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Cartier Roadster Gold Chronograph W62021Y3 Watch Review

Cartier Roadster Gold Chronograph W62021Y3 Watch Review

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3

One of Cartier’s most iconic watch designs, the Roadster, is no longer in production. Although no longer created by the Maison there are ones available in the pre owned luxury watch market. That is where we at Raymond Lee Jewelers come in. Our expert jewelers source iconic watches like these for our collection. At our Boca Raton and South Florida stores you will find fine watches like the Roadster. The unique case and instantly recognizable design are still very popular. Here is what you can expect from a yellow gold Carter Roadster chronograph men’s watch.

The Maison Cartier: From Family Beginnings to the Cartier Roadster

This week we are going into the story and history behind the iconic luxury jeweler and watchmaker Cartier. Established in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier this renowned brand was family owned until 1964. Louis-Francois Cartier had set up his Paris workshop crafting timepieces by 1847 and continued to produce artisan watches until 1904. This is when his family friend Alberto Santos Dumont, a Brazilian flight pioneer, complained to him about the impracticality and often imprecision of pocket watches of that time. Imagine trying to fly early iterations of planes while handling a pocket watch to make calculations! This is what Mr. Cartier sought to resolve when he created the very first Cartier men’s wristwatch.The French luxury goods house has headquarters in Paris, which became an epic milestone for the company.

From there they went on to be known all over the world and have houses in New York City among other famous cosmopolitan cities. Furthermore, the Cartier brand takes inspiration from life. From the very beginning to their Royal appointments all the way to modern day they have been at the cutting edge of design, technology, and innovation. Even the machinations and movements of their Swiss made watches are singular and patented. As you will see below this major creator of luxury timepieces and jewelry got their true start from an initial step into innovation to embracing design inspired by the times. Always with a sense of the pulse, they craft items that speak of their era.

In this article, you will get a good bearing of the company and of their iconic collection, the Roadster Chronograph men’s watch, plus a glimpse of the one we are currently offering at Raymond Lee Jewelers. It is unique and classic with the timeless look and feel of a true haute couture jewelry piece.

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3

The Cartier Roadster Watches Collection: Inspired by Automobile Racing

Going into the 1950s and 1960s Cartier continued at the cusp of the modern and fashionable. As an interest in automotive racing grew so did its influence in fashion. Cartier like always was there to meet the desire. Inspired by the automotive races and luxury race cars Cartier’s Roadster Collection comprises of modern timepieces. As an ode to motorsports, this collection has curves and features like a unique dial.

The timepiece is a part of our curated collection at Raymond Lee Jewelers that we are showcasing this week. This is the Roadster Chronograph. As one of the most iconic of Cartier’s watches the Roadster is inspired by the design of sports cars of the 1950s and 1960s. An elegant ode to motorsports the Roadster has a unique tonneau-shaped case.

With the three subdials and chronograph capability it is not just a beautiful watch but a powerful one as well. Whether you wear it to the race track and use it to keep time, or simply accent your own personal style there is nothing better than a modern classic. In terms of a cool timepiece this is one that has a design for all men.

The Tonneau Shaped Cartier Roadster Case

The Cartier Roadster is a dress watch for men whose refined style is matched only by their passion for powerfully controlled speed. It embodies this sentiment in the unique and smooth curved case. This tonneau shaped case is a distinct “barrel” case shape. It means the dial is wide and easy to read while fitting smoothly and comfortably against your wrist. It is distinctly a 1950s and 1960s design that works timelessly. While it is easily recognizable and shifts well from style to style without intruding into the overall look it is still singular and unique. This tonneau case shape brings the French heritage of the company front and center. Further, the style walks the line between a vintage design and modern innovation. The curves and yellow gold material are an idealized futuristic style of the era. Although it has callbacks like these in the design its a timeless piece.

While the modern flair of this luxury watch is not an ostentatious one it is definitely a piece that attracts attention. It absolutely garners its place as a collectible item. This is not only because it is a Cartier high end luxury jewelry time piece. Also, the unique tonneau design seamlessly transfers between eras, events and fashion styles. The Cartier Roadster is a watch for generations. It is a piece for men who are flexible and innovative. Meanwhile it is also a statement piece that shows commitment and certainty. The times of auto racing may have come and gone and now coming back again but a truly timeless style is forever. As more modern watches release larger dials and intensely powerful functionality they do little to change how powerful and yet simple the Roadster is.

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3 Mens Watch 

First, this unique yellow gold chronograph Roadster with a brown alligator leather strap has an incredibly intricate dial. This Roadster features three gold sub dials, Roman numeral time markers, automatic movements, and a smooth fixed gold bezel. Also, this watch has a date window at 3 o’clock. This date window has a raised magnifier. Further, the cream dial surrounds a central golden detail unique to Cartier watches. Also, there are two push action controls and the time and date control screw. This powerful classic packs an incredible precision machine into a slender and comfortable to wear case. The watch sits comfortably along the shape of your wrist making it a daily wear watch.

It has the Cartier classic detailing of visible screws at each edge of the watch case. This special touch can be seen in modern designs such as the Cartier love bracelet or traditional styles like the Santos watch. Here in the Roadster it is not a main decorative aspect but still adds the classic Cartier touch to the timepiece. Also, the detailed screw protruding on the side and flanked by the push action buttons features the master jewelers unique touch and attention to detail. It comfortably fits against your wrist while having an intricately designed texture. Overall it is an understated but highly detailed watch that carries a powerful precision mechanism.

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3

Why buy a Cartier Roadster Chronograph watch?

Cartier, another quintessential French brand, was established in 1847 in Paris. Master jewelers Cartier crafts timepieces that incorporate French style into fine watchmaking. As part of the Haute Horlogerie community, Cartier participated in the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneve. Showcasing their unique jeweled fine watchmaking. Owning a luxury watch from them is unlike any other timepiece you currently have. It is an instantly recognizable symbol, a powerful tool without being an oversized item. Beyond a flashy presence timepiece, this is a watch that is for the understated and refined gentleman. The one who appreciates tradition. The design of these Cartier Roadster watches are inspired in the 1950s and 1960s automobile racing styles as we have discussed. This sporty look includes smooth curves, alternating color patterns and above all circular details. Just think back to one of the automobile racing vehicles from those times. Impeccable from headlight to taillight.

The cars were the latest in that era and the innovations that cropped up were to appeal to the glamour of the era. Post war there was a strong emphasis on creating gorgeous objects even if they were sportive machines. It was meant to glamourise and include a fashionable touch into sports and masculine activities. The Golden Era of motorsports is in each and every detail of the Cartier Roadster. As these are no longer produced finding one is becoming increasingly difficult. Particularly in the prime condition we have sourced. It is an iconic watch that speaks of an era.

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3

Buy a

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3 Mens Watch now available at Diamonds by Raymond Lee

Diamonds by Raymond Lee is a luxury retail jewelry store located in Boca Raton serving the South Florida community. We have been buying and selling luxury watches, gold and diamond jewelry, and more for over 30 years. Our commitment to excellence, superior service, and unparalleled quality mean each and every single item in our shops have been tested and assessed for the Raymond Lee quality. We are consistently procuring and curating our refined collection of watches and jewelry. Further, from the fine timepiece collector to a one time gift buyer we cater to all your needs. Our collection includes the finest brands in watch making and jewelry design. The Cartier Roadster Chronograph watch pictured in this article is now on sale at our retail location in South Florida. There is no better way to gauge how fine a luxury timepiece is than to hold it yourself, come see it now.

We have the Cartier Roadster at our Boca Raton location where our expert jewelers can walk you through the watches functions. Further, any questions or concerns you might have can be addressed. As the quintessential watch, the Roadster is a dress watch unlike any other. It walks the fine line between a sportive and elegant timepiece. For the gentleman who is classic but never stops. This watch is emblematic of progress, precision and most of all speed. Further, not just for its roots in automobile racing but also for the incredible machinations inside of this timepiece. There are few watches in the world that can compete with a Cartier Roadster. It is the combination of fine jewelry making with Haute Horlogerie infused with the power of sport. The masculine and subtly strong design form a gorgeous understated watch commands presence without being overpowering. It is a unique and gorgeous watch.

Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph W62021Y3

Final Thoughts on the Cartier Roadster Yellow Gold Chronograph Mens Watch

Overall Cartier is one of the world’s most high quality, fine material, and innovative design timepieces on the market. From their tradition in jewelry making many of the timepieces feature jewels and intricate designs. The influence of the eras they grew through, starting all the way back in 1847, can be seen clearly throughout their collections. The Cartier Roadster Chronograph for example. It has all the racing style of the 50s and 60s. Each and every part of this watch recalls the height of automobile racing. From the case curves to the dial. In other detailing the watch is a consistent emblem of those times. This particular one with the brown alligator leather strap is no different. It takes a timeless classic approach to a sportive watch. The timepiece can easily integrate into a collection. Also, it can seamlessly transition from a daily to formal event accessory.

Furthermore, throughout the years Cartier has expanded to include more men’s luxury accessories and delve into the fashion world. These items while less frequently found than the jewelry pieces and watches are nonetheless prime examples of the Cartier quality and design. Finally, whether it is an iconic timepiece, jewelry or a luxury accessory Cartier is a brand for collections and families.

Diamonds by Raymond Lee

We at Raymond Lee Jewelers know a thing or two about that, having been serving the South Florida community for the past 30 years. Our commitment is to service and quality and we, therefore, hope to continue serving all of our clients over the next 30 years. We would love to meet you in person at one of our conveniently located and expertly designed showrooms to show you some of our collection. The Cartier Roadster chronograph watch is in Boca Raton. If you are interested in owning the Cartier Roadster visit us or make your purchase online today.

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