Cartier Love Bracelet OLD vs NEW

Cartier’s new style Love bangle debuted in 2011 and is starting to make its way into the used Love bracelet market. It typically takes a few months to a year before we start purchasing a new style of designer jewelry or new watch from customers who want to sell Cartier. They typically like to enjoy it themselves for at least a few months!

The new Love bangle through presents an interesting challenge to customers who want to buy a Love bangle on eBay or our website though. Love bangles are so heavily replicated that it’s important to do your research before buying to ensure that what you’re buying is an authentic Cartier bracelet. When a new style changes what an authentic Love bangle really looks like, it’s time for us to continue our quest for customer education.

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Cartier Love Bracelet New Screw System

We compared one of our older style rose gold Love bangles to a new style yellow gold Love bangle so you can see the small differences between the two. Where the old style’s screws come completely out, the new style’s screws only come out of the bracelet partially. This prevents loss of the tiny screws if you ever take off your bracelet.

cartier love bracelet old vs new

New Cartier Bracelet Screw Back

The older model also has a different screw back. You can see that it’s slightly more dome-shaped compared to the cylinder shaped backs on the new model from the side. When looking at them closely, the old one looks like a bullseye where the new one looks like a smile.

cartier love bracelet new screw system

From the front, the two bracelets are nearly identical – same Love insignias, same smooth, crisp edges, but a slight difference where the clasp meets the rest of the bracelet and how the screw’s Love motif blends into the rest of the bracelet.

cartier love bracelet locking mechanism

Other FAQ about New Version of Cartier Love Bracelets

Is the new Cartier Love Bracelet thicker and wider?

There are no differences in the thickness and width between the new and old Love Bangles. An authentic new Carter Love bracelet should be 2mm thick and 6mm wide. Furthermore, thickness and width between the diamond and non-diamond versions are the same.

Is the sizing the same for the New Cartier Love bracelets?

The sizing remained the same. So if you were a size 16cm on the old, you will be a 16cm on the new too.

How to spot a fake with the new Cartier Love bracelet?

When it comes to spotting a fake, the easiest way is to consider the quality of the material and price. Although there have been some changes between the new and old Cartier Love bangles, the points made in this article – How to Spot a Fake Cartier Love Bracelet? –  remains true.

Remember, if you ever have any doubts about a bracelet’s authenticity, ask the seller everything you want to know. They should be more than happy to communicate with you, offer any service papers or boxes they may have, or even send the bracelet to Cartier for authentication for you. We carry a selection of pre owned Love bangles in several sizes and colors, and we do have a wait list for those interested in a size or metal that we don’t have!

If you have any questions about New vs Old Cartier Love Bracelets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5 thoughts on “The Difference Between the New Cartier Love Bangle & the Older Models”

  • Magda Wilcox says :

    Would the have an R with circle around it or do they only come with a copy right a C with a circle around it?

  • 1sextoys says :

    Cartier recently lowered the prices of their Love bangles (a plain t yellow is now $6,300 USD plus sales tax.) So we’re in the process of lowering our prices too. The baseline for our new price structure will likely put a used Love bracelet in t with no diamonds at $5,500 USD.

  • MagazinSites says :

    Raymond Lee Jewelers established a reputation for selling authentic used Love bracelets for less than retail at the height of the Love Bangle craze.Cartier Love bangles have always been a huge topic of interest for our blog readers and customers alike.  Though it seems this signature Replica Cartier piece has withstood the test of time since its retro resurrection – it’s still considered a jewelry wardrobe staple.

  • Deborah Cullen says :

    Does Cartier make a bracelet without screws?

  • A.kayum says :

    I wanted to know if the screwdriver is the same for the newer bracelet and if the logo is engraved n how to tell if its real

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