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What’s better Cartier or Tiffany & Co jewelry?

What’s better Cartier or Tiffany & Co jewelry?

Tiffany & Co and Cartier are two of the world’s most well known brands when it comes to fine jewelry. When you put these two head to head it is hard to see where their strengths lie. Both are absolute matchups bringing their own individual and unique features to the competition. Tiffany’s jewelry is well known but their crown jewel is none other than the solitaire engagement ring. The diamond engagement ring along side the Tiffany blue box is known the world over. Cartier on the other hand brings their deep red color boxes to the party. Their love collection is well known and everyone knows a Cartier love bracelet with the iconic screw designs. Not long ago we featured why jewelry is the best gift for Valentine’s Day focusing particularly on Cartier. We can confirm that this did not disappoint! Now let’s have a look at the two iconic brands.

solitaire ring diamond engagement rings worn

There were very many happy couples who followed our suggestion and got their loved ones Cartier compliments for the holiday. The little red boxes are absolutely perfect for the celebration of love. Hearts and roses included of course. We have some photos to show how the unique combination swept them off their feet! More than cupid’s arrows a Cartier box speaks a thousand words. Then we had someone who took a truly big step. Beyond celebrating love on Valentine’s Day one beautiful couple decided to take the plunge and commit their love to the long term! With a beautiful pave diamond accent Tiffany & Co. engagement ring these two lives are now on their way to becoming one. It is no surprise that our diamond experts at Raymond Lee Jewelers knew what to recommend. But when it comes to Cartier and Tiffany & Co jewelry what do you choose? Let’s look closer.

Tiffany & Co diamond engagement ring?

An iconic brand that is known the world over for their expertise when it comes to diamonds. And breakfast? Not really but Breakfast at Tiffany’s did make the iconic jewelry store’s New York City location into a cult fan destination. Known as the place where nothing bad can happen from the Audrey Hepburn movie success. The brand is also stamped into everyone’s minds with their little blue boxes. A treasure awaiting within these are particularly known for holding diamond engagement rings. The finest diamonds in the world. Featuring a clarity and fire unlike any other diamonds in the world. Tiffany & Co managed to establish themselves as the world’s top engagement ring brand in the world. It is after all centuries old and a place where everyone can feel at home. They manage the fine line between luxury and comfort. Hence creating the world’s best ever after wearing engagement rings included. 

tiffany & co diamond engagement ring in box solitaire ring next to flowers

If you compare this brand to Cartier you start to realise that they are both age old companies. They bring a fantastic blend of different items and have their foothold strongly placed. Now when it comes to Tiffany’s it is an American icon. While the Cartier brand brings French flair there is nothing quite like and American made jewelry piece. Further the Cartier brand while known for a great very many unique collections the Love collection included is not really known for their engagement rings. When it comes to which is the better fine jewelry house well it depends. If you are looking for the world’s winning engagement ring then it is this one. Have a look at the Valentine’s proposal featuring a Tiffany & Co platinum novo square cushion cut diamond engagement ring before we dive into some Cartier cares. 


A happily ever after. For the day of love there is nothing like the world’s most renowned engagement ring and diamond craftsmen Tiffany & Co. It is with a lot of love and pride in our hearts that we can celebrate these two. As well as all of the lovely couples who commemorated their love and commitment to each other with jewelry. From the partners to the parents everyone found something for their Valentine at Raymond Lee Jewelers this year. The iconic ring is a solitaire diamond in platinum. Strongly featuring the central diamond stone there is a little something extra too. All along the band there are pave set diamonds along the band. It is a stunning and classic look. Delicate and sparkly it is the way to celebrate an unforgettable Valentine’s day. Whether you are taking that big step or not. A Tiffany & Co present is indeed in order.

Tiffany & Co  diamond engagement ring solitaire ring in box

Beyond the diamond engagement rings there are of course a wide range of other Tiffany & Co jewelry pieces that are well known and we are certain would make absolutely stunning presents. Starting with of course their return to Tiffany & Co charms. These are found on bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Generally in sterling silver these are some of the most accessible of the Tiffany & Co jewelry ranges. More recently they have also launched the Paper flowers collection. These come in a wide variety of items as well. Including of course the pave diamond studded pieces that glitter and shine in true Tiffany’s fashion. Our collection features a wide variety of different items from these collections and more.

Interested in buying a Tiffany & Co diamond engagement ring like this one? Talk to one of our jewelry experts today at (561) 623 – 8205. All of the items showcased here are for sale.

Cartier Love bangle bracelets

Although if you do not think that a Tiffany ring or other fine jewelry piece is the one that you are looking for then worry not. There are also Cartier bracelets on the menu! For Valentine’s Day if it is not the classic blue box well then how about a red? A well known brand for its gold jewelry the Cartier brand brings a whole lot of history along with it. When it comes to their Love collection there are so many iterations of the absolutely gorgeous design. Featuring screws all along the band of the bangle bracelet these stunning styles come in a variety of different precious metals including yellow and rose gold. There are also platinum editions.

All of these different colors of precious metals also come in diamond options. There are iced out maxed out bracelet features and even rings too. Or other wise single diamonds where the screw design is. There are still others that feature diamonds along all of the screws in the bracelet except of course the closure. A truly beautiful style it is an instantly recognizable Cartier design. There is no other fine luxury brand that crafts such jewelry like this that the do. 

cartier love bracelet inside box with flowers

As you can see the Cartier red box is the perfect present for a Valentine’s Day or really any other special event celebration. An iconic present from a world class brand. A love bangle bracelet can be worn daily and dress up as a luxury accessory for any outfit. Unique yet subtle these are the type of jewelry pieces that make up a daily wear collection. Without doubt a gift that is sure to be well worn and well loved as well. If you are looking we have them in stock in a wide variety of styles, check it out. 


This gorgeous 18 carat rose gold Love bangle bracelet is a stunning Cartier classic. For your love and to celebrate yourself there is nothing better. A bangle bracelet with the iconic screw stamps and the smooth gold band. This particular bracelet is in the old screw style. This means that the clasp closure features a screw that comes out completely from the bracelet. Authentic Cartier love bracelets either feature this old style or the newer version where the screw does not completely come away but allows for the bracelet to open and close. 

cartier love bracelet in box next to flowers

There are so many Cartier Love bracelets on the market now a days that we are steadily seeing more and more replicas. These are not authentic and do not have the quality of a true Cartier love bracelet. In order to know if a Cartier love bracelet is fake there are a few characteristics to look at. Particularly when looking at a pre owned or vintage jewelry piece like this one featured here. There are a couple of obvious features and then some hidden secrets as well.

First of all the metal particularly the color of the metal. If the metal is not gold or platinum you know that it is a fake. Further if the color combination of the bracelet is not accurate you can be sure that you have a replica there as well. Then there are the screw stamps. These should be clearly and deeply cut into the metal. Then of course the stamps inside of the bracelet should be clear to read and match the Cartier standard. Finally if this bracelet features any diamonds having them checked for authenticity is important. 

If you are interested in buying this Cartier Love bracelet contact one of our jewelry experts today at (561) 623 – 8205. 

Where to buy Tiffany & Co and Cartier fine jewelry? At Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton 

When it comes to finding the finest of luxury jewelry for those special people and special moments in your life know that you can come to us. At Raymond Lee Jewelers we have been helping people celebrate the people and important moments in their lives for over three decades. It is part of our passion and dedication to bring you the world’s absolute best when it comes to fine jewelry and accessories. For example the diamond engagement ring offerings and commemorative jewelry in our collection. It is by no surprise that Tiffany & Co and Cartier are at the top of the list when it comes to these fine jewelry brands that we trust to keep. With decades of experience we know that the tried and timeless pieces are. Whether you are ready to take that big next step together or are looking for a holiday gift to surprise your beloved. 

cartier love bracelet inside box with red flowers

There is nothing like knowing your local jeweller can bring you the absolute best in the world for the best prices too. Luxury jewelry and time pieces at discounts and with the guarantee that you can always have the piece serviced, maintained, repaired or modified with us. At our jewelry store our master craftsmen sit and work with fine jewelry every day. Using cutting edge technology and the very best practices they transform and bring back to life jewelry pieces that are out in the world. Not to mention that they also inspect and test each and every piece that joins our collection before it ever gets to the show cases. Our top notch quality and love of what we do is what has made us the destination for fine jewelry in Boca Raton. We look forward to continue serving our community for the next three decades to come too!

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For a world class experience and access to a widely curated collection of fine jewelry and luxury accessories look no further than Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton. Your premiere destination for Tiffany & Co and Cartier jewelry pieces.

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