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Lace Jewelry Design

Intricate lace and tatted needle-working designs have always influenced luxury fashion and evening wear. Bridal fashion typically introduces lace designs, as well as vintage gowns and couture sweaters. One of the most feminine types of needlework, lace is also influencing jewelry design in today’s fashion world.

Lace jewelry can be noticed dangling from the ears and encompassing the wrists of many women. With many designers leaning toward vintage styles, there are a plethora of designs hitting the market.

Designer Kate Byer is actually designing cuff jewelry out of lace. The silvery colored lace cuff would nicely accent business and formal attire.

In Habitat, an online up-cycled retailer offers recycled arm cuffs and lace-influenced earrings made from recycled bicycle inner tubes!

This John Hardy Ayu Dot Jasmine Silver Pendant isn’t lace at all, but from a distance it certainly looks that way! This unique pendant encompasses Asian-influenced design which utilized a lot of woven arts in the early days.

These vintage 5 carat long drop earrings encompass a vintage frayed style that’s just as drop dead gorgeous as the long drop of the earrings!

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