18K yellow gold. 

The center oval shaped blue sapphire is a whopping 48.85 carats and it is surrounded by white round brilliant diamonds. 

The rest of the necklace features pear and oval shape sapphires. It mixes colors of different shades of blue, yellow, pink, and purple. 

Note: These sapphires are not heat treated, which makes the gemstones even more striking. 

This necklace weighs 116.4g, so this is like having a treasure chest around your neck… 

It’s a necklace that makes a statement, sparks conversion, and people won’t forget.

Moreover, it is one of a kind so you will never find another one like it. 

Isabelle Flores was surely a big fan. 

As you probably imagined, this piece is quite expensive. So, if you want to wear this sapphire necklace on your next night out, you are looking at a price tag of $145,000.

Yellow Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelet 
Models wearing jewelry

With deliberation to create synergy between the Rolex Datejust, Isabelle chose a yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet to wear on her opposite wrist. 

The bracelet displays a continuous line of 38 round brilliant diamonds of H color and VS clarity. The diamonds total a substantial 13 carats. What’s more, the stones are set in 14K yellow gold, which makes for a charming contrast and allows the brilliant diamonds to shine even brighter.

A tennis bracelet is a classic bracelet design that will never go out of style. Graceful women know the power of a diamond tennis bracelet. It’s one of the ultimate luxurious, elegant forms of bracelets. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this bracelet, and Isabelle is a flawless example of that. 

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we have a multitude of stunning diamond tennis bracelets to choose from. From white round brilliant diamonds to yellow diamond pear shaped diamonds to pink mixed diamond shape tennis bracelets, we have the perfect tennis bracelet for everyone. It’s all up to you. 

Price: $34,995

Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings
Unique Diamond Jewelry

Not in the spotlight but there in elegant form are a pair of beautiful yellow gold diamond earring hoops.

The hoop earrings are a light touch when stacking up the rest of this unique jewelry ensembles brilliance.

Nevertheless, If you have a closer look, you can see just how gorgeous these diamond hoops are.

These 2 inch yellow gold earrings have 7.15 carats of VS clarity round brilliant diamonds, so they are definitely not lacking in the ice department – The diamonds on these hoop earrings shine bright like Isabelle Flores’s smile. 

You can find these hoop earrings and other diamond hoop earrings of various precious metals at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

Price: $16,400

White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Twisted Ring
Diamond Tennis Bracelet Photos from diamonds by raymond lee

This is the ring for those who appreciate uniqueness and natural beauty. The continuous loops of diamonds, sapphires, and 18K white gold are interlocked in a never ending, timeless fashion. 

There are many ways that you can pull meaning from a ring like this, but we like to think that this twisted sapphire diamond ring represents strong values, charisma, and a bond that can never be broken. 

This is the perfect cocktail ring to show off your creative side. Not to mention your fine taste in jewelry. It has 4.78 carats of blue sapphire gemstones and 1.85 carats of white round brilliant diamond in G color and VS clarity. 

The way this ring is styled here makes for a nice contrast to the yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet while connecting beauty from the sapphire diamond floral ring on her other hand and the playful yet regal sapphire necklace. It’s the perfect addition for a lighthearted yet sublimely rich and sophisticated, unique jewelry mash up. 

Price: $7,750

All in all, Isabelle’s outfit and unique jewelry set is playful yet elegant, smart yet youthful, and fun yet serious.
Diamond Hoop Earrings

Every element connects and is in tune with the other unique jewelry being worn, but there is enough contrast to make each piece pop and distinctly stand out from the rest. It’s very well put together, but not in a predictable perfectly matching way. This is the epitome of the modern woman’s dream jewelry amalgamation. 

If any of these pieces interest you, please feel free to view the listings online for more info, contact us, or come into our state of the art showroom to see them in person. 

“She Wants The D” – Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot Outfit #2

Stunning diamond jewelry at diamonds by raymond lee

Here we have shoot number 2, with a completely new array of supremely high end unique diamond jewelry. 

Her shirt says it all…When a woman wants diamonds, she knows she can count on Diamonds by Raymond Lee to bring the heat…better yet, ice. 

So, on that note, let’s run through all the astonishingly beautiful pieces Isabelle Flores is donning in this shoot. 

Multi-Shaped Diamond Dangle Earrings
Jewelry Instagram Model

In this photo, Isabelle Flores is wearing a set of 14K white gold dangle earrings dripping with diamonds. 

When you look closely at this pair of earrings you can see how unique they are. They combine multiple diamond shapes to create a 2.5 inch drop from her earlobe, There’s pear diamonds, round diamonds, and oval diamonds, each as brilliant as the next, together producing a curvy, supple look that displays flawless femininity. 

With all the diamonds, you are looking at approximately 12.68 carats of fine white diamonds. 

These earrings are so stunning that they become the center of attention, even amongst the rest of the remarkably unique jewelry she is wearing. 

What we love about this pair of diamond dangle earrings is that they can be worn on the most dressy of occasions, such as a dinner party or a ball, and they can be worn in a casual setting too. The versatility of these dangle earrings comes from its ultra contemporary design. As you can see, Isabelle is dressed very casually here and they look absolutely impeccable with her outfit. 

Therefore, you can change up the clothes but you can’t change the astonishing appearance they create when dangling from the ears. And why would you?

One of the big reasons why dangle earrings are so popular is that hey have so many applications in terms of occasions. Plus, they are statement makers that never go unnoticed. 

Price: $79,500

Diamond Covered Stainless Steel Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 
jewelry outfit ideas by diamonds by raymond lee

No outfit would be complete without a watch, but this isn’t an ordinary watch, not even by luxury watch standards. Isabelle Flores is wearing a completely diamond flooded stainless steel 41mm Audemars Piguet 15400 with a black dial. 

The Royal Oak 15400 is one of the most iconic watches from Audemars Piguet. It is one of the four timeless Gerald Genta designs that both women and men desire. It’s immediately noticeable, even when covered in diamonds from bracelet to bezel. 

Overall, not a lot of people can pull this watch off without appearing “extra”, but not Isabelle Flores. She makes the watch look right at home. Furthermore, it was an easy choice when considering the rest of the maxed out diamond attire. 

Interestingly, the diamonds are not natural, earth encrusted diamonds, they are CVD (synthetic, lab grown, man made) aftermarket diamonds. We recently wrote a post about this watch and how we knew they were CVD diamonds. If you want to learn more about it, read our post:

CVD Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds

White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Necklace
Models wearing diamonds

Resting on her collar bone is a dashing 14K white gold diamond tennis necklace. It’s a classy piece that continues the “white out” look as you lower your line of sight to her décolletage .

The length of this necklace goes really well with a low cut neckline, as you can see. It gives a uniformed appearance to an otherwise easy going outfit…

Let’s have a closer look…It features 10 carats of diamonds. At first glance you may think the diamonds are square, but in fact they are round brilliant diamonds. The type of setting simply gives the illusion of a box.

Besides being a remarkable necklace on its own, what we really love about this design is that it goes so well with other jewelry. It is a can-do-no-wrong piece of jewelry and it works impeccably well with almost any outfit. 

Price: $6,500

White Gold Round Brilliant Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Isabelle Flores’s diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect partner for the diamond tennis necklace. The two have a similar design, creating a wonderful synergy for the get up as a whole. 

Diamond tennis bracelets are timeless and sophisticated. And one as thick as this instantly declares spending power, letting us know she isn’t playing any games when it comes to her love for diamonds… 

This tennis bracelet consists of 4.75 carats of round brilliant diamonds of G color and VS clarity, so you can guarantee it sparkles from every which way. 

Although the pictures are amazing, they still don’t do justice to the fire and brilliance she is giving off.

This is a piece that if you experience it in person, you won’t be able to take your mind off it until it is yours. It’s a style that is a must-have for any modern woman.

Price: $8,190

Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band
Big diamond rings

No outfit inspired by Diamonds By Raymond Lee would be complete without some ice on the fingers, 

Bringing the continuous loop diamond setting flow down to her hands, we have a robust high polished platinum diamond eternity band that makes itself known from a distance. 

Eternity Bands represents ever lasting love, and just like the meaning behind it, the vogue-ness of eternity bands is never ending too. Eternity rings are a favorite among women, and this one being as colossus as it is provides even more appeal. 

It features 9.78 carats of emerald cut diamonds set side by side in a deep prong setting. The emerald diamonds create flashes of light known as the hall of mirror effect. 

There is absolutely nothing more you could ask for from a ring. This is glamour at its finest. 

Price: $64,050

Three Stone Emerald Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring
diamond jewelry inspiration

This is a massive diamond ring that sparkles, shines and flashes light via big emerald cut diamonds and a halo setting of round brilliant diamonds. 

It’s a ring that will always be the center of attention. After all, the side stones could very well be a complete centerpiece on their own. 

The mammoth three stones are balanced in proportion and fit securely thanks to a thick pave diamond band. All together, this three-stone ring is heavy, yet it will never weigh you down. That obviously goes without saying, though…this is the type of ring that women dream of.

What’s more, women don’t have to wait to get married to sport this type of ring. It can double as a fashion piece, allowing a women to make a statement of “she means business when it comes to her love of diamonds”. 

jewelry and outfit inspiration

Not to toot our own horn, but just look how gorgeous this unique diamond jewelry set up is and how in sync every piece is with the rest. Pure Fire. Pure Ice. 

Business Savvy – Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot #3

luxury jewelry outfits at diamonds by raymond lee
Long Diamond Tennis Necklace

Worn over her black top is a long diamond tennis necklace crafted from white gold. 

The 36 inch necklace features a generous 35 carats of diamonds. This is made possibly by setting 172 round brilliant diamonds along side each other for the entire length of the necklace.

Numbers aside, this long diamond tennis necklace is graceful and sleek. And with the black top Isabelle Flores is wearing, it gains just the right amount of attention through monochromatic contrast. 

Price: $47,520

You can find this and more long diamond tennis necklaces at Diamonds By Raymond Lee’s showroom on North Federal Highway in Boca Raton.

Yellow Gold Rolex Day Date 18038 Presidential with Pleade Diamond Dial
South Florida Diamond Jewelry

On her wrist, Isabelle is sporting a very rare, beautifully finished yellow gold Rolex Presidential watch.

Of course, this Day Date comes equipped with diamonds. Would you expect anything else? The bezel is completely diamond set, the white dial has pleaded diamonds, and the hour markers are diamond studded. Between the diamonds and the white dial, the face of this watch grabs a lot of attention.

Moreover, the case is 36mm so it’s a very considerable, modern size for a woman.  

These days women want larger watches, just like men, and a 36mm case diameter is typically the perfect size for a woman who doesn’t want a dainty ladies’ watch.

As you can see, on Isabelle’s wrist it fits impeccably.

Behind the case and at the heart of this Day Date is a Calibre 3055 perpetual movement. It has many modern features, such as a 28,800 bph and the addition of a Quickset function. It’s a great automatic mechanical movement with incredible accuracy and precision. 

All in all, this is a dressy watch that diamond lovers will, well, love, and any passerby will appreciate. A woman who wears a watch like this will automatically command respect at any meeting or encounter. It’s a clear indicator of a comprehensive understanding of top notch Swiss watches. It has a modern style that doesn’t sacrifice the vintage, traditional look of the Day Date

Price: $59,995

Yellow Gold Diamond Wide Scalloped Band
jewelry ensembles at diamonds by raymond lee

This is a vintage style wide diamond cocktail ring made from 18k yellow gold. It has a distinct scalloped band with four rows of round brilliant diamonds. The edges of the band are pave diamond as well. 

It’s a fun and amazingly beautiful ring that every woman we’ve shown it to loves, and Isabelle Flores is no exception. She is wearing it here as a solo ring because it takes up a lot of finger real estate, for one, and also, it’s a smart way to be extravagant without being too much. 

What’s more, this scalloped yellow gold diamond ring and the yellow gold Day Date complement each other to perfection.

If you love this ring like Isabelle does, you can try it on at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. It wears a price tag of $11,096.

Nature Inspired Yellow Diamond Halo Ring
Diamond Tennis Necklace Photos

Isabelle Flores is wearing a stunningly contemporary, vintage style, nature inspired yellow diamond ring on her index finger.

This is such a gorgeous ring full of contrast and elegance. 

Yellow diamonds are getting a lot of hype these past few years. Everyone from fashionistas to celebrities to your every day modern jewelry enthusiast are wearing them. 

A fancy yellow diamond that is this vivid and large (4.03 carats) is sure to get people talking. Furthermore, the design as a whole is an absolute masterpiece. It has a protruding halo yellow diamond centerpiece which is surrounded by another halo of white diamonds. It’s design looks like some sort of flower or mesmerizing cyclops eye due to the pear shaped diamonds adjacent to the ring.

If you are looking for an obvious winner, this is the one. It is a guaranteed hard hitter for a sophisticated woman’s unique jewelry collection. 

Price: $58,995

Fancy Yellow Diamond Halo Earrings
diamond jewelry ideas

Continuing the yellow diamond theme are two protruding fancy yellow diamond double halo earrings.

The mix of yellow and white diamonds not only pops, but it also goes amazingly well with Isabelle’s complexion. 

These earrings are a wonderful addition to this respectable outfit. They shine bright like there are stars adorned to her ears…

It’s hard not to smile from ear to ear, or shall we say fancy yellow diamond to fancy yellow diamond, when wearing earrings as awe inspiring as these.

Price: $5,596

Wrap Around White and Yellow Diamond Bangle
Yellow diamond jewelry photos by diamonds by raymond lee

A favorite piece of Isabelle’s, our white and fancy yellow diamond bangle. 

Full of diamonds and polished to perfection, the bangle radiates on her wrist, lighting up the scene with that fine jewelry vibrancy.

It has approximately 15 carats of cushion cut diamonds and an additional 1.44 carats of radiant cut fancy yellow diamonds. 

The bangle is 6 inches long and flexible so it wrapa around the wrist. 

What better way to complete the look than with a $75,000 one-of-a-kind bangle?

We hope you enjoyed this unique diamond jewelry photoshoot feature as much as we enjoyed creating these outfits, shooting Isabelle, and writing about it all.
Diamond Jewelry Boca Raton

Let us know what your favorite piece from this diamond jewelry photoshoot was in the comments below. 

And remember, this is only but a tiny snippet of the incredibly innovative, modern, and unique diamond and gemstone jewelry that you will find at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. 

To see more, shop now

Stay tuned for more Diamond Jewelry Photoshoots!

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