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Cartier Santos: Black vs White Diamonds

Cartier Santos: Black vs White Diamonds

A high-end and glamourous timepiece like the Cartier Santos Galbee buss down line of watches is the perfect opportunity to show off your high-style and luxurious fashion sense. These are sporty watches with a twist. The Santos line of watches has long been a popular favorite and their bust down line gives you something truly unique.

And who doesn’t love diamonds? There is nothing that adds class and style to a look better than high-grade diamonds. So what could be better than a high-end luxury watch that is absolutely dripping with diamonds? We couldn’t think of anything either.

Those who have a bold sense of fashion and an appreciation for the finer things in life can wear the Galbee buss down watch with pride. You’ll also get the benefit of being the style icon from your peer group. Not only is this a high-end, luxury watch, but it is also a feat of engineering as well.

These are reliable and precise timepieces. There is as much emphasis put on the internal workings of the watch as there is on the outward design. This means you get the peace of mind that your Cartier Santos Galbee buss down watch can stand the test of time.

And, for a blinged-out watch, the Santos Galbee is surprisingly versatile. You can wear it with a wide range of looks to many different social occasions. This watch allows you to show off your personal style as well as your bold and edgy side.

Quality Design

Cartier has a long history of being one of the finest jewelers and watchmakers in the world. This is a reputation they have had for many years and work hard to retain. The company has a reputation for making cutting-edge, high-style pieces that feature only the finest materials in their construction. The Swiss-born company has a dedication to quality and precision, inside and out. This means that each and every Cartier Santos watch is handmade to the highest standards of design and construction.

You get the peace of mind of Swiss-born craftsmanship, engineering, and design. This means that you can be sure that you are getting a high-end timepiece that has complex and cutting-edge internal workings as well as an emphasis on luxury design. A watch like this combines form and function in a way that no other luxury accessory can. Not only do these watches look amazing, but they also have a utility that other accessories don’t have.

With a high-end timepiece, you get an accessory that combines quality design, fine materials, and cutting-edge engineering into a work of art that you can wear on your wrist. And the watch is a surprisingly versatile accessory that works with a wide range of fashions and styles.

High-end Luxury

cartier santos galbee buss down

Many of us are careful in how we present ourselves to the world. We want the first impression people get of us to be as positive as possible. This is why we take time and effort in choosing our clothing and accessories. Remember, you only get one shot a first impression. So choosing something like a high-end watch is going to tell others something about you without your ever having to say a word.

They tell others that you appreciate quality and luxury. A timepiece is also a great way to give off an air of professionalism or seriousness that can be incredibly valuable in today’s cutthroat business world. Even if you aren’t a serious business person, having a put-together look is most definitely not a bad thing. In fact, it is something many people work hard to achieve. And the thing is, the simple addition of a high-end timepiece can give you that effortless elegance that we all crave.

Cartier has a long history of being a high-end brand with a lot of name recognition. People who see you wearing one of these watches will know that you appreciate the finer things in life and care about quality in design. 

Cartier Santos Galbee

The Santos watch by Cartier saw its first introduction all the way back in 1904. Since then, it has been a favorite of discerning shoppers who appreciate the blending of comfort and elegance. This first Santos watch was a specially-made piece for an aviator friend, Santos-Dumont. This is also where the watch took its name.

This one-of-a-kind watch wasn’t available to the general public until the line saw its launch a few years later and it has been a favorite since. Since this watch had aviators in mind, it is a precise and durable timepiece that is meant to stand the test of time. 

Since the introduction of this line, the Santos line has seen many different iterations. This means that there are tons of different models of this watch. They are made from different materials. There is variation in case size. And there may be differences in the material that features in the bracelet of the watch.

The main design elements like the screws that hold the bracelet together and the unique shape of the dial remain. Other details may come and go, but these signature elements will always be there. 

Buss Down Cartier Santos

For those who aren’t aware, a buss down watch is one that features an aftermarket addition of diamonds. When it comes to the Santos Galbee, the buss down versions are hard to beat for those who really like bold luxury. High-grade diamonds will feature all over these watches. Most buss down watches will be completely covered in diamonds. This means the face of the watch, the dial, the bezel, the bracelet, and even the closure of the watch will feature diamonds.

These are not watches for the faint of heart. These aftermarket additions make these bold and trendy timepieces that are meant to be seen. They feature a sparkle and shine that is unlike any other Santos model available. For some people, the Cartier watch they get from the manufacturer just isn’t personalized enough. What better way to do this than to drench these already gorgeous watches in high-grade diamonds? We couldn’t think of a better way either.

One thing many people don’t know is that diamonds are available in more than just clear. This is a whole rainbow of fancy colored diamonds that range in hues from pink to black. These different colored diamonds give the watch a different look and feel and can really allow you to personalize the watch to your style. And you don’t have to sacrifice the luxury and durability of the diamond either. Bling and shine, which combine with the already elegant features of the Santos Galbee line by Cartier is a great option for the bold and discerning consumer.

Black vs White Diamond Buss Down Watch

We recently acquired two different Cartier Santos Galbee buss down watches that are stunning and elegant. One features white diamonds and the other features black diamonds. These aftermarket additions give the watch a more unique and personal look and feel. They aren’t like anything you can buy directly from Cartier and thus give us something one-of-a-kind that also has the precision and quality design we have come to expect from Cartier.

The white diamond Santos Galbee is a great option for those who want a lot of sparkle and shine. Round, brilliant-cut diamonds refract a ton of light and thus give off a lot of shine and glitz. This is a watch that is meant to shine and shine it does. The entire piece features many high-grade white diamonds that elevate the glamour and elegance of this already stunning timepiece. White diamonds cover the entirety of this watch from the face to the bracelet.

The black diamond Santos Galbee is a bolder, edgier option and is a great accessory for those with bolder and trendier tastes. Black diamonds have a truly unique look. They are bold and dramatic stones that have the hardness of the diamond but are pitch black in color. They don’t have the same level of sparkle as a white diamond, but they are a sight to behold. This version of the watch features high-grade black diamonds on the entire watch, just like the white diamond version. 

Which is Better?

The answer will depend on your sense of style and fashion and what you are looking for in an accessory. If you want something that is eye-catching, either of these options fit the bill. However, the black and white diamond versions give off a very different air and thus may be better suited to those with different styles. If you want that traditional sparkle and shine, the white diamond Santos Galbee buss down might be the best option for you. You get all the elements that set the Santos Galbee apart from other watches, with extra sparkle and shine as well.

If you have a bolder and edgier sense of style, chances are you want accessories that will accentuate this look. This means looking towards less common stones and designs to create a signature look that is all your own. If you like to stand apart from the proverbial crowd and have a bolder sense of style, the black diamond buss down Santos Galbee may be a perfect choice. These deeply black stones give the watch a dramatic look and feel. The stones have a depth of color that is hard to match and make for a really eye-catching piece. 

Whatever your style, a buss down Santos Galbee will elevate it to a whole new level of elegance and glamour. High-grade diamonds have a way of doing that and with these aftermarket watches, it is no different. 

Versatile Glamour

Even a timepiece as blinged-out as a buss down Cartier Santos watch is surprisingly versatile. One of the best benefits of the timepiece is just how versatile it is. It is perhaps the only accessory that combines form and function into a single accessory. Not only does a high-end watch look great, but it also serves a purpose. Most accessories just look good. This is the only one that combines beauty and versatility.

And, the watch is one of the few accessories that can pair with pretty much anything. A watch isn’t made for just one type of fashion like, perhaps, an over-the-top cocktail ring is. This means it will look good with a wide range of different types of fashions and for different social occasions. You can easily pair these watches with business or formal attire. However, you can also pair them with more casual or sporty looks and it still looks great. In fact, you can add a level of glamour to pair of jeans and a t-shirt you would have never thought possible. 

An accessory that is elegant and glamorous, but that can also pair with a wide range of fashions, is a rarity indeed.

In Closing

A high-end watch doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to settle for what is available from even the best high-end brand. You can have aftermarket additions that will make whatever accessory you have one-of-a-kind and truly unique. Since the timepiece is such a versatile and useful accessory, it makes perfect sense that some want to customize their high-end watch to make it a little more unique. Buss down models of the Santos Galbee line of watches by Cartier are a perfect example of this.

A buss down watch is one that features aftermarket diamonds. The buss down version of the Santos Galbee line feature high-grade diamonds on the entirety of the watch. This means the bezel, dial, bracelet, and even the closure feature tons of high-grade diamonds. We recently got in two stunning buss down versions of the Cartier Santos Galbee. One features high-grade white diamonds which gives the watch glitz and shine that is hard to beat. The other features bold black diamonds that have a rich and deep hue that makes for a dramatic and edgy timepiece.

Whichever you choose, you are getting a one-of-a-kind take on a popular model of a high-end watch. It allows you to show off your appreciation for quality design, but also have a piece that has a unique aftermarket addition that other models just don’t have. 


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