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Used Rolex Boca Raton Watches – Why to Buy Aspirationally

Used Rolex Boca Raton Watches – Why to Buy Aspirationally

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So, you’re ready to invest in a used Rolex, for yourself or for a family member, but you’re not sure that buying new is the right move, for now. Did you know that almost 20% of Americans who make between 2-3k a month own a Rolex watch, but that only 17% of Americans who make between 9-10k a month own a Rolex watch, and that the highest group of Rolex owners in America are those who make between 7 to 8k a month, at 33%. Therefore, you may be in what we consider the “lower income, yet highly driven” sector of Rolex buyers and chances are, you are who will greatly benefit from buying a used or aftermarket Rolex watch. Aspirational purchases in this income group are important for a number of reasons that we will delve into now. 

#1. Acting as if 

So you’re not a six figure shaker…yet. Buying a used or aftermarket Rolex timepiece will have you well on your way. If has been scientifically proven that “acting as if”, or as some would say “faking it” has a profound impact on life outcomes. Amy Cuddy lamented this notion in her famous TED Talk “Fake it Till You Make It”, or more specifically, fake it until you become it. If buying a used or aftermarket Rolex watch is going to bolster your self worth, it will exude from the inside out. An aftermarket or used Rolex watch is not just an investment in a beautiful piece of wearable art, it’s an investment in yourself and your financial future. This is a large reason why, out of the ten income groups measured, the lowest income group had the highest number of Rolex owners. 

#2. Gifting success 

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, a used or aftermarket Rolex watch can be the perfect gesture for a young grad, new job recipient, or the perfect push for someone who needs a pick me up in their career. For these reasons, it’s crucial that the watch gifted be a used or aftermarket Rolex. Here’s why: If the gift is a brand new Rolex there’s no room to grow or aspiration for the recipient to work towards buying a new Rolex (although theirs will look and feel brand new) because they already have one. Gifting a “starter Rolex” is the perfect gesture in that it communicates the need to be great, room to grow, and the motivation to do so. There is no better motivation than having a used or aftermarket Rolex watch from Raymond Lee Jewelers on your wrist to strive to work hard everyday in order to buy another, and another, and carry on the tradition from father to son, husband to wife, throughout generations. In this way, you’re not just giving a gift, you’re giving the gift of success. 

#3 Luxury financial leniency

It’s interesting that out of the nine income groups surveyed, the second highest group of earners had one of the least amounts of Rolex purchases across all groups. This is because of the concept of luxury financial leniency, wherein the money you save on luxury purchases can be used to buy other important luxury items. Chances are, the used or aftermarket Rolex isn’t the only thing you need. If you’re in a relationship, it’s definitely not the only thing you need, because as you may or may not have learned yet, you’re simply not allowed, male or female, to buy yourself a used or aftermarket Rolex without also giving a gift to your significant other (unless you enjoy passive aggressive dinner dates and fights with the potential in laws). For this reason, buying a used or aftermarket Rolex can often free up some luxury financial leniency that allows for additional purchases. Like a diamond Gabriel band, or aftermarket emerald earrings. And if those aren’t your #relationshipgoals, you can always splurge on a nicer men’s Rolex, and share it, as the men’s style is highly popular for young women. Our expert jewelers can tighten and lengthen the used Rolex as needed, depending on whose month it is ;).  

#4 Because you can 

A wise man once told me “if you’re poor, you wouldn’t be shopping for a Rolex”. I contend that it depends on your definition of shopping. If you have the financial means or not, buying a used Rolex is something that helps you act as if, achieve your goals, and provide you with empowerment overall, and for these reasons, a used or aftermarket Rolex is an investment in your future. Nobody understands this more than the professionals at Raymond Lee Jewelers. We have a financing plan for everyone. Literally. No credit? No problem. You can make payments at your leisure through our in-house financing program. Don’t want to finance? Come in today and enjoy a craft beer, while the best of the best show you not only the selection, but why they believe in investing in a used or aftermarket Rolex watch. 

#5 Rolex watches make you feel good 

If you’re sick and tired of peers or loved ones not putting any respek on your name, a used or aftermarket Rolex is an instant cure all. A. They’ll have no idea if it’s used with the detail and precision that the expert jewelers at Raymond Lee Jewelers put into perfecting these watches. B. You deserve respect. And a used or aftermarket Rolex watch is the fastest way to get it. The experience of buying a used or aftermarket Rolex watch at Raymond Lee Jewelers. So stop by, and let one of our Rolex specialists show you our full collection while you enjoy one of our finest craft beers on draft. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our expert sourcers will get you what you want, when you want it. We have two locations to serve you best – one in east used Rolex Boca Raton, and west used Rolex Boca Raton. We also have full access to cater to national and international clients both over the phone and over our website chat, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages and Facebook Groups. Hit us up today and start manifesting a better, used Rolex Boca Raton owning future today.


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