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Two Tone Watches: Fashionable and Functional

Two Tone Watches: Fashionable and Functional

Two tone watches are absolutely timeless! Watchmakers have been utilizing this design technique since the 1900s and many vintage two-toned styles can still be found for resale today. Up-to-date watchmakers are also releasing two-toned watchbands on a regular basis.

Two-toned wristwatches are incredibly versatile. They can be worn with platinum, silver and white gold jewelry as well as they can be paired with yellow gold jewelry. They’re not outfit or occasion specific; in fact, many every-day watches are typically manufactured with the option of a two-tone band for greater versatility.

Take a look at many luxury watch designers that still utilize the two-toned watchband design, and some fantastic vintage models that used the trend, as well!

Rolex has utilized and over-utilized the two-tone watchband design. From their earlier models until today, it’s simple to find great quality Rolex watches with a two-toned watch band!

This Classic Rolex Datejust, above, showcases the two-toned styling. Compared to the Rolex Yachtmaster, below, utilizing the two-toned watchband, you can see the difference in versatility caused by the differences in the watch face color. The Yachtmaster is a much more formal timepiece compared to the Datejust.




Cartier, another luxury watchmaker, utilizes the two-toned design for it’s extensive line of ladies wristwatches including this Cartier Panther. The signature square watchface with the versatile two-toned band is formal, casual, and versatile!





Even Breitling, a sporty luxury brand, utilizes the two-toned band on this Windrider Jetstream Chronograph. Breitling watches are generally produced for adventurers and lovers of the outdoors–and even they know that the two-tone band can be as sporty as it is perfect for the office!



So many of the luxury watch designers are still utilizing the two-toned band design. While versatile, this fashionable watch-band approach is perfect for everyday wrist watches!


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