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10 Reasons Women Wear Mens Watches & Best Mens Watches For Ladies

10 Reasons Women Wear Mens Watches & Best Mens Watches For Ladies

why women wear mens watches

Should women wear men’s watches?

woman wearing mens watches trend

The short answer is…absolutely, positively, yes!

But let’s dig into this.

First off, oversized and big face watch styles exist in ladies lines these days. Michael Kors has many women’s watch models with 42mm diameter cases. So why would it be strange for a woman to wear a 41mm model from Rolex?

Well, it wouldn’t be, and many women are doing so. Here in South Florida, the trend is strong and we love it. We even see women wearing Rolex Sky-Dwellers and AP ROO Offshores gracefully.

It really just comes down to the woman. If she can pull it off naturally, it can look amazing. So long as the watch isn’t too disproportionate on her wrist. We say go for it. We say the same to men who have small wrists after all.

Secondly, let’s just be clear here. A men’s 36mm watch like the Rolex Day-Date or Datejust has become essentially a ladies watch these days. Of course, it is a man’s watch technically, and men are still wearing it and buying way more than women, but with the trend in oversized watches, no man or women is going to turn their head in shock for (or scoff at) a woman wearing a 36mm men’s watch.

So, if you are asking if a woman should wear a man’s watch, we are assuming you mean the bigger man’s 38mm plus models…and the answer is still yes.

woman wearing mens watches

Simple Rules Apply

All you need to do is ensure the watch fits your wrist. When buying a luxury watch, the same rules apply to women as they do for men. You want to be sure you are going to feel comfortable in it and that you will realistically get good day-to-day use out of it.

Thus, if you prefer men’s style watches, there is definitely no reason why you shouldn’t get one. All we can recommend is that you try it on first…

Now, all of this doesn’t really explain why women want to wear men’s watches, and moreover, why they want to wear men’s watches when brands are already producing ladies watches in case sizes greater than 40mm.

Well, there are actually some seriously good reasons for it, which we are about to explain now…

mens vs womens watches

10 Reasons Why Women Want to Wear Men’s Watches

1. Status Symbols

Women want bigger watches these days just like men do. This trend has been going strong for decades already. And yes, MK is a nice brand, but it doesn’t have the status in the watch game as Rolex does.

Rolex doesn’t make many large ladies watches. They only have the Pearlmaster 36 and a mid-size Yacht-Master. But what about the Submariner or Daytona (two of women’s favorite).

Women want robust watches with masculine line and technical dials that state “here’s a great F’in watch!”

2. Contrast

One of the main reasons women wear men’s watches is because it offers incredible contrast with feminine styling and other women’s jewelry. A woman wearing a Rolex Cosmograph can look elegant and sporty at the same time. The larger size of Rolex men’s watches can help to accentuate the delicate lines of a women’s wrist. Some men might cringe, but the juxtaposition of a men’s Rolex and feminine clothing looks superb.

is 38mm watch too big for a woman

3. More Interesting

More often than not, men’s watches are simply more interesting. The watch game is still very much a men’s game. Typically men’s watches are more stylish and complicated. They have more unique complications and features than what you will find on their feminine counterparts. This might be because brands think women care more about looks and men appreciate the mechanisms that go into watches much more, but this is something that is undoubtedly changing.

4. Movement

It’s not all about complexity, though. Women appreciate practically too. Most women’s watches are quartz, and anyone who appreciates’s a luxury watch knows that manual or automatic is the only way to go. With a quartz watch, you need to change the battery, with a mechanical watch you can wear it forever. If you ever take it off for a couple of days and it stops, all you have to do wind it up. Mechanical watches are simply more practical. You won’t have to service it as often as quartz too. Another thing, servicing a tiny ladies watch is much harder, as, well, it’s so damn small!

The main thing is, when you pay for an expensive watch, you want the quality of a good calibre movement. Mechanical watches can last forever…If you are in an apocalypse (just saying), you are definitely going to want the mechanical watch. Without. A. Doubt. You wouldn’t have a working watch for too long if it’s quartz.

What’s more, a lot of women appreciate the engineering skill that it takes to make these little tiny, complex machines just as much as men.

tips for women wearing mens watches

5. Better Investment

Men’s watches have much more collectible value than women’s watches. When you buy a men’s watch, you can resell it for the same price or even more years later.

That said, yes there are women’s watches that are “investment” worthy, but overall men’s watches are a much safer bet. Plus, when it comes to Rolex, it’s the safest bet of them all. Rolex watches for men have the best resale value in the entire watch game, by far.

6. Statement-Making

A ladies watch with a colorful strap and a case with tons of sparkling diamonds is a statement piece. But do you know what makes an even bigger statement these days? Women wearing a large men’s watch like a 42mm Yacht-Master II.

Women make statements with men’s watches in a way that relates to when women first started wearing pants back in the 1920s. It states that she is a powerful human being, and she knows a good watch. Moreover, she is a person with spending power.

Plus, the look of a men’s Rolex is classic and clean. Some women don’t want to make a statement that involves flashy colors and diamonds. What better way to do it than a Rolex watch that was made to be a man’s watch? We can’t think of any at the moment…Not when it relates to watches, at least.

boyfriend watch

7. Versatility

Another simple but true point, men’s watches are more versatile than ladies watches. Ladies’ watches are generally more decorative. They are more like jewelry than a watch. Look at all the women’s Cartier watches to get an example of this (with some exceptions, like the classic Tank watch). Now, there’s nothing wrong with jewelry-like, decorative watches. They can look fantastic with certain outfits and nights out on the town. However, a sporty, basic watch will go with literally everything. This simplicity, this classic style, that you mostly see on men’s watches, is much more versatile, and this has been driving women to men’s watches for years now.

8. Durability

The majority of ladies watches look and feel flimsy. They are dainty and fragile. Men’s watches have heft and are more durable. Because of the size and designs, they are a sturdier choice.

Rolex men’s watches are made to be tools, which means they are made to be in extreme conditions and handle some abuse. For example, the Cerachrom ceramic bezel, which is essentially scratch-resistant.

Now, ladies Rolex watches are great quality and are made to last, but they still won’t have the robust durability of a Rolex men’s watch.

Again, you are paying for something expensive, you want it to last.

womens big watches style

9. Larger Size

The desire for a larger watch extends to women. Most women think a big watch is more aesthetically pleasing. A bigger face offers a more sporty image, and as we mentioned, it contrasts beautifully with other delicate accessories like a diamond ring, a Cartier Love bracelet, a pendant necklace, and so on.

Now, women still sometimes want a smaller, refined ladies watch. For some occasions, it is much more suitable…But the larger size is surely becoming the more day-to-day look.

What’s more, the larger size is easier to read! We’ve seen some ladies watches that are so difficult to tell the time because they are so tiny.

10. Relationship Convenience

This is kind of a funny one, but nonetheless true. Men and women can share their watches if a woman likes wearing a men’s watch.

In fact, there is a big trend called the “boyfriend watch”. A boyfriend watch is essentially an oversized, masculine watch that appears to belong to your boyfriend. These days, we’d like to think of them as “relationship watches”, as the man can take his girlfriend’s watch for the day, and vice versa…

Imagine being able to swap watches with the one you love? When it comes to wearables you can’t do that with most things. So, it’s great that it is possible with luxury watches, which are one of the best things in life to wear!

can a woman wear a 40mm watch

Best Men’s Watch Sizes for Women

For women in the market for a men’s watch, we suggest looking at 36mm up to 40mm, although a watch as big as 42mm or even 44mm can work for some women. It’s really up to you. A size 36mm men’s watch is essentially a normal size for women these days.

Women wearing men’s watches is a bold style that has been popular for decades, it’s nothing new. At this point, it’s not a trend, in a fad sense, it’s a way of fashion.

are boyfriend watches still in style

Best Men’s Watches for Women

The most popular men’s watches for women are Rolex, so in this post, we will stick to Rolex models.

But before we go over what we think are the best Rolex men’s watches for women, here are the brands we see women wearing the most:

  • Rolex
  • Hublot
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Patek Philippe
  • IWC
  • Tag Heuer
  • Breitling

Women appreciate true watch classics, so anything that is a classic will be best and make the most sense for women, especially if it’s vintage. Plus, vintage watches from over 25 years ago are generally smaller in size, albeit bigger than most modern women watches.

Here are our Top 7 Men’s Rolex Models for Women:

1. Day-Date Presidential 18K Yellow Gold Watch – A watch that Jennifer Anniston is rarely seen without.

Mens Rolex for women

2. Stainless Steel GMT-Master II (Batman or Pepsi) – Great for women with a jet-set lifestyle.

rolex batman for women

Rolex pepsi for women

3. Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner – This is a classic and a favorite for women down here in South Florida.

Submariner for women

4. Two-Toned Rolex Submariner – Similar to a GMT master, the Submariner in Two-toned is another favorite among women.

two toned submariner for women

5. Two-Toned Rolex Datejust II – A 36mm watch that will fit most women’s wrist superbly. There are also diamond hour markers, which is perfect for women as we all know women love diamonds.

36mm datejust for women

6. Datejust 41 – This is an understated watch, but at 41mm it offers the oversized ever-coveted statement-making look.

new datejust for women

7. Rolex Daytona – Last but definitely not least, the Daytona is a watch women are obsessed with. It’s probably the most classic and popular Rolex of them all. Moreover, this one is in Rose Gold, which is the hottest metal in the watch game right now. It has a soft touch which will be fantastic for women.

rolex daytona on women

Wrapping Up

So, to all the women out there looking for a new watch, don’t hesitate to get a men’s watch if you love it.

You can find a vast collection of watches at our retail showroom Diamonds by Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.

We have one of the largest collections of Rolex watches in all of South Florida.

boyfriend watch trend

Want to trade a women’s watch for a men’s watch?

We buy, sell and trade watches, so feel free to bring in an old ladies watch to see if you can trade it up for a men’s watch.

About us – Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is Boca Raton’s most recommended sales and service centers for watches, diamonds, and high-end jewelry. Our business is family owned and operated. We have over 30 years of experience selling fine certified luxury watches and in that time we have built an unparalleled reputation for fair, quality dealings in South Florida.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers at our Boca Raton retail store and online and to provide our community with the best possible experience.  We combine value, quality, and cost with the remarkable ability to meet and understand the needs of the people we serve.

If you live in Boca Raton, please feel free to drop by our showroom anytime!

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