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Men’s Jewelry Trends 2015

Men’s Jewelry Trends 2015

Though men might dominate the watch market, they are not the first people you think of when it comes to jewelry. However, more and more designers are working to create pieces that work well for both men and women. This year, the “mangle”, or man bangle is set to be big with leather cuffs and more being part of fashion. This is supposed to be a hybrid of formal and sporty looks and is meant to make a man look a bit softer and edgier at the same time.

These mangles are not the same as a female bangle for a few different reasons, for starters, they are much heavier and have more physical and visual weight, these pieces are made from things like leather, steel, carbon fiber, and more. They may even have some of your favorite gemstones added in for a bit of sparkle and visual interest. These are also much less likely to be pretty and dainty like female bangles are.

There are also quite a few more statement pieces when it comes to men’s fashion. We have all seen the slouchy look that was so popular last year but now tailored suits are back with a vengeance and sleek, slim lines are now more popular than ever. Expect tailored suits, sleek, slim lines, and a much dressier look than ever before in coming months as men’s fashion really vamps up.

Necklaces are also making a comeback and signature necklace pieces are now more common for men than ever before. With pieces like crosses, chains, and even statement pieces with extra added charms and other visual interest pieces men’s necklaces are taking a turn from the highly stylized and not all that pretty to a much more delicate and intricate look.

Still another thing to look for are more androgynous styles. The lines between men’s and women’s fashion are certainly beginning to blur and more and more designers are making pieces that work for both men and women when it comes to jewelry and clothing alike. There are now more pieces that work with men and women than ever before and this makes for some truly exciting developments in the world of fashion. There are also more earrings and necklaces for men than ever before.

Only fashion week and the upcoming months can truly show us what the fashion world has to offer in terms of true men’s fashions but the outlook thus far is promising. With new things like the mangle, necklaces, and even earrings that are designed to be worn by both men and women. There are certainly some exciting things to come and in the following months we will see what truly is in store and we may even see some new and exciting items that none of us really expect at all. The fashion landscape is truly changing and though there are some tried and true styles that will continue to reign supreme, there are plenty of up and coming styles that we have yet to see and that should be supremely exciting.


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