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Best Wedding Surprises

Best Wedding Surprises

A wedding surprise is a fun way to add an element of the unexpected to your big day. Everyone knows there will be I Do’s, an exchange of rings, of vows, and of smooches. Your guests can probably bet that there will be certain expected elements at your reception (they’re hoping an open bar is one of them). But you can blow their mind with amazing wedding surprises. Or even surprise your groom – or if you’re an A+ husband-to-be like our groom below, take notes and give your new wife an incredible surprise at your wedding.

Surprise Proposal Video

This groom took a cue from the brilliant grooms everywhere who secretly tape their proposals. But instead of sharing the video immediately with his bride to be, he kept it a secret for months. On the evening of their wedding, just after the best man’s speech concluded with a slide show, a vaguely familiar scene started playing out. The bride couldn’t quite place it, until she joyfully and tearfully realized what was playing on the big screen. So. Cute.

Surprise Performance

Imagine the surprise of this couple’s guests when synchronized swimmers started filing in. At this intimate wedding, the bride and groom shocked their friends and family with an impromptu performance in the venue’s pool. You could bring in a local singer, your favorite cover band from college, or even your alma mater’s mascot!

Surprise Puppy

A word of warning – don’t make this one a complete surprise. Only bring a cuddly new family member into your special day if you’ve been seriously discussing getting a dog. Make sure your new furry friend has a warm and loving forever home to come back to when you return from your honeymoon! You’ll need to get the dog-friendly ok from your venue, and then arrange for your pup to stay at a doggie resort or a puppy-ready family member’s house while you’re away.

Surprise Wedding!

The hands down best wedding surprise? A surprise wedding itself! We’ve seen this trend a few times before, but nothing comes close to this gorgeous engagement-party-turned-wedding. When this poor bride couldn’t stand any more wedding planning, her smart Mom said “why don’t you just have the wedding at your engagement party? And so, in under a week, she planned a beautiful, intimate wedding and got to fast forward to the best part about a wedding – the marriage.


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