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Why We Can't Authenticate Cartier

Why We Can't Authenticate Cartier

Cartier Love Bangles

Lately, we’ve been inundated with fresh requests to authenticate Cartier Love bangles, bracelets, necklaces and rings via e-mail. It’s no surprise! People are starting to shop for their perfect holiday wishlist, and looking all over the web for the best deals on the perfect gifts. Our blog is one of the first things that pops up when anyone searches for Cartier Love bangles (pre-owned, used, estate or otherwise), and we’re well known as a great source for used authentic Cartier Love bangles and jewelry.

Cartier Love Bangles

So the requests to verify the authenticity of Love items usually do increase around this time of year, and while it doesn’t catch us off guard, it does make us feel a little helpless – because we can’t help you!

Verifying any item’s authenticity (be it a designer piece, diamond vs. CZ, gold vs. plated, etc.) based only on e-mail has never been a service we offer. This is because we really need to see your item to determine its quality and specifications. When we’re purchasing items, we can usually give an accurate estimate for our price range based on the papers (for a pre-owned luxury watch) or GIA certificate (for a diamond) but otherwise, we need to have our buyers take a look.

This obviously isn’t very helpful for those asking about the authenticity of a piece they’re considering buying! Unfortunately, the only pieces we can guarantee are authentic are the ones we’re selling – or your money back. We can evaluate pieces to purchase and take the risk ourselves of buying “superfakes” that fool even our experienced buyers. But we would never want to assure someone of a piece’s authenticity, only to have them spend their money and receive an inauthentic piece from a shady seller. So we can’t authenticate via e-mail (as always) or even in-person (which is a service we used to offer.)

When an out of state customer called or e-mailed in about verifying a Cartier Love bangle, we would just recommend they stop by their local Cartier boutique. Their sales associates were typically happy to help a customer know if they had a bonafide or not. However, Cartier has stopped this practice. They no longer will authenticate Love bangles that come in to the store. Whether this is due to new brand standards or the unfortunately increasing quality of fakes, we don’t know. We do know that if Cartier won’t sign off on Love bangle authenticity, we certainly couldn’t claim to be more knowledgable than the source itself.

So, when shopping for a Love bangle, we hate to leave our savvy estate shoppers high and dry! You can (and should) always search our inventory first, as we guarantee the authenticity of all of our designer pieces or your money back. If we don’t have the exact combo of metal, diamonds and Love bangle size you’re searching for please give us a call or shoot us an e-mail to be added to our wait list. You never know when someone with your perfect Love bangle will walk through our doors, looking to sell.

For those who’ve found just the right pre-owned Love bracelet elsewhere, we give you the same tried and true advice we would use ourselves: use the LOVE acronym to evaluate the seller!

  • Longevity: Decades of happy customers don’t lie.
  • Open Communication: Do they call you back? Facebook you? Text you? Direct message you videos of rings on Instagram when you request?
  • Verifiable: Do they have Yelp & eBay reviews? Will they show you proof of a diamond’s certification, a watch’s papers, or a designer piece’s original box?
  • Easy Returns: Clearly stated, black and white, simple for you and protective of your money.


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