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Best skeleton watches on the market

Best skeleton watches on the market

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A skeleton watch shows off the most incredible part of a luxury watch. The inner workings and calibre keeping the time inside. It is what makes luxury watches the leaders in their industry. These watches have not only some cutting edge technology within but also an incredible amount of history and tradition too. This all goes into making sure the watch performs at an unmatched standard of precision and performance. All of the features that stun in a watch connoisseurs heart. Also it is a stunning look that really is unlike any other. Like for example the Felipe Massa Richard Mille skeleton watch or a skeleton version of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak. 

richard mille felipe massa skeleton watch

These are watches that go beyond the incredible designs featuring some of the finest styles and shapes. They also expose the powerful ‘engine’ of the watches. It is rare to see a skeleton watch and there are a few reasons for that. One being that the look is truly unique and is not made all that often. The luxury watch designers and companies tend to hold the skeleton design for watches that are striking achievements. These are the ones where the inner workings and ticking movements truly take the stage. 

At Diamonds by Raymond Lee we have a widely curated collection of fine luxury watches including skeleton watches. These unique pieces are part of our limited and special edition luxury watch collections.  Some of the finest and hardest to get your hands on watches without a doubt. For those that have it all or are particularly keen on keeping their collections unique.

The skeleton watch model

skeleton watch Richard Mille

You could call these watches a bare bone model. However clear to see the “bones” of these watches are they are far from being only the necessities. When it comes to luxury watches that just seem to absolutely have it all it is skeleton watches. These time pieces are stripped down to the to reveal as much as possible of the inner workings of these watches. Generally hand crafted with incredible detail these are the true show pieces of the watch making world. The technical openwork that goes into making these skeleton watches are the differentiating skill. It takes a much longer time and a lot more effort – even though let us be clear crafting any fine watch is an art of its own. 

When you look at a skeleton watch with all of the exposed machinations the sharp edges and angles are true marks of craftsmanship. Airy and open these tiny tinkering tick tock movements show the gallantry of watch making. All of the small details and attention in the polish and embellishment. Particularly when it comes to the inner screws and bevels. Everything is thought out and delicately handled.

The skeleton watch aesthetic has been around for a while. In the early 1700s Frenchman André-Charles Caron stripped away all of the outer detailing of a watch. He left a clear view of the machinery – the heart of the watch exposed. This invention of the openworked watch has continued throughout the centuries to present day. The state of the art machinery that keeps the world’s luxury watches on time are after all the main focus of craftsmen throughout. The style has over time definitely become a singular way for collectors to up the ante on their luxury lifestyle watches. Many of them being superior pieces of craftsmanship and engineering. 

Richard Mille

A very young brand when it comes to the watch making world Richard Mille luxury watches have truly staked out a place for themselves. Iconic with models that shook the watchmaking world they push the boundaries of what a luxury watch can be. The very first Richard Mille time piece was introduced in 2001. It was the RM 001 Tourbillon. A world debut in titanium and with some exposed machinery it really is a vision of what the watch making world can be. Richard Mille began his eponymous brand at the age of fifty. The new contemporary approach to horology brought fresh style and the extraordinary ergonomic tonneau case. A signature of the brand itself the tonneau case has distinctive torque screws and a price to establish the fledgling brand amongst the big players. Made by Swiss watchmaking experts they are introducing new ideas to the watch making world.

More than 18 years after the release of the very first Richard Mille they have continued to innovate. With more than eighty models each hand crafted and designed with care in the details. Diminutive models that are painstakingly formed in limited quantities the Richard Mille brand knows how to place themselves in the luxury watch market without a doubt. 

Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa Titanium Chronographic Dial Gents Watch

richard mille felipe massa watch with white rubber strap

Felipe Massa

skeleton watch for sale

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak  Double Balance Wheel Openworked Skeleton watch 

Released in 2016 this is a super cool skeleton watch. The double balance open worked skeleton watch is an exceptional AP Royal Oak. Extremely rare it is one of the most scarce modern Royal Oak watches around. A 41 millimeter master piece of steel, brass and gold all put together there is impressive engineering as well as design. The dial is arguably the most notable part of this Royal Oak. It still has the same stunning stainless steel satin finish polish on the links, case and lugs. However it really is the skeleton dial exposing all of the inner workings that makes this such a unique Royal Oak. 

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak openwork skeleton watch double balance

Inside the vessel the dial features a ruthenium PVD detail on a chapter 8 outboard. It has rose gold hour markers hand laid. Also rose gold is the balance bridge on both sides. So if you turn the watch over to the skeleton back you can see it doubles up on either side with the rose gold bridge. That makes for two balances, two springs, and of course two bridges. In solid gold the dial side bridge is exquisitely hand finished. The motion works are also visible as you adjust the time and the stop second function. While this happens the barrel is also exposed so you can see the main spring slipping in this automatic time piece. Hand skeletonized and mirrored this is a sick watch for someone who not only deeply appreciates fine luxury watches but also the craftsmanship required to create this piece. 

Production of this hand skeletonized AP Royal Oak is very limited as it is a high intensity time piece to make.

Interested in buying an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked Skeleton watch? Contact us for a quote or visit one of our showrooms. 

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Diamonds by Raymond Lee your premiere destination 

For stunning time pieces like these best in market skeleton watches there is no better place than Diamonds by Raymond Lee. We have been in the business of bringing the absolute best and most unique watches from the world’s top brands. For the last three decades this has been our passion and our focus. For our family and experts there is nothing like it. Getting to be in an industry of luxury lifestyle goods and working with absolute masterpieces like these limited production items. It is always an incredible experience to have pieces like these. The Richard Mille Felipe Massa Chronographic as well as the AP Royal Oak Openworked Double Balance. These are the types of watches for those passionate about the work and technique that it takes to create. A true craft requiring detail and attention we can appreciate it on a much deeper level with our own craftsmen. 

craftsman working on a skeleton watch

As the guys our community in Boca Raton and wider South Florida trust to keep their luxury watches in peak shape they have seen some of the finer things. With even more than three decades under their belt their experience is unparalleled. From the inner workings of these watches to creating new and incredible additions like bespoke bezels or diamond add ons. It is stunning what is possible when it comes to making a watch your very own. You can dream it and our craftsmen will create it. It has been an absolute honor to serve all of our refined clientele for the last thirty years and we cannot express how we look forward to the next thirty to come as well. Bringing the beautiful and the luxurious directly to sunny South Florida. An incredible experience it is all about the finest goods together for simple and elegant luxury items.


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