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Rolex Date Just 41mm 126333 versus 36mm 116233

Rolex Date Just 41mm 126333 versus 36mm 116233

holding a rolex date just 116233 41mm vs 36mm black dial and gold dial

We know that not all watches are made equally. When it comes to the Rolex Date Just 116233 watches not all sizes are made equally either. If you are wondering which of the two to get between a 41 millimeter and 36 millimeter we are doing a deep dive comparison this week. Reviewing the two Rolex 116233 Date Just watch sizes. 

When it comes to luxury watches there are a limited number of brands that you know bring the attention to detail and true selection of fine materials that you expect. Rolex is one of the most well known and leading luxury watch brands. With good reason, too. Not only do they have their very own foundry where they create their very own fine metal alloy blends. But also hand craft the finest functions of their iconic watches. Even when it comes to a Rolex watch though there are differences. Both between the collections, they do after all have modern and classic designs. All of them classic yes, but even within those collections. There are differences between the case sizes, dials and special edition bracelets as well. This week we are reviewing the differences between the iconic Rolex Date Just 41 millimeter and the 36 millimeter that are in our collection.

The 41 millimeter Rolex Date Just has a black dial. Meanwhile the 36 millimeter has a gold dial. Both of them feature the iconic classic Rolex two tone fine gold metal casing and band. Another interesting aspect of these bracelets is that they are not the classic three link bracelets. Rather they are the jubilee commemorative bracelets. Now there are differences between the two bracelets as well but we will go deeper into that later on. For now the main differences that you need to know are the sizes, dial colors and comfort fit. The two watches are beautiful and have details that can make one more appealing to you than the other. However they are both iconic pieces that would go perfectly within a collection. We have a wide ranging curated collection of fine luxury time pieces but these classic Rolex Date Just pieces are some of the best. 

holding a rolex date just 116233 41mm vs 36mm black dial and gold dial

Luxurious and refined the Rolex Date Just 116233 watch is an iconic status symbol and men’s wear staple.

Rolex Date Just 116233 41mm versus the 36mm 116233

When it comes to comparing these two watches we first have to take a look at the case. Upon first glance the two watches do look similar enough right? However other than the 5 millimeter difference. Which if you are not so familiar with watches may not seem like much. However on the first those small millimeter differences can make a world of a difference. Anyways, the watches are not so different when you look at the case and get past the size. Both of them are two tone yellow gold and Rolex Oyster steel stainless steel combinations. The iconic blend of the Rolex foundry’s 18 carat yellow gold and their iconic Oyster steel. 

Oyster steel is one of the strongest metal alloys in the world. It was developed specifically by the Rolex brand to withstand some of the most extreme conditions in the world. It is always a reliable tool of the trade for them. Also, it’s a super alloy that is specifically used in the aerospace and chemical industries. Further it is extremely durable and resistant with a maximum resistance to corrosion. 

Beyond the two tone combination, a classic for jewelry elevated to luxury watches, there is also the hand crafted design. Each one of these Role Date Just watches feature diamond hour markers set perfectly. As well as 18 carat yellow gold hour and minute hands. All of these small details make these time pieces what they are. Finally then we have the yellow gold fluted bezel, a staple of the Rolex brand and the jubilee bracelets. If you are looking for a watch that carries all of the amazing features that makes a Rolex truly a Rolex luxury watch it is these ones. They have all of the details and of course the packed brand history.

side view of rolex date just 116233 watches 36mm and 41mm black and gold dial

The history behind the Rolex Date Just men’s watch 

Known as the classic watch of reference the Rolex Date Just is one of the founding pillars of the brand. A watch of great distinction it practically established the Rolesor combination of yellow gold and stainless steel discussed above. It is a signature of the brand since 1945. Launched to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its establishment the Date Just watch was the first self winding chronometer to display the date on the watch face. 

The difference it makes as it keeps track of the passing of a day to the thousandths of a second is unparalleled. Further, the datejust collection watches do not just display the date at 3 o’clock they are further enhanced by the Rolex invention of a magnifying glass addition at the date window. These precision watches are the unique and instantly recognizable Rolex design, a true lifestyle statement. Launched with the jubilee bracelet since it was a commemorative watch it also came with the fluted bezel.

bracelet and clasp comparison rolex date just 116233 watches

Both watches feature Jubilee commemorative two tone bracelets but have two different iconic clasps: the fold over and concealed crown clasps.

Jubilee commemorative bracelets for the Rolex Date Just

Not all the Rolex bracelets are made equal either. The Jubilee bracelet is a favorite amongst collectors and a definitive signature for the date just watches. It was originally created for the 1945 launch of the date just watch. As it was the commemorative issue for the brand’s 40th anniversary since their establishment. The jubilee bracelet strays from the traditional three link Oyster bracelet that we see on most other Rolex watches.

Moving from the robust and functional three link bracelet the jubilee is a supple and comfortable five piece link metal bracelet. It also features the two tone combination of 18 carat yellow gold in the centre line and oyster steel on either side. Made specifically for the launch of the Oyster Perpetual date just it is the perfect bracelet to see with one of these watches of course. Finally the classic for jubilee bracelets is the crown clasp.

rolex date just 116233 bracelets 36mm and 41mm

The Rolex fold over clasp versus the concealed Crown clasp on Rolex Date Just jubilee commemorative bracelets

The crown clasp is a fitted clasp that is concealed so that the jubilee bracelet has a continuous five piece link pattern. As you can see the entirety of the bracelet is a similar design and style. The opening and indication of a clasp at all is the iconic brand Rolex crown logo. It sit snugly against the links for a beautiful jewelry style closing. Now the two Rolex date just watches that we are comparing this week both feature the jubilee bracelet.

However the 36 millimeter iteration does not have the concealed crown clasp. It in fact has the fold over Oyster clasp which is a larger flat polished clasp also featuring the Rolex crown logo. More of a robust watch look than the jewelry feel of the concealed crown clasp it lends itself to a more robust watch wear when compared to the concealed clasp as it protrudes slightly from the bracelet. 

holding comparing rolex date just 116233 watches 36mm and 41mm black and gold dial

The 3235 calibre date just watch movement

A new generation movement crafted by Rolex fully in house. The self winding mechanical movement is the powerhouse of both the 41 millimeter and 36 millimeter watches. At the forefront of watch making it is a true demonstration of Rolex power. With 14 different patents the 3235 calibre movement is a symbol of the precision and excellence of the Rolex brand. It offers superior movements in terms of power reserve, resistance to shocks and magnetic fields, precision, convenience and of course reliability.

Rolex Date just Two Tone Black Diamond Dial Watch 41 millimeter 

Every Rolex dial is designed and manufactured in house, mostly hand made to ensure perfection. It spans eras. The 41 millimeter two tone diamond dial Rolex date just in our collection that is featured here has a black dial. The distinctive face of an iconic watch the black dial is one of the most unique when it comes to the Date Just watch collection. It is the face of the watch bringing readability and ease of use as well as beauty. This 41 millimeter is robust and bolstered by the dark balk dial. It creates a stark contrast against the yellow gold and diamond markers. As well as radiates with the fluted bezel. 

two rolex date just 116233 on wrist 36mm gold dial and 41mm black dial

Both the Rolex Date Just 41 millimeter and 36 millimeter fit comfortably on your wrist with the larger case being more robust.

36mm Rolex 116233 Datejust Two Tone Diamond Champagne Dial Watch 

For the 36 millimeter Rolex Date Just watch the feature really and truly is the gold diamond dial. A beautifully almost completely hand crafted champagne dial it features ten brilliant round cut white diamonds. One at each hour mark. Lovely and in a comfortable size the 36 millimeter is not in fact the smallest. Rolex also crafts a 31 millimeter Rolex Date Just watch. So this one is a bit bigger than their smallest but not quite as large as the above 41 millimeter. It fits comfortably on the wrist even close to your hand and the size is slightly smaller than most men’s wrist widths. The one above at 41 millimeters is slightly larger and so more robust. This is accentuated by the black dial as we said. However the champagne dial on this smaller iteration gives it a lighter almost floating essence. 

The radiating fluted bezel and the jubilee bracelet sealed with a concealed crown clasp are delicate details that make this smaller piece a truly gorgeous and refined piece of fine watch making. In a wide range of dial combinations the champagne dial is perfect for increasing the visual aesthetic of a smaller case watch. As well as adding to the bright sparkle of the diamond accents. 

flat lay rolex date just 116233 watches 36mm and 41mm black and gold dial

The real difference in size between the two watches can be seen in the comparison of the cases with the identical jubilee bracelets.

Where to buy a Rolex Date Just 116233 41mm or a Rolex Date Just 36mm 116233? Diamonds by Raymond Lee in South Florida

If you are interested in getting a Rolex Date Just 116233 watch for your personal collection, this 41 millimeter black dial or 36 millimeter gold dial watch is perfect. The iconic and traditional two tone gold Rolex casings with fluted fixed bezels and the instantly recognizable cyclops augmentation eye on the date window. These are watches that transcend their eras and times. They are watches that fit in with any style whether you are looking for a watch for formal occasions or to be your day in and day out companion. Further these precious time pieces both feature diamond hour markers elevating them to true pieces of jewelry. An iconic piece of the Rolex brand story as well as leaders in the watch making world these watches are under pronounced statement pieces. For elegance and refined taste these watches are the ideal combination. Perfect for any collection old or new.

Further, the commemorative jubilee bracelets make these two watches some of the more difficult to find time pieces as well. A true marker of exquisite master craftsmanship these Rolex date just pieces are unique and true standards of beauty. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we know everything there is to know. Both about this brand and these two magnificent pieces. We rely on our more than three decades of experience in the industry bringing the finest watches and jewelry from around the world to South Florida. As well as our expertise in diamonds and watches. Our craftsmen have access to some of the world’s very best equipment and machines paired with their masterful techniques to test and care for every watch in our collection. They are true connoisseurs. We pride ourselves in our experience and as a family owned business we do also pride ourselves in our cherished refined clientele.

Visit us to see the Rolex Date Just 116233 41mm and the Rolex Date Just 36mm 116233 in person! You can purchase any of our watches online or in store. Here is where you can find us: 

Address – Diamond By Raymond Lee’s Showroom in Boca Raton, Florida: 

2801 N Federal High Way, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Let us know what you think of the 116233 41mm and the Rolex Date Just 36mm featured in this article in the comment section below.

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