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Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688

Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688

A high-end timepiece like a Rolex Yachtmaster II is a great way to show off your style and appreciation for the finer things in life. These timepieces are elegant and versatile, but also sporty and masculine. This makes these pieces work incredibly well for pretty much any occasion. You can easily wear one of these watches for a day in the office or for an evening out on the water with friends.

A timepiece gives you that put-together look of effortless elegance that so many of us crave. And these are durable, reliable, and precise timepieces as well. Rolex has a long history of innovation and making some of the finest timepieces available on the market today. They have held this reputation since their inception and really earn it with each new innovation they present to the world. 

You get the peace of mind that each and every Rolex watch features Swiss-born craftsmanship and engineering. These are cutting-edge timepieces that feature some of the most advanced internal mechanisms available on the market. And since Rolex holds patents on many mechanisms and other watch elements, you are really getting something one-of-a-kind. Many try to copy this company, but nothing beats the genuine article.

A Rolex watch is the epitome of luxury and the Yachtmaster II is a sporty and masculine watch that looks just as great for a day on the water as it does for a day in the office. This watch means elegance and style with a twist. Too often, we think of watches as being boring and stodgy, but a Rolex timepiece should break that notion right away. You get some traditional design elements, but modern engineering.

Stunning Elegance

One of the things that makes a Rolex watch such an amazing accessory is just how elegant the timepieces are, even one that has a sporty design. These watches feature only the finest materials in their construction. Whether you want a gold or stainless steel model, you can be sure that only the purest metals feature in these watches. They are elegant works of art you can wear on your wrist.

And, this model is incredibly durable and meant to withstand whatever your lifestyle might throw at it. There really isn’t another accessory that blends form and function so effortlessly as a Rolex watch. And the Yachtmaster II is a stunning and versatile timepiece that looks great for formal occasions, casual occasions, and even athletic pursuits. Since it can withstand the elements, you can take it wherever you go and look great all the while.

You can easily pair a Yachtmaster II with a formal suit, jeans and a t-shirt, a well-fitting business suit, or even with sporty attire. This versatile watch really does look great with pretty much anything.

Precision Design

A Rolex watch is much more than just a nice accessory to look at. Since the company saw its founding, precision design has been the order of the day. The company would work closely with scientists and those who work in more extreme environments to come up with a timepiece that can withstand these unique environments and still function with precision. This is why they make all of their internal movements and mechanisms in-house.

They have a long history of employing only the finest engineers and craftsmen and their rigorously high standards mean that only the best will make the proverbial cut. It may be hard to make the cut, but those that do are among the best in their field. They focus on the precision, durability, and reliability of their watches. Above all, a Rolex watch is one that should stand the test of time and continue to tell accurate and reliable time all the while. 

This is why they feature some of the most advanced mechanisms and internal movements on the market. These are some of the most precise and reliable that you can find. And while most of us don’t need a watch that will continue to keep precise time underwater, some do, and these watches are up to that task as well. 

Cutting-Edge Engineering and Craftsmanship

As we mention above, only the most talented and skilled craftsmen make it at Rolex. This is because they have incredibly high standards for all aspects of their processes. They use the latest technology and create some of the finest timepieces, in terms of function and look. Many elements of a Rolex watch are exclusive to the company.

Since they are a pioneer and known for innovation, it only makes sense that they would want to create many of their own parts. When you have such high standards, sometimes you just have to make the internal components yourself and that is just what Rolex does. The Yachtmaster II, like all Rolex watches, features an exclusive Calibre movement that the company holds a patent on.

In fact, Rolex holds patents on a number of elements that feature in their watches. From internal mechanisms and movements to bracelet styles and even exclusive metal combinations, some elements you find at Rolex are truly one-of-a-kind and can’t be found elsewhere. Each and every Rolex watch is hand-made to the highest level of engineering and design standards.

The Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688

rolex yachtmaster II

The Yachtmaster II is one of the largest watches Rolex makes and it is not only a statement piece, but it has a more masculine look and feel than many other watches. This line of watches comes in a wide range of styles and features different materials. This makes it easy to find the perfect model for your tastes and needs.

Interestingly, this popular line of watches is one of the newest the company offers. It saw its first introduction in 2007. Since then, however, it has become one of the most popular models for men of all stripes. 

The 116699 features rose gold and this is what sets it apart from other versions of the watch. It has a 44 mm case. This not only makes it easy to read, it gives it that masculine and sporty look and feel that many covet. 

The watch features a sapphire crystal and screw-down steel case back. This helps protect the watch’s internal workings from the elements. Since this is a sporty watch, it is water-resistant up to 330 feet (100 meters). This means it can actually withstand the elements and is a great watch for those who live more active lifestyles or that like water recreation. 

Other Features

These are Oyster perpetual watches that feature a bi-directional rotating bezel. Traditionally the watch will have a blue dial and this is part of what gives it its signature look. This watch is also the only chronograph that features a mechanical memory. 

Most models of the watch feature the Oyster bracelet. This is a style that is not only elegant and stunning to look at but is known for comfort. This is a watch you can easily wear all day without worrying about pinching or pulling. 

The 116688 features the Calibre 4161 movement. This movement is exclusive to Rolex and you won’t find a movement of this durability and precision anywhere else. 

Masculine and Sporty

While many high-end watches have an elegant look and feel, not many of them have a sporty and masculine look. The Yachtmaster II is an exception to this rule. And though it looks masculine and sporty, it is still elegant and versatile as well. It is elegant enough to look amazing with formal attire. You can easily wear one of these watches to a day at the office or an evening out for a formal event. 

However, you can also just as easily wear these watches out for a game of hoops with friends, for an afternoon of sailing, or even just a casual day spent at home. It has a masculine look and feel, but it is also incredibly elegant and stylish. It is a piece of precision design and engineering that also just so happens to look great as well. That is what you get with Rolex. Form and function combine into the perfect accessory for any occasion. 

But the thing is, these watches do more than just look sporty. They are sporty. This means that they can withstand a wide range of elements and conditions that most high-end timepieces are designed to withstand. Rolex watches like the Yachtmaster II are resistant to a range of elements. They are water-resistant, shock-resistant, and even resistant to magnetic fields. While most of us don’t find ourselves in these conditions, they can withstand them if need be, and this isn’t something most other watches can boast.

Something for the Ages

Show off your unique style and appreciation for the finer things in life with one of these high-end timepieces. They are a great investment and easily stand the test of time. And not only do they continue to work great into the future, their timeless design means they never go out of style either. There are many stories of Rolex watches being handed down through the generations.

Versatile Accessories

One of the things that make the timepiece such a great accessory is just how versatile it is. Just think about most high-end accessories. Chances are, they are items that would only really look good for formal events or a business environment. Most of us don’t think a stunning, yet formal, multi-strand diamond necklace is a good accessory to wear to the grocery store. So while these pieces may look great, they have little utility. This isn’t the case with a Yachtmaster II.

These are high-end timepieces. This means they will look good with formal attire. Whether you are wearing a well-fitting business suit or a formal outfit for some other occasion, these watches will accentuate your look and give you the elegance and grace the outfit wouldn’t otherwise have. But this isn’t where the utility ends.

Just as easily as you can pair one of these watches with something formal, you can also pair them with casual or sporty looks as well. You won’t look out of place pairing one of these watches with jeans and a t-shirt. This is an accessory that you can wear to both a formal event as well as the grocery store and not look out of place. There really aren’t any other accessories that have this level of versatility. 

Wherever you go and whatever the level of formality, you can be sure that your Yachtmaster II will look great. This timepiece can easily move from day to night and enhance the overall look of anything you pair it with.

In Closing

A high-end timepiece like a Rolex watch is one of the most versatile accessories you can find. These are the rare accessories that look just as good with casual or sporty looks as they do with formal or business looks. The Yachtmaster II is an excellent option for those who want a high-end watch with a precision design that is also incredibly versatile. These watches feature large cases that not only make them easier to read but give them a sporty and masculine profile as well. 

Only the finest materials feature in a Rolex watch. These aren’t boring or overly-flashy timepieces. They are the perfect blend of form and function. They are built to withstand a wide range of elements, from water to magnetic fields. This means you can take this watch wherever you want to go, even out for a day on the water.

This is one of the most elegant, yet sporty, watches on the market and it is no wonder that it is an incredibly popular model. It looks amazing and is a feat of engineering and craftsmanship. It features cutting-edge internal mechanisms and movements exclusive to Rolex. But it also boasts careful attention to detail in the design. There are many elements that set this watch apart from other models. From its water-resistant to its bi-directional bezel.

With a Yachtmaster II, you get the perfect blend of sporty and elegant. This gives you a comfortable, durable, and reliable watch that can easily become part of your signature look. 


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