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Arm Candy Inspiration: Luxury Bracelet and Swiss Watch Stacks

Arm Candy Inspiration: Luxury Bracelet and Swiss Watch Stacks

used rolex

We are bringing a whole new meaning to Arm Candy today by presenting to you an assortment of luxury jewelry and Swiss watch wrist stacks. Let this be inspiration for the next time you stack a bracelet (or bracelets) with your watch…We will be showing you some everyday bracelet and watch combinations, mixed metal jewelry and watch stacks, single precious metal stacks, chunky stacks, and more. We are only using the finest of jewelry, like Cartier Love bracelets and diamond tennis bracelets, and Swiss watches like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. All the jewelry here is crafted from precious metal, some with diamonds, some without. So, this “arm candy” is for those who want tips and styling ideas for opulent wrist stacks.

bracelet and watch combo with Cartier love bracelet and Rolex

So, are you ready to enhance your outfit, express creativity, and drop jaws with stunning arm candy jewelry and watch wrist stacks?

Let’s begin…

Can I wear a bracelet and a watch on the same hand?

Put simply…absolutely! People have been wearing bracelets and watches on the same wrist since pretty much the dawn of the wristwatch. It looks great, it shows a high sense of fashion, and it can be seen as a status symbol that states, “I have spending power and I’m not afraid to show it”…Especially when your bracelet and watch combo consists of fine diamond and precious metal jewelry and luxury Swiss watches.

So, on that note, we are about to display a few “everyday” bracelet and watch combinations that we styled at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton. 

Everyday Bracelet and Watch Combos

Here is the perfect example of an everyday bracelet and watch ensemble. It’s understated, in that there isn’t too much going on, yet it is absolutely luxurious, as the bracelet and the watch are not only high-end and made of gold, but they are also ultra iconic pieces. 

watch and Cartier love bracelet

Now, anyone who knows luxury jewelry knows the Cartier Love bangle. It is probably the most iconic piece of jewelry in the world, let alone the most iconic bracelet. And everyone, literally, in the entire world, knows Rolex. Obviously.

arm candy jewelry

We chose to match the metals on this one by going yellow gold on yellow gold. It creates a beautiful put-together look that is perfect for the workplace, any casual setting, and even a night out dressed to the nine. This is what truly makes it “everyday”.

A Rolex Sky-Dweller and a Cartier Love bangle is like a match made in heaven. It’s something you will see the most fashionable, well-cultured women wearing. So it is not exactly “unique” in the world of elite women. That said, don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? 

Moreover, it’s not like every woman can afford a yellow gold Rolex and Cartier Love bracelet. After all, they do wear a heavy price tag. So it will be unique to the majority of the world.

arm candy bracelets and watch stacks
Keep it simple!

To keep things simple, and to allow the two iconic items to be the main attraction, we didn’t style any jewelry on the other wrist. And she isn’t wearing a necklace. This is the perfect way to be extravagant, but not “extra”. 

wrist bracelet and watch stack

However, you will notice she is wearing a two ring stack – engagement ring and wedding band. You can never go wrong when wearing your wedding band and engagement ring, as that is an everyday wear as well. So, of course, it will never pull you into “overdoing it mode”. This look extends to women who aren’t married and simply want to wear a ring or two on the same hand as the bracelet and watch.

All in all, this styling tip gets an A+ from us all the way around. And the white gold engagement ring is the perfect extra splash of color. It looks great with the yellow gold, so don’t worry if your matching metal bracelet and watch doesn’t extend to your ring stack.

As a matter of fact, having a mix of metals is one of the hottest trends out, and it isn’t going anywhere.

Before we show you a completely mixed metal ensemble, let’s slowly transition into that with this next ‘everyday bracelet and watch combination’, which features two tones – stainless steel and rose gold.

Two Tone Diamond Bracelet and Watch Combo for Everyday Wear

Does stainless steel and gold go together well?

Stainless steel and gold is a popular combination for jewelry and watches. So much so that even Rolex themselves makes plenty of watches with two tone rose/yellow gold and stainless steel. So the answer is an unequivocal yes. It looks fantastic, and you are about to see for yourself…

mixed metal watch and bracelet

The main theme for this everyday arm candy is “diamonds”. The two tone Rolex Datejust has a diamond bezel and the yellow gold partial chain bracelet has pave diamonds on the chain section. With the diamonds, and the yellow gold Jubilee center links, these two pieces have perfect harmony with one another. 

Now, that’s not to say the diamonds are needed, and that even a fully stainless steel Rolex with a yellow gold bracelet wouldn’t go good together, it’s just that this ensemble is undeniably perfect, even in the eyes of people who don’t like mixing metals. 

two toned watch and bracelet stack

As with the previous everyday bracelet and watch match up, our model is wearing a 2 ring stack. Not only does this complete the diamond theme, it adds in two other precious metal, white gold (the eternity ring) and platinum (pear shaped diamond engagement ring). Ergo, making this jewelry ensemble “mixed metal”.

All in all, this is a flawless mixed metal jewelry ensemble that is lavish, flashy, and stunning, yet understated in that there isn’t too much going on. She’s wearing 3 pieces of jewelry in total (for her entire outfit) and a Rolex watch. She has diamonds flossed on each piece of jewelry and the watch. And all together…it is simple, elegant, and classy. Perfect for casual wear and for a night on the town. 

So, now that we’ve shown you two on-the-same-wrist bracelet and watch combinations, let’s discuss a common concern people have when wearing a bracelet and watch on the same hand.

Should you wear a bracelet with your watch?

Although it looks great, and we do love to style watches and bracelets on the same wrist, we should note that it can scratch the bracelet and watch. Because of this, some women and men are hesitate to wear bracelets with their watches on the same wrist. It’s understandable. But when it comes down to it, your watch’s bracelet is going to get scratched from daily use with or without the bracelet stacked with it. It’s inventible if you actually wear your watch. Moreover, the scratches a bracelet like a Cartier Love bangle is going to cause is negligible. Only you will notice them, and the person who ends up servicing you’re Rolex every seven to ten years. So, we say, stack away…

OR…you can always stack your bracelets on your other wrists. After all, we have two arms for a reason 😉 Plus, it helps make your arm candy look a little less busy. 

Pro Tip: Rolex Jubilee bracelets are known to not get scratched as easily when stacking bracelets as an Oyster bracelet does…or, at least, it is far less noticeable. So, if you are big on stacking, considering getting a Rolex watch with a Jubilee bracelet. 

Stacking Bracelets on the Opposite Arm of Watch

Should you wear a bracelet with your watch?

There is a lot going on with this stack to take note of. 

Frist, we have a yellow gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Moonphase all on its own, but very happy to be solo. It get’s all the attention the left wrist deserves. Then, of course, we have a breathtakingly huge platinum engagement ring and a yellow gold three row diamond wedding band (a wide wedding band is needed for an engagement ring of that size!).

On the other hand, spreading out the love of this arm candy jewelry we have three diamond adorned bangles, which sort of resemble Cartier Love bangles. Each bangle is its own precious metal – yellow, white, and rose gold. And to top it all off, we have a three eternity ring stack, which also features one of each type of gold color. 

All in all, this is the quintessential example of how a mixed metal jewelry stack can look utterly jaw-dropping. Who could deny mixing metals when it looks this good? No one. This is why it’s become so popular.

Unique Two Tone Arm Candy Jewelry Stack

wearing bracelet with watch

Here we have a remarkably unique jewelry ensemble that is truly the definition of “arm candy”.

The jewelry love is spread across both wrist evenly, and all of it features jewelry with two tones.

First, we have the same two tone stainless steel and rose gold Datejust with a diamond bezel from a previous stack above. But this time, its worn on the wrist all by itself, and it easily steals the show…

Then we have a gorgeous diamond crossover ring, which is white and rose gold. 

Moving over to the opposite hand, we have a diamond pave snake bangle bracelet wrapping around her right wrist as a snake would. This is one of those stand out bracelets that can’t be missed. It’s incredibly unique, mysterious, and gorgeous. And the final piece is a rose gold diamond pave ring, which competes this two tones jewelry ensemble with impeccable form.

Snake Bracelet and Rolex Stacked on Same Wrist
wearing bracelet on same hand as watch

Now have a look at the bracelet and watch stacked together…

So, what do you like better, separated or together?

In any case, for women who love diamonds and being pretty in pink, these arm candy bracelet and watch ensembles has wonderful harmony throughout and are perfect for those days where vivacity takes over. 

Chunky Wrist Stack – Arm Candy Galore 

Now, for those who love the chunky stack look, you can go for two bracelets, or three, or four, or FIVE. 

chunky bracelet and watch stack with Cartier love bracelets

There are no rules to this, but we will say, it takes a special woman to pull it off. And when we say pull it off, it has nothing to do with other people. It all comes down to how you feel personally…

At Diamonds By Raymond Lee, we love to do a chunky stack every so often. Especially one of this caliber.

I mean, it is an arm candy jewelry ensemble masterpiece made from only the most iconic and highly sought after items across the globe – a rose gold Rolex Day Date with 5 Cartier Love bracelets with diamonds of different golds. 

chunky wrist stack

When it comes to Cartier Love bracelets, there’s really never too many, and mixing colors is the norm for chic women. 

As for which order you should stack the mix metal Cartier Love and Rolex stack? Well, it really doesn’t matter. It’s totally up to you. It will look good no matter what way you stack them.

But, we do like to add a little strategy ourselves. We put the rose gold Love bracelets together, then stacked the white gold ones on the sides. This gives the mixed metal stack some order, and separates the rose gold Day Date with beautiful contrast. 

On the whole, we love this chunky precious metal stack. It gives us the feeling of something an ancient Queen of Egypt would wear…if wristwatches were a thing back then. 

Should I wear a tennis bracelet with my watch?

This is like asking…

Should I eat a steak?

Do you like it?

Well, if the answer is yes, then enough said. 

Not everyone will agree, just like not everyone eats meat. But, it’s hard to deny that it looks good!

Let this be our proof…

Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Watch Combo

Should I wear a tennis bracelet with my watch?

This diamond Patek Aquanaut and Emerald Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet is an impeccable combination. It is absolutely breathtaking. They go together like steak and potatoes, or humus and pita bread…sorry for all the food references, we are getting hungry with all this talk of [arm] candy.

This arm candy jewelry ensemble is full of diamonds and the white on white tones are captivating. It’s fresh, it’s stunning, and if this doesn’t make you want to stack a diamond tennis bracelet with your watch…then maybe this one will..

Diamond Tennis Bracelet, Cartier Love Bracelet and Rolex Daytona Mix Metal Stack

tennis bracelet and Cartier love bracelet with watch

For this watch and bracelet stack, we use three iconic jewelry pieces, not just two. We’ve added a thin diamond tennis bracelet to our Cartier Love Bracelet and Rolex mix. 

We’ve stacked the watch in the middle because of the different sizes of each piece. You could switch it up, but for this ensemble, the way we ordered it here looks phenomenal. 

This is another example of how mixing metals can look extraordinary. The yellow gold Cartier Love bangle next to the rose gold Daytona stacked on the yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet should remove any doubts about your next fine diamond jewelry mixed metal and tennis bracelet stack.

Final Note:

Stacking a watch with bracelets is all about creativity. We hope this post has given you some inspiration for your arm candy bracelet and watch stacks. Now, it’s up to you to express your individualism with your own watch and bracelet combo. Remember, the only rule is that you love what you wear. 

Shop Fine Jewelry and Luxury Swiss Watches at Diamonds By Raymond Lee.

Shop Fine Jewelry and Luxury Swiss Watches at Raymond Lee Jewelers.

Cartier love bracelet with rolex

Let us know what’s your favorite watch and bracelet combination from this post in the comments below!


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