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3.08ct Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

3.08ct Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Luxury pear shaped diamond ring

The 3.08ct pear shaped diamond ring features a modified brilliant diamond merging the round cut and marquise into a beautiful teardrop.  The similar facet pattern to the round brilliant appearance brightens the Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring in a diamond with a large table and width, and medium depth.  The pear will appear larger than other fancy or mixed cuts due to the table.  This visual quality that is appealing to many is also present in the marquise and oval cut.

No detail was overlooked in this Luxury pear shaped diamond ring. The impressive center stone is a 2.08ct pear shaped diamond, EGL certified. The two carat center stone has a soft and bright color and an amazing, full shape. Two white pears compliment the center jewel on either side. All three stones are encompassed in halos of micropavé set round diamonds. East and west bezel set round brilliants finish off this Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring.

The 3.08ct pear shape diamond ring will contain 58 facets like the stones seen in the sparkling and fiery round brilliant cut diamond rings.  The ideal length to width ratio of a teardrop should fall between 1.40 and 1.70.  A lower ratio will give you a fuller and rounder stone with the larger ratio presenting a more slender pear.  Much like the romantic heart shaped diamond; preference in shape is solely a matter of preference of the buyer.  Bilateral symmetry is crucial in the pear shape.

The 3.08ct pear shaped diamond ring is a unique symbol in itself.

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, but the right pear shaped diamond is hard to find because they’re difficult to cut. With the right cutting techniques, you will get a diamond that has a teardrop shape with symmetrical proportions – this creates a beautiful look! In this blog post, we’ll go over what it takes to find the perfect pear-shaped diamond for your engagement ring! 

Understanding the Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Luxury pear shaped diamond ring is a combination of round and marquise diamonds. This teardrop shape can be worn facing up or down, allowing you to create different looks with the ring.

Luxury pear shaped diamond ring

The pear-shaped diamond’s brilliant modified cut maximizes sparkle! The 58 facets reflect the light that enters the diamond back out with lots of brilliance. Another benefit to the pear-shaped diamond is that it appears larger than diamonds of the same carat weight. It also creates a flattering, lengthening effect on the finger.

History of the Pear Diamond Cut

The teardrop diamond, now known and loved by many, originated in Belgium back when it was still the Duchy of Burgundy. In 1458, a Flemish gemstone polisher named Louis Van Berquem created this shape with his own invention called a “scaif,” which allowed him to create symmetrical diamond facets and new, more complex diamond cuts. He is also credited with the concept of absolute symmetry. Symmetry is important for all diamond cuts, but especially for pear-shaped stones – an asymmetrical pear-cut diamond will be very obvious and won’t reflect light as well. 

Why are pear engagement rings so popular?

Pear-shaped stones have become increasingly more popular with couples since they stand out more than other diamond shapes. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Paris Hilton, and Kaley Cuoco have all been given pear-cut engagement rings, which has made them even more popular.   

Benefits of choosing a Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Pear cuts are a unique shape, which makes them perfect for any occasion. Their elongated shape gives the illusion of being larger than your average round diamond – even if they are both the same carat weight! This means that you can get more bangs for your buck with a pear engagement ring. Pear shapes also have the versatility to complement any style: vintage or modern; classic or chic; casual day-to-day wear…you name it!

Ideal Color Grade for a Pear-Shaped Diamond

The color you choose for your Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring really depends on the metal that it is set in. For white gold or platinum engagement rings, you can choose a pear-cut diamond with a color of G, H, or I.  These colors pair well with silver colored metals. For rose gold and yellow gold, choose a diamond with a color of J, K, or L. The warmth of these diamonds will blend well with yellow or rose gold, and help you save money on your diamond.

Ideal Cut Grade for a Pear-Shaped Diamond

A quality cut grade ensures your stone will be full of sparkle. A well cut diamond will also be symmetrical, and an asymmetrical pear cut diamond can be very obvious and less attractive. Always choose a Very Good cut for your Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring, and make sure to choose one with an excellent symmetry grade.

Ideal Clarity Grade for a Pear-Shaped Diamond

The brilliant facet style of the pear-cut diamond will hide lots of inclusions. We recommend you choose a stone with a VS2 grade or better. Always view HD imagery and/or videos of your diamond before making a purchase! If imagery is not available, make sure to request it.  

The Bowtie Effect

Pear cut diamonds sometimes have the bowtie effect which many find unflattering. This effect is when a dark bowtie-like shape appears across the width of the diamond. Since it creates a large black space on the stone, it reduces its sparkle and beauty. Your diamond grading report won’t indicate if the stone has a bowtie, so the best way to avoid it is to view HD videos of the diamond before purchasing it.

Choosing the Right Length-to-Width Ratio

The length-to-width ratio of your Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring will impact how wide or slender the diamond will look. The right length-to-width ratio is all about preference, but most people prefer a pear-cut diamond that has a ratio of 1.5-1.7. The length-to-width ratio is usually provided by the jeweler, but if it’s not, you can calculate it by dividing the length of the diamond by its width.

Pear-cut diamond pricing

A Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring, like other fancy shapes, is a great choice for those who want to save money on their purchase. This particular shape has a lower rough diamond waste than round cuts which means it’s more affordable. A good reason why this specific type of cut can be so cost-effective is that there are fewer materials that need to go into making them; meaning that they’re able to maximize what precious raw material that remains after polishing with beautiful results!

Price is relative

If you’re looking for a loose pear-cut diamond, it is important to know that the quality of the stone can vary drastically and affect pricing. A 1 carat pear cut diamond can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on many factors such as the stone’s cut, color, and clarity grades.

Difference between pear engagement rings and round engagement rings

The difference between pear engagement rings and round ones is that pear-cut diamonds have a tapered point at one end. Round-brilliant diamonds are considered to be classic cuts and are far more expensive than pear-cut diamonds. They are the most popular choice for engagement rings.

Understanding the difference between a real 3.08ct pear shape diamond ring and a fake one

A diamond can be a girl’s best friend, as the famous saying goes, but it can also be her worst enemy. If the stone turns out to be a fake and you don’t know how to recognize if a diamond is real, a girl’s world can come crashing down around her. 

The knowledge to detect a fake diamond seems like something only a professional gemologist or jeweler would or should need to know. Believe it or not, there are too many con artists out there trying to sell you a piece of plastic or glass, claiming it is a valuable stone. In fact, not too long ago, a very thoughtful woman gave her daughter-in-law-to-be a beautiful 2-carat diamond engagement ring only to come to the devastating discovery that it was worthless.

How to tell if a Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring is real

Some of the best diamond imitations have even succeeded in fooling diamond experts, so using your eyes alone to determine whether or not a diamond is real can be tricky, but it can be done. If a diamond is mounted, you should not be able to see through to the bottom of it, if it is in fact a real diamond. The reason is simply because of the way the light passes through the many facets of the stone. If an unmounted diamond is placed face down upon a newspaper, you should not be able to see the writing, and if you can – it’s a problem.

Can You See Through a Diamond?

Only rarely, when the cut is disproportionate, can one see through a real diamond. But, since this is rare, if you can read the text, or see through to the setting, bring it in to have it checked.

Diamond Reflection Test

A diamond’s reflection says a lot. A real diamond will reflect in shades of gray. If you are seeing shining rainbow colors, the diamond is likely a fake.

Do Diamonds Show Up on X-Ray?

While a cubic zirconium can go unnoticed in an X-ray, a real diamond cannot. If you have it X-rayed and the stone does not appear, it is not authentic.

Do Real Diamonds Sparkle?

Two other quick and simple ways to spot a real diamond is by looking at how it sparkles in light and how much you can see through it. A real diamond appears gray and white inside (brilliance) when held to the light and can reflect rainbow colors (fire) onto other surfaces. A fake diamond will display rainbow colors within the stone when held up to light.

How to Tell if a Diamond is Real using Sunlight

The way that diamonds reflect light is unique: the inside of a real diamond should sparkle gray and white while the outside should reflect a rainbow of colors onto other surfaces. A fake diamond, on the other hand, will have rainbow colors that you can see inside the diamond as well.

How to Identify a Real Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring using a Mirror

This test, also known as a “scratch test” used to be considered the easiest way to test a diamond. The test is to simply scratch the loose stone against a mirror. The idea is that if the stone is hard enough to scratch the mirror, it’s probably a diamond. However, with today’s fakes being made of strong durable materials, this is not a reliable method. 

Weigh It

Well this one will only work if you have access to a cubic zirconia, a substance often used to replace real Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring, of a similar size. Interestingly enough, a diamond weighs less than a cubic zirconia. If your stone weighs 55% less than what the cubic zirconia weighs, yours is a real diamond. If it weighs the same, it may very well be a fake.

Unfortunately, just like in every other industry, there are scammers who are after easy money. As time goes by there are more and more imitations, but there are also more ways of detecting them before it is too late. Go only to jewelers who you trust, or have qualified reviews proving they are who they claim to be. Aside for the tips mentioned above, it is also possible to purchase a loupe from a jewelry store or to borrow the one on site and to briefly study a diamond through this tool. A real diamond will generally have some imperfections while a fake one will appear completely perfect. Familiarize yourself with what the common imperfections are that appear in diamonds and ask the jeweler any and all questions that you may have.

How to take care of your Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

The tip of the Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring is very fragile and can easily chip. Make sure to take it off when you are going to do anything strenuous with your hands. You should also be sure to have your engagement ring cleaned and inspected by a professional jeweler to make sure your ring stays sparkly and beautiful for generations. 

Experts recommend that you have a professional cleaning at least twice per year. At Diamonds by Raymond Lee, we thoroughly clean the diamond while examining it under magnification to ensure all prongs are secure and check for any loose stones in the band or fractures in your diamonds. 


If you’re looking for a timeless, beautiful Luxury Pear Shaped Diamond Ring that will make your special someone feel loved and appreciated, then we recommend the 3.08ct pear shaped diamond ring. 

Pear diamonds are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd with an elegant piece of jewelry. We hope this article has been informative and helpful in helping you know the kind of ring you wish to use for your big day! Contact us if you need help choosing the right ring. 


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