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The Rolex Day-Date II, A Thing Of The Past Or Rolex Hype?

The Rolex Day-Date II, A Thing Of The Past Or Rolex Hype?

It has come to our attention in the recent weeks that Rolex is redesigning the Rolex Presidential yet again. Currently the Rolex Presidential is being produced in a multitude of sizes, ladies, midsize, 36mm (mens but now unisex) and the Day-Date II in 41mm. The rumor is that Rolex is going to discontinue the 36mm version and the 41mm version and replace both with an all new redesigned 40mm Rolex. As a little helpful guide we provided the reference numbers for all the current YELLOW GOLD Rolex Presidential style watches below.

218328 41mm
118238 36mm
178278 31mm
179178 26mm

Rolex Day-Date II Raymond Lee Jewelers

 That’s not even close to all the choices you have when it comes to all gold watches from Rolex. Those models come in white gold, rose gold and even platinum. Not to mention that some of them can come on leather straps in a multitude of colors. Diamonds, forget it…. You can buy these watches directly from Rolex authorized dealers completely covered in diamonds (mostly in stock in the flagship Wynn store in Las Vegas ).

Getting back to our original point. Rolex generally doesn’t have that many sizes available for any model they produce. A company notorious for making a million sizes for their production models would be Cartier. Too many choices can confuse a shopper right out of a purchase. Do we love the “Big Face Rollie?” Hell yes we love it. It looks great on both guys and girls. We’ve sold several of the larger watches – even 41mm – to women. It’s definitely in style.

Women Wearing Rolex Day-Date II Raymond Lee Jewelers

The Day-Date II is one of our favorite watches. Will 1 millimeter be so drastic of a change?? We think not. Will the change and discontinuation of the 41mm affect its long-term value? You bet. We suggest (if budgets permit) you grab a few brand new ones and throw them in the safe. They will probably be a collectible watch. After all, it’s only been in production for the last few years. We don’t know how exactly Rolex will proceed. They can be unpredictable, we shall see. Below we have given you the reference numbers for all the standard Day-Date II models with a few pictures.

218206 Platinum Day-Date II
218235 Rose Gold Day-Date II
218328 Yellow Gold Day-Date II
218239 White Gold Day-Date II

Our opinion on the most collectible version would be the 218328 which is the Rolex Day-Date II in yellow gold. The addition of the 40mm Day-Date is creating quite the hype among the Rolex community.

Are you planning on purchasing the new 40mm Day-Date? Will you stock up on the soon-to-be collectible 41mm?


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