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Elizabeth Hubbard: Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot & Styling Tips

Elizabeth Hubbard: Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot & Styling Tips

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Another Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers jewelry photoshoot is in the books. This one gives prominence to model Elizabeth Hubbard, many new, distinct jewelry pieces that you can find at our avant-garde jewelry store in Boca Raton, and jewelry styling tips.

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Before we get into the highlights of this diamond jewelry photoshoot. Here is a little bit about our featured model Elizabeth Hubbard.

The Stunning Elizabeth Hubbard

Elizabeth Hubbard, who also goes by Elizabeth Rand, is a gorgeous and absolutely delightful model living in Delray Beach, Florida.

Elizabeth is a fashionista and she is also immersed in real estate here in South Florida. She is happily married to an awesome man, and she loves the beach, good food, and traveling.

If you want to learn more about her, follow Elizabeth Hubbard on Instagram. Her feed displays her fun-loving lifestyle and awesome sense of humor. 

It was a pleasure shooting her and getting to know her, and we hope to collaborate with her more in the near future…

diamond by raymond lee boca raton

Diamond Jewelry Photoshoot and Styling Tips with Elizabeth Hubbard

Now, let’s have a look at all the different outfits and jewelry Elizabeth wore for the shoot.

If any piece of jewelry is of particular interest to you, follow the accompanying links to see the full sales listing on our website. 

Outfit 1: Pretty in Pink

For the first part of this diamond jewelry photoshoot, Elizabeth Hubbard wore a pink sweater top and a black, light leather skirt. We put together an ensemble of jewelry that went beautifully with this playful early-autumn South Florida outfit.

Starting from the top down, we have a pair of gorgeous diamond dangle earrings. 

how to pick jewelry for a dress
Diamond Dangle Earrings

Dangling from her ears and swinging at every turn and step is a pair of 5 row diamond dangle drop earrings, also known as chandelier earrings for their dazzling resemblance. These are the type of earrings that will elevate any outfit while drawing attention to the wearer’s face. 

All of the stones are round brilliant cut diamonds of F color and VS clarity, together totaling 4.42 carats. If you want to own this pair, you are looking at a price tag of $9,095.

3 Strand Two-Tone Round Brilliant and Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace

Moving down to her neckline, we see three more rows of diamonds…

Elizabeth is wearing a magnificent 3 strand diamond necklace. This necklace is exotic and ultra unique. It features a “two-face” design of half yellow pear shaped diamonds and half white round brilliant diamonds, all separated at the centerline. The split creates a charismatic vibrant two-tone appearance that is undeniably fun and classy, just like her outfit. White and yellow diamonds are always a classic combination.

View more of our multi-strand diamond necklaces for sale at Diamonds by Raymond Lee.

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Micro Pave Diamond Wide White Gold Bangle

On her wrist, Elizabeth Hubbard sports a wide white gold bangle set with micro pavé diamonds. This bangle is large and uber brilliant. The micro pavé setting makes this bangle shine in an imposing manner. When you think “icy”, this is it. 

The small round brilliant diamonds total 17.57 carats, and they are all set in a radiant sheen of white gold. If you like to shine bright for the whole world to see, you can get this wide diamond micro pavé bangle for $48,995

Diamonds on her hands for a geometric look

On her hand, we have 3 humungous diamond rings of different shapes. 

Alone, each of these diamond rings would make any woman ecstatic…but worn all together, you’ve just transported her to cloud nine in another dimension. 

Elizabeth’s index finger sports a 6.34 fancy yellow oval cut diamond ring in a halo setting with a three-way split pave diamond band

Her middle finger dons an unimaginable 10 carat white marquise cut diamond in a three stone setting (the side stones are trillion cut diamonds that are big enough to be your average woman’s engagement ring centerpiece). 

And, finally, on her ring finger, she has a three-stone diamond engagement ring featuring a mind blowing, internally flawless, rectangular-shaped radiant cut fancy yellow diamond that weighs in at a jaw-dropping 12.02 carats. Adjacent to this gargantuan centerpiece are two trillion diamonds. This is a ring that defines the word captivating. 

Together, these rings total well over half a million dollars. To see each individual ring’s pricing and view their full sales listings, click the associated links above. 

See more engagement rings

The yellow and white set up of these three massive diamond rings perfectly orchestrates itself with the rest of her jewelry. 

So, with that as a segway, let’s jump over to her other arm to have a look…but first, we should probably wipe off the drool from the side of our lips. 

most expensive diamond jewelry
Mixed Metal Bracelet Stack

Her right arm highlights a bracelet stack that every modern woman would cherish and appreciate. 

We have two yellow gold Cartier Love Bangles. Cartier Love Bangles are probably the most iconic bracelet in the world. So, this is an easy choice when creating an impressive jewelry wrist stack.

On top of the Love Bangles, we have a matching white gold bangle and pink gold bangle. Both featuring small round brilliant diamonds across the top. And above these two bangles, we have another larger white gold bangle with round brilliant diamonds in a mesh pattern…

Mix metal stacks are one of the hottest trends in jewelry right now, and this mixing of metals is the perfect example of why. The white and yellow pieces go with all of her jewelry from top-down and the pink gold creates a wonderful contrast while also matching her pink sweater top. 

See more bangles at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

All in all, we give this outfit and jewelry get up a 10 out of 10.

Outfit 2: Classy, Dressy & Fun

Turning the page on this diamond jewelry photoshoot, Elizabeth Hubbard changed up her outfit to have some fun on four wheels…

raymond lee jewelers jewelry styling tips

For this part of the shoot, Elizabeth put on an elegant and beautiful black dress. Some of her jewelry remained the same, like her Cartier Love mixed metal bangle stack, her dangle earrings, and her two-toned 3 strand diamond necklace.

So, we are going to skim over those and look at the other jewelry, along with the exotic import she’s riding in, which from here you can tell is a Rari.

ferrari and jewelry
Shapes Galore – Celebrity Status

Moving the three-stone 10 carat marquise diamond ring over to her index finger, her middle and ring finger saw a change of shapes. 

stacking jewelry styling tips
10 Carat Round Brilliant Solitaire Engagement Ring

Her middle finger features a glorious 10.04 carat round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring. The diamond is of excellent cut and is D color, which is the highest color grade given by GIA. 

fashion jewelry styling tips
Platinum 7.59ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

She slipped a 7.59 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring on her ring finger for the final shapely touch. The large emerald diamond displays two baguette side stones which completes and compliments the flash-of-light characteristic of the step cut centerstone. 

Together, the distinct shapes of these three huge diamond rings really make for a stunning combination like no other. 

tips for styling jewlery
Wedding Bands & Eternity Rings

If you love sparkle, you are going to lose your head over Elizabeth Hubbard’s eternity band stack. 

When you have big engagement rings, it’s only right to have large eternity bands and/or wedding bands. So large in fact, they are set with prongs, rather than a pavé setting. 

diamonds by raymond lee jewelry styling tips

The diamonds protrude, allowing them to shine and shimmer amazingly. 

You might be wondering, “but are they comfortable?” For such large eternity rings, they are surprisingly comfy, making them ostentatious everyday wearables…

Starting left to right, we have a 3 row wedding band that features cushion cut diamonds. The underside is a luscious solid white gold band.

On her middle finger, she is wearing a 4 row eternity band that is astoundingly beautiful and extra wide. The diamonds are set in columns rather than rows, and each column has a diamond tip, which gives the ring a marvelously icy look.

clothes and jewelry styling tips

And, last but not least, her index finger features a stack of 3 different eternity rings with distinct diamond cuts. The top row has cushion cut diamonds, the middle row has radiant cut diamonds, and the bottom row has round brilliant cut diamonds. Furthermore, you’ll notice the middle band has larger diamonds. This is a great way to divide yet ultimately unite the stack. As you’ve probably noticed, we love to mix up shapes. If you have any doubts about doing so, let this be one of the main jewelry styling tips we offer you. This is what fashion jewelry is all about, uniformity with the perfect touch of asymmetry.

How to stack rings 101

diamond jewelry styling tips
Ribbed Bangle

We’ve already featured the micro pavé diamond wide bangle, so let’s draw our attention to the bangle closest to her hand. 

This is a regal-style ribbed 18K white gold bangle that features tons of round brilliant diamonds at its center. The diamonds total 4.78 carats and they are all of the most excellent cut. For this bangle, you are looking at a price tag of $17,995.


Now, let’s talk about the car she’s in. We already know it’s a Ferrari, but let’s pause to see if you can guess what kind of Ferrari she’s in….

jewelry styling tips

She’s in a white Ferrari 360 Modena with red seats. When you own jewelry of this caliber, it’s only right to have a car of equal artistry, prowess and luster. 

This convertible Ferrari has a base price tag of $172,000. It hits 0-60 in 3 seconds. And, the exterior and interior are designed with striking and elaborate aesthetics that one would only expect from Ferrari. 

It was the perfect car for the beautiful Elizabeth Hubbard and her spectacular jewelry. 

diamonds and donuts
Diamonds and Donuts

Elizabeth threw on a white Diamonds and Donuts cap to show love for both diamonds and cars…

Are you familiar with Diamonds and Donuts? 

If not, it’s time to get familiar…

Diamonds and Donuts is Diamonds by Raymond Lee’s monthly car show, which is now one of the best car shows in South Florida. 

At Diamonds and Donuts, you will find exotics, imports, muscles, American, classics and sports cars of all makes and models. We are talking cars like a Ferarri 488, McLaren 720S, Lamborghini Aventador, Porsches 911, Mercedes AMG-GTS, Dodge Chargers, and so many more. Our parking lot becomes packed full of dream cars and proud owners.

What’s more, Diamonds and Donuts always has a live DJ, good eats, and it’s all done for a good cause. We raise contributions for local charities such as the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. 

If you haven’t been to a Diamonds and Donuts Car Show, it’s a must. Check out our Diamonds and Donuts Instagram page to see what we mean. 

We decided to switch things up with some gorgeously tenebrous monochromatic jewelry that matches her attire and her black nail polish.

diamond jewelry photoshoot instagram model
Black Earrings

Elizabeth Hubbard is seen here wearing a fabulous pair of black diamond earrings with white diamond accents that give them a nature-esque vibe.  

Snake Motif Diamond Ring

She’s also wearing a mysterious 18K White Gold Diamond And Emerald Double Snake Ring. This frisky, twisting, serpent ring is very unexpected yet it couldn’t be more welcomed. It’s such a cool ring. It has both black and white diamonds and the eyes are made of small emeralds. 

Next to the ophidian ring, she has a wide and curvy white gold diamond wedding band. It goes really well with the diamond snake ring thanks to ergonomic design elements and its large stature. Not to mention, this piece on its own is enthralling.

Outfit 3: Elegance

diamond jewelry photoshoot example

For the last part of this diamond jewelry photoshoot, Elizabeth put on a low neckline top so we could view her favorite pieces from the whole shoot at décolletage level. 

She looks absolutely ravishing. This would be an impeccable garb to impress and inspire during any elegant, formal gathering.

Diamond jewelry photoshoot south florida
Wrist Stack Jewelry Styling Tips

On her right side, she is wearing the queenly wide ribbed white gold pavé diamond bangle stacked with two yellow gold Cartier Love bangles. 

Her right hand calls attention to her illustrious diamond wedding band and eternity band stack…

What woman wouldn’t smile with jewelry like this on…

diamond jewelry photoshoot boca raton
Unique Diamond Necklace

Resting on her collar bone is the two-tone yellow pear shaped diamond and white round brilliant diamond three-strand princess necklace. 

Rings and Bagle Jewelry Styling Tip
diamonds by raymond lee diamond jewelry photoshoot

And on her left, her wrist is covered by the 18k white gold 17.57ctw diamond pave wide bangle

On top of that, she is wearing three powerful engagement rings, which are…

The 10 carat three stone marquise cut ring.

The 10 carat round brilliant solitaire ring.

And the 12 carat three stone fancy yellow radiant cut ring.

You might be wondering, is it ok to wearing engagement rings in this manner? Well, the answer is a resounding YES. After all, just looking at how stylish this ring stack is should answer that question…Take that as another one of our high end jewelry styling tips. 

So, that wraps up this diamond jewelry photoshoot with the Lovely Elizabeth Hubbard. 
Elizabeth hubbard diamond jewelry photoshoot

If you want any of these pieces, you can view the full sales listings online by following the links within the article or you can contact us directly for availability and pricing. 

Note: All of the extravagant jewelry in this photoshoot are new to our extensive collection of fine diamond jewelry. You can see all of our jewelry online at Diamonds by Raymond Lee and Raymond Lee Jewelers

diamond jewelry photoshoot
Let us know what your favorite jewelry from this diamond jewelry photoshoot was in the comments below. Also, if you have any jewelry styling tips, share them!

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